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I have a sex fetish that is really strange, so I thought I tell you about it and find out whether there are others out there with the same ...

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A Strange Fetish

I have a sex fetish that is really strange,
so I thought I tell you about it and find out whether there are others out there with the same fetish.

My fetish is that I become sexually aroused by the contact and feel of a fresh, crisply folded, thick newspaper against my naked skin. 

I always had this fetish and in college when I finally had my own room I would go out in the morning to buy a newspaper, usually on Fridays. 

My favorite two papers are the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. 

Fridays were perfect because both papers were really thick. The two papers smell the best and have the perfect texture. In my college days the WSJ was a true broadsheet that I could almost wrap it around my body, unfortunately they changed the format.

On Fridays I would get back to my room, take all of my clothes off, sit on the couch and start reading. As I turned the pages the paper would rub against my naked skin, an incredible sensation rushing through my body. 

Inevitably my cock would engorge, slowly rising to full attention, the head eventually displacing my foreskin. At that point I would touch myself with the folded paper or wrap it tightly around my head. 

Typically, I wouldn't last long shooting my load all over the place. The arousal was so great that sometimes I would cum without touching my cock. I would save the paper if there were no cum or precum stains on it.

Soon after I had moved into my own room I met my current wife Tina. I didn't tell her about my fetish because I thought it would be too weird and turn her off. 

One day though she found my stack of saved newspapers in my closet. She said that most men hide porn magazines in their closet, not newspapers, and she left it at that.

A few days later she came over in the morning before class for a little make out session. I had just bought the Friday WSJ and had thrown it on my bed. We didn't have much time, so we quickly undressed and jumped into bed. 

I dove right between her legs and slowly started to circle her clit with my tongue enjoying her soft purrs.

 While she started to breath heavily I grabbed the paper, secretly pushed it under my body and slowly rubbed my erection against it. 

Tina was moaning loudly by now and without any warning, screaming loudly, erupted in an earth shattering orgasm.

Tina looked down at me noticing the paper with a sizable stain of my precum slowly spreading.
  "Does this turn you on?" she asked, grabbing the paper, folding it and fondling my genitals. 

I rolled on my back, cock rock hard and quivering. I started to moan. She wrapped the paper around my shaft, squeezing it gently. This was too much. I exploded shooting a giant load right onto the front page. 

She looked at the front page, pushed it into my face leaving a smudge of black ink and cum behind. "Truly weird," Tina said, "but it explains why you save these papers."

Now that I had been outed I would incorporate the WSJ into our love making occasionally. I didn't want to show too much excitement for this fetish. 

However, one of my favorite sessions was to have her read the newspaper in the nude while I was doing her doggy style. 

While thrusting away I would challenge her to tell her female friends about my fetish and report to me their reactions. I never lasted long after that. Of course, this was only a fantasy, talked about in a stage of extreme sexual arousal.

A few weeks later Tina came home with her friend Chloe. I was sitting on the couch watching TV and listening too their giggle. I turned up the volume on the TV.

Suddenly I noticed Chloe had snug up on me from behind and before I could turn around Chloe wrapped a newspaper around my head pulling it tightly. I almost fainted, all the blood was rushing to my cock.

"Look at that bulge in his pants," Tina exclaimed laughing. 

Unfortunately I only lasted a couple of seconds. Chloe and Tina left the room, giggling.

From that day on every time I would meet Chloe she would make a vague reference to newspapers while staring at my crotch and watching my squirm as the buldge in my pants would grow. She loved doing it when other people were around, so I was helpless. 

These were happy days, but to this day my wife indulges me with my newspaper fetish, and every time I meet one of her female friends I wonder whether she knows.

I thought I share this story. I hope I will hear from others who have or know of this fetish.

Story by Dean

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