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I have always been an exhibitionist. As far back as I can remember I have always hated wearing clothing and always enjoyed being naked.  Onc...


I have always been an exhibitionist.

As far back as I can remember I have always hated wearing clothing and always enjoyed being naked. 

Once I got my own place I wouldn’t hesitate to walk around the house constantly without a stitch of clothing. 

I realized that I found it quite thrilling that someone might catch me in this state of undress and take advantage of me, which only made me want to do it more.

To add to this addiction to be nude all the time I also had an ever increasing desire to explore sex with another man, specifically my next door neighbor Paul. 

Paul was a soft spoken individual and I was all but certain that he was gay. He is quite an attractive man and has a very lean build. 

I could just imagine the two of us taking care of each other’s needs but I just couldn’t seem to build any sort of relationship with him. It just seemed like a dead-end so I decided to let it go for now.

Like a typical addict I had to push myself more and more to get that thrill.

As time went by just being naked in the house wasn’t enough so I started to venture outdoors. 

At first I would go out to my shed wearing just shorts and a t-shirt and once inside I would remove both, walking around stroking myself until I came. 

Soon that wasn’t enough either so I started leaving the shed door open while I paraded around all the while hoping to get caught.

I knew that I couldn’t just walk around the yard naked during the day even with the stockade fence around the back yard. But I figured I could probably get away with it late at night when everyone else was asleep. 

The very first night I made sure that none of my motion lights would not come on and I stepped out the back door completely nude. 

Closing the door behind me I felt very nervous and excited at the same time.

While standing at the back door stark naked I had a whole conversation with myself as to why I should and shouldn’t be doing this. 

Finally I decided to take the plunge and walked up the steps into the back yard and just stood there feeling every little wisp of air and hearing every little sound. 

After what was only about thirty seconds I started getting quite nervous and shot back down the steps sure that I had heard someone.

That evening lying in bed still charged from the adrenalin, I decided that I definitely had to do that again.

 The next afternoon I walked around the back yard (clothed) to look for safe areas where I was sure no one could see me. I figured if I got nervous again that I could move to one of those areas and feel safe. 

I even decided to leave a t-shirt and shorts in the shed for emergencies. And so began my regular use of the back yard at night to relieve my exhibitionist fantasies.

After a couple of weeks I was going out not only stroking myself but started lying in the grass and jerking off to orgasm. It was the second time that I had an orgasm outside that I thought I noticed movement in one of Paul’s upstairs windows just as I started to cum. 

After I came down from a pretty strong orgasm I stared at his window intently for a few minutes but saw nothing else.

The next night I decided that it was time to turn up the heat to see if Paul was indeed watching me or if I was just seeing things. 

My outdoor masturbation had been pretty vanilla up to this point because the thrill of being outside nude was already such a rush. 

I spent the late afternoon and early evening setting up the back yard so that I could only be seen from Paul’s upstairs window while lying on my picnic table. I figured if he had been watching me then I would give him a lot more to see.

That night I took a long time preparing my body for my ultimate goal of having Paul fuck me. I wanted to be clean and smooth so I took a bath and shaved every inch of myself leaving only the hair on my head. 

After the bath I made sure I was clean inside as well so that he would have no hesitations.

I lubed my ass and inserted my medium sized plug, grabbed my 7 inch dildo headed outside. 

I brought a towel to lay on the picnic table so as not to get any splinters and to clean up with afterwards. After spreading out the towel I hopped up on the picnic table with my ass facing directly at Paul’s window.

I started slowly by rubbing and pinching my nipples. I slowly worked my left hand down to rub and squeeze my balls. 

I was touching every part of my body except for my cock because I knew I wouldn’t last long when I finally did. 

I was afraid to even touch the plug in my ass for fear of an early orgasm.

I was pretending to close my eyes, hoping to see Paul at his window. I watched for about ten minutes and never did see him. I finally couldn’t take it any longer and started to attend to my own needs never looking up again.

Since I knew I wasn’t going to last long I pulled the plug from my wanting ass and slid the dildo in to fill the void. 

I propped my feet up on the end of the table and raised my ass a little while a started a slow deep fucking. I pulled the dildo all the way out and plunged it back in again at a nice slow pace feeling every vein and ridge of the fake cock.

While my right hand was busy working the dildo in and out my left hand was pinching and twisting my nipples. I alternated back and forth from the left nipple to the right and back again. Up to this point I still hadn’t touched my cock but I knew that I was so very close that I didn’t dare if I wanted it to last.

I was in that rare pre-orgasm state that is almost better than the orgasm itself because you can make it last so much longer. 

I was working hard to stay there by not giving in to it and by maintaining the pace of my ass fucking.

All of the sudden I felt something gloriously warm and wet engulf my cock and that was all I could take. I spewed several streams of cum into that moist warmth before I opened my eyes to see Paul swallowing the last of my cum.

I asked him if he enjoyed the show that I put on just for him and being a man of few words he just said, “Yes.” Attempting to emulate his stingy use of words I said, “Then fuck me.”.

With that said I pulled the dildo from my ass and pulled my legs back and as far apart as I could manage. Paul started to undo his pants and then stopped. 

He just stared at my ass for what seemed like an eternity but was really only about ten seconds. Then he dropped to his knees and put his tongue deep within my ass and licked, sucked and nibbled on my hole for a mind-blowing few minutes nearly bringing me to orgasm again.

He regrettably stopped and stood, dropping his pants and underwear in the process. There in front of me was the fattest cock, real or fake, that I have ever seen. It was nearly as big around as a soda can and about seven inches long. 

It was dripping with pre-cum and he rubbed it all over my hole until it was nice and slick.

I made sure to pull my legs apart as far as possible as he eased that fat bastard into my wanting hole. I can’t even describe the intensity of feeling that his cock gave me while he forced it into me repeatedly at a relatively fast pace. 

My orgasm came swiftly and as I came my contractions set of his, flooding my ass with his hot slick cum.

After he came I wrapped my legs around his waist not wanting to let his cock go just yet. I just wanted to feel it shrink while it was still in me and it felt great. After I released him from ass he just pulled up his pants and said “see ya” as he walked back to his house.

As I got to my feet and felt the remains of his cum running down my leg I started planning our next encounter...

Story by Frank

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