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I'd had a profile on a local swingers site for years and had a few encounters.  I had switched my Sexual Orientation back and forth fro...

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Addicted To Cheating

I'd had a profile on a local swingers site for years and had a few encounters. 

I had switched my Sexual Orientation back and forth from straight to Bi-curious to Bi-comfortable several times, but finally decided to be true to myself and if it stopped me from getting anything out of the site, oh well... 

I was Bisexual and was going to keep my ad that way.

My wife and I had been swingers for awhile, but she freaked out one day and put it all to an end. 

Long story there, but she and I only had sex about once a year, twice if I was lucky. 

At one point I'd told her I was Bi and she pretended to be turned on by it, then really freaked out a couple of weeks later. 

She said I was a sick Sex Addict and threatened that if I acted on my Bisexual impulses she was going to ruin my life and tell everyone I know.

I began to cheat and had encounters with some Bi men and Bi couples. 

Nothing on a regular basis, but it was more than I was getting at home. 

And, I was becoming addicted to cheating, especially with the hatred my wife was showing me. 

Maybe I should have gone through with a divorce, which she had suggested several times, then changed her mind as she saw I was preparing for it.

I had seen one couple's profile on the site several times. 

They were a hot couple, but there was nothing in the add about him being Bisexual so I left it alone. Then, one day there was a message from them. it stated simply, "Meet with me alone?"

I had no idea which of them had sent the message, so I answered back, "Is this him or her?"

The answer a day or two later was, "Him."

My pulse quickened at the thought and I replied to him that I'd love to meet up. He lived in a city very nearby so it would be easy to hook up with him. He wasn't into kissing, just wanted to fuck and suck.

His wife had picked up a guy in a bar for a threesome once when they were out of town on a trip and before he knew it the guy was sucking his cock, and of course, he returned the favour and was hooked. 

He didn't want his wife to know so he gave me his phone number and we began exchanging texts.

He was off work every Friday and I had every other Friday off so it seemed things would work well for us. We exchanged some cock and face pics until the first Friday we had off together and set up code phrases to use so that we'd know it wasn't either one of our spouses we were chatting with.

He offered to host and I was nervous, as always when meeting a new partner, as I drove to his house. 

I parked on the street so no one would wonder who was in his driveway. I stepped up to the door and knocked. I heard him fumble with the lock and he invited me inside.

He was wearing some shorts and no shirt and immediately led me to the bedroom. We exchanged a few words about life etc, then he gestured to suggest that we get naked. 

I liked this guy, let's get straight to business, I thought as I began to undress and watched his shorts drop to the floor.

He was tan and hairless, it made me wish I'd spent a little more time in the sun. His cock was partially erect and as we stepped together we each took the others cock in hand and began to stroke.

It was as if we just knew what the other wanted. 

His cock was beautiful and as we both began to harden I could see that he was an inch or two longer than my 6 3/4, and thicker, which pleased me. (I suppose I was beginning to become a bit of a size queen. Lol)

A minute or two of stroking him and I wanted that cock in my throat. I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth licking the shaft and head as he moaned quietly. Then suddenly I deepthroated him several times until I gagged hard.

"You don't have to do that," he told me

"I love choking on a nice cock, it turns me on like you wouldn't believe!" I exclaimed, then took him in my throat again.

He was slightly humping against my mouth, which I assumed meant that he was enjoying it, and I was further pleased by this fact.

He finally had me sit and he returned the favor. God his mouth felt good on my cock! 

Even with my cheating ways, I didn't get laid very often and I was fighting to keep my orgasm back.

"Do you want to cum first or should I?" I asked

He indicated that I should and kept expertly sucking my swollen cock.

He stood and gestured to the bed I climbed on and he asked if I wanted to fuck him first. I told him I was good with whatever he wanted.

He took a doggy style position and presented his ass to me. his hole looked perfect and tight, unlike my own which looked nice, but well fucked. 

Even when I wasn't getting cock I had several dildo's that I kept in practice with.

I spit on my hand and lubed his sphincter well, then again and lubed my shaft. I put the head against him and carefully pushed. The wetness was causing my cock to slip around so he reached back and assisted me in entering his tight hole. 

He pushed back slowly as I entered him and I moaned at the feeling of his warm anus swallowing me slowly. My cock grew even harder and I began to slowly pick up the pace with each stroke, telling him I wasn't going to last long.

"Go for it!"
he said.

I began to fuck him harder and felt my balls contract as they pushed my seed into my shaft. 

I buried my cock balls deep in him and grunted as I spurted thick gobs of cum inside.

I felt a little self-conscious at cumming so quickly, so I immediately positioned myself in front of him arching my back to present my cheating asshole for his pleasure.

"Want me to get lube?" he asked me. I told him that spit works great and spit into my palm rubbing it around my anus and shoving two fingers into my fuckhole. 

Palm down I hooked my fingers inside me and pulled upward so he could see well. I heard him groan lowly, "Oh God!" and was pleased again that I was turning him on.

I removed my fingers from my ass and put my chest on the bed arching my back again to give him good access. I felt his hot cock against my hole, then as he pushed, I pushed back and my asshole opened allowing his head to pop past my sphincter. 

God I love that feeling! 

He pushed until he was buried deep inside me and I was moaning a little louder than he had. "Oh God!, Oh Fuck!" He stopped to ask if he was hurting me, and although it did hurt, I loved it! "God no! Just fuck me please!" I moaned.

He began to fuck me harder and harder as I moaned louder. 

God, I was loving it! Then he began to groan and grunt and I shoved back hard, waiting for it. There it was! The feeling I had been working toward. His hot cum flooding my ass made me feel like the slutty cheating man-whore I had become!

After a couple of minutes, he removed his softening cock from my ass and I felt his semen flood from my hole, some of it running down my thighs, the rest making a large wet spot on the bedding.

He showed me the Master bath and we both cleaned up. 

Chatting a bit as we did. We both agreed that we needed to do it again and as often as possible. We shook hands and he showed me to the door. I drove home with a smile on my face.

I didn't want to clean myself out completely and left what little semen didn't leak from me inside all day. 

That night my wife and I crawled into bed, backs to each other as usual and I became so turned on at the fact that I was next to her with another man's seed inside me. 

Yes, I was addicted to cheating, and not just that, cheating with another man.

I slept wondering when my next chance would be to get fucked by his hard cock.

Story by Paul 

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