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This is the story of how my husband and I got into swinging.  I have divided the story into several parts, as it was a long journey. My nam...

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Attempted Wife Swap

This is the story
of how my husband and I got into swinging. 

I have divided the story into several parts, as it was a long journey. My name is Taylor; I’m 5’ 4” with long brown hair. I’m fairly fit with what I call small but firm 32 B breasts. 

Sam is my hubby, he is 6’ 2” and in good shape. We have been married for seven years.

We started down the path of swinging a few years ago when after a night of drinking; Hubby and I were talking about our sex lives prior to marriage. 

I told Sam that in college I had gotten drunk and let two boys take me back to their room and fucked me. 

I feared after I said it he would be mad. Instead he asked for details. As I explained to him how the two frat boys took me back to their room and took turns fucking me. 

I could see Sam’s cock growing and hardening. 

 Sam got between my legs and licked me while I told him how they fucked me. Each time I would stop he would look up and tell me to continue. 

We had a great fuck that night better than we had in a while.

After we were finished I asked Sam if he was turned on by my story.

Sam pointed to the stream of cum oozing out of my pussy and said “What do you think.” Sam pointed out that the wetness of my pussy indicated that I was turned on too.

“Would you want to do it again?” Sam asked.
“Hmmm who would supply the other cock?” I asked him.

We didn’t talk about it again that week. The next weekend Sam tells me he has a video he wants us to watch.

He pulls out a porn movie about wife swapping.

We got though about half the movie before he had his fingers deep in my pussy and I had his hard cock out sucking it.

As we lay on the couch in the glow of a good fuck and the movie ending, Sam asks me “so what do you think?”

I looked at him and said “you mean swap with another couple?”

“Yeah, it looked hot didn’t it?” Sam said

“Well it would have to be the right situation,” I told him.

The next day Sam shows me a Swinger Web site and he as already picked out a few possible couples. 

I looked at them and give him the ok to look into it and contact them. “But I’m not agreeing to anything yet,” I tell him.

About a month later Sam tells me he has made contact with a couple, a little older than us, who wants to meet for drinks. I look at their profile and the correspondence.

I give Sam the Ok to set up a meeting. I tell Sam to make it clear to them that we are just going to meet “nothing else.”

Two weeks later we meet the couple at a bar. They are Hank and Judy. They are a ok looking couple.

Hank seems very excited to see us, but Judy looks like she doesn’t want to be there.

We order drinks and start talking or I should say Hank starts talking. Judy never says a word and Hank never stops talking. 

It isn’t long before Hank’s hand in on my leg. 

I quickly move it away but he keeps trying to grab my thigh. When Sam goes to the bathroom, Hank grabs my hand and tries to put it in his lap on his cock. I pull my hand away and with a mean look says, “I thought we were here to fuck!”

I’m done at this point;
I met Sam at the bathroom door and told him we are leaving. Sam went back over to the table to pay the check and met me at the car. On the drive home I tell Sam what happened and say that I guess swinging is not for us.

About 3 months later Sam tells me a buddy of his is moving to the other side of town and Sam has volunteered us to help them move in. Tom and Stacy are their names and they have a little year and half old baby boy. 

Tom is about the same height and build as Sam. Stacy is a little shorter than me and a little heavier than me with medium blond hair. Stacy has bigger tits than I do with a real cute face. 

We spend the day helping them move in and unpack. We are all getting along great, Stacy and I hit it off as if we have known each other a long time.

Stacy suggests that they take us out next weekend for dinner, dinks and dancing. We all agree that is a great idea.

Over the next few months we become good friends going out drinking and playing regularly. As we became more comfortable with each other we fall into a routine of flirting with each other’s spouses as we drink more. 

I would often catch Sam staring at Stacy’s cleavage. Stacy would just giggle but I could tell she enjoyed attention. Tom was no different he would bush up against me and rub my back and shoulders every chance he got. 

He loved to volunteer to give me back rubs. We would talk about sex from time to time and Stacy would always blush and giggle.

We started switching partners on the dance floor after a couple of months of going out. 

One night it was getting late and we were all a little drunk when we were dancing with each others hubbies. 

Tom and I are dancing close during a slow song. Tom pulls me in close and I can feel he has a hard on. He starts grinding his cock into me. At first I kinda back off at first but then I let myself be pulled back in. 

I’m really enjoying the feel of his hard cock against me as we move to the music. The song ends and I announce that I have to go the bathroom. 

Stacy goes with me. While we are in the bathroom I told Stacy that her husband is rather excited.

Stacy asks me “What do you mean?”

I told her that Tom is sporting a hard on and he was rubbing it against me while we danced. I hoped she wouldn’t be mad.

Stacy said that she was sorry but then she laughed and said that “Sam was excited too.”

This time it was my turn to be sorry.

We talked a little and both agreed that enjoyed it and agreed we will just see where it goes. As we were leaving the bathroom the guys announced it was time to leave. Tom and Stacy had to get home to their babysitter.

In the car on the way home I joked with hubby about him rubbing his cock on Stacy. 

At first he was a little defensive, saying that he didn’t do it. 

I told him that Stacy was the one who told me about it but also she said that she was enjoying it. I told him that his buddy Tom was having the same reaction and he was rubbing his dick into me. 

We both laughed; I told him that Stacy and I were going to see how far we were willing to take our little flirting. I could tell that Sam was getting excited and he wants to take our fun farther the next time we went out.

The next time we went out I could tell the guys had talked about last weekend and what I told Sam in the car. 

They were trying to get Stacy and me to drink more than usual and they were flirting more than usual. 

The first slow song that was played, Sam asked Stacy to dance. Tom was right behind him grabbing my hand. I gave Stacy a little wink as we headed to the dance floor.

Tom started a little slow but soon pulled in close grinding his cock into me.

 I did not pull back this time, I started grinding back into him. Tom at first was a little surprised that I was grinding back at him but he put his lips to my ear and whispered that I felt really hot tonight.

I reached up to his ear and told him “I can feel your excitement too!” I gave him little grind with my pelvis as I whispered in his ear. When the song ended we went back to the table and but when we sat down Tom was sitting next to me and Sam was next to Stacy. 

No one mentioned the change in seating arrangements. We continued drinking, talking and flirting. 

Tom was much more physical with me, touching and rubbing my shoulders and occasionally putting his hand on my thigh. I noticed that Sam and Stacy were the same. 

The night ended without anyone daring to go any farther but there was a lot more grinding on the dance floor.

On the drive home I reached over and stroked Sam’s hard cock the entire ride. He would reach over when he didn’t need both hands to drive and rub my very wet pussy.

As soon as we reached the door of our house we ripped each others cloths off and fucked right there in the living room. 

We both agreed that the experience turned us on and led to some great sex. I asked Sam as we were lying on the floor would he want to take it farther with Tom and Stacy.

Sam kissed me deeply and said that he would love to play more if I was ok with it. I told him to talk with Tom and see how he felt and I would call Stacy to see how she felt about taking things to the next level.

Story by Taylor

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