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Not too many years ago my wife worked as a supervisor for a government agency. During that time she went to conferences around the country ...

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One Time Affair

Not too many years ago my wife worked as a supervisor for a government agency. During that time she went to conferences around the country as part of her job. 

My wife is attractive with long dark hair, full hips, and generous breasts. She could be a great beauty, but true to her rural Baptist upbringing, she is demure, almost shy, and dresses conservatively.

As part of our pillow talk before sex, I’d ask her if she ever imagined what it would be like to fuck another man. 

My wife was a virgin when we married, so I thought she might be wondering what it would be like to be with another man. At first she didn’t seem at all excited when almost breathless with the audacity of what I was doing, I whispered about her having sex with other men. 

But I knew she could disguise her true feelings well, and I wasn’t sure if she might not be interested or just too embarrassed to admit how she really felt. 

Either way, I knew she had to be curious, and I persisted.

Sometimes as part of our foreplay I’d read stories to her about a bored housewife spicing up her life by fucking a total stranger. 

Occasionally, during sex, I’d put my lips to her ear, suck her earlobe and whisper about hot sexy men who wanted her. 

As time passed and the novelty of what I was saying diminished, my wife showed more interest, and perhaps after a few drinks when she got really excited during sex, she’d tell me about guys she knew at work that turned her on. 

But she never let the moment last very long and still she seemed to be reluctant to talk about making love to another man, even in fantasy. My wife was always very responsive in bed so I never had cause to be anything but satisfied with our sex life. 

Still, the idea of another man touching her intimately turned me on in ways I can’t describe.

As her business trips became more frequent, I could tell when she got back that she was horny. I wasn’t sure why, but I tried to encourage her to do more of whatever it was that was causing her arousal. 

When we were having our sex fantasies, I told her it would be okay to fuck some guy on one of her trips if she told me about it. 

I told her it made me feel sexy when I thought about her doing it with a stranger. She responded with a loud, vigorous orgasm, but afterwards she seemed so distant and disinterested that I never knew if she took me seriously.

On a particularly hot July weekend, she had to go to Miami Beach for a three day conference. When she got back I could tell she was different. My wife seemed more self-confident, a little more assertive. 

When we had sex that night she told me that something special happened on her last trip. 

What she told me made me so excited that I came uncontrollably before she was half-way through her story. 

Over the next few weeks, each time we made love, I was able to get a few new details from her before I came. This was partly because she was so hesitant about telling me what she’d done, and partly because each new detail made me totally lose control and I would cum immediately. 

So it took me a couple of months to piece together the whole story. I had gone over it so many times, it was almost as if it had happened to me.

The thought of my wife exposing her very essence to a complete stranger still turns me into a squirming mass of sexual delight. 

She’s shy and doesn’t admit, even to herself, what might happen, but I believe the excitement at the risk of her deliberately not taking her pill on the day of a meeting and perhaps having an affair with a stranger that night can bring her blood to a boil just as it does mine thinking about it .

I should fight to the death to protect my mate. Instead, I thrill at the idea of risking all of her: her exquisitely moist pussy, her full breasts that jiggle just the right way when she walks barefoot on the carpet, and her large brown nipples that stick out like tiny erect penises when she’s excited. 

Why? So that sperm from a stranger might possibly intrude into that special place where only mine had been before, and take hold? When I think about it, I feel like a Mississippi gambler throwing everything down on a bluff. 

The thrill of the risk is inexpressible.

As for my wife, what drove her to have sex with a stranger? Was it the surge of adrenalin that came with the first touch of his lips on her neck, or that moment of anticipation as he lay above her, gently spreading her moist lips for his eager penis just inches away? 

All her life she was taught to be clean, pure, chaste; yet, when she sat in an unfamiliar hotel bar toying with her drink and wondering if she would go to bed alone that night, was she hoping to expose her body to someone she’d never known before? 

Or was she like a salmon fighting against the current so she could lay her eggs in the sand for any strange sperm to make them alive?

How can a man describe the incredible feeling of hearing his wife tell him about her experience of having sex with another man? Am I crazy? Two hundred years ago, during the period of ocean exploration, sailors would often tell stories about the native women of some distant island they’d visited on their journey. 

The natives would send their wives to have sex with these powerful strangers from faraway lands because they believed that when they had sex with their wives, afterwards they would receive some part of the magical powers of these strangers. 

At some level I believe this is true, and I felt proud that my wife was able to please this total stranger. Hearing her tell me of this man’s virility made me feel more virile. Why else would it be so fulfilling?

This is the story my wife told me:

On her last night in Miami, she went down to the bar for a drink before bed. A nice looking, guy asked her if he could buy her a beer. She was tired and a little lonely, so she said okay. She would be grateful for the company. 

He came over and chatted with her as they drank. 

As they talked he moved closer to my nervous wife. Occasionally he would brush his hand across her arm, and her skin would tingle at the touch.

After a couple of beers—which is a lot for my wife—she said she was tired and needed to go to her room. He offered to escort her, which she took to be an act of politeness since it was now late, and she agreed. When they got to her room she unlocked the door, and as she stepped inside, he slipped in with her and kissed her. 

At first, she was startled, but with the beers onboard she relaxed but wasn’t sure what to do.

He kissed her deeply and she found herself responding with both her tongue and body. She was wearing a loose-fitting, white sundress and before she realized what was happening he’d slipped one of the straps off her shoulder freeing her breast. 

He cupped her breast in his hands and kissed it gently. 

Almost without realizing what she was doing she reached her hands around his head, and with her fingertips, she guided his lips to her nipple.

After a breathless minute, he pulled the other strap down, and the white sundress slipped to her waist. Now he began kissing the other breast. She responded by moving her hips back and forth as he kissed and played with her nipple using his teeth and tongue.

As she continued to rotate her hips in response to the tingling of her breasts, the sundress fell to the floor encircling her ankles. His mouth and tongue probed hers, and she responded first tentatively, then more deeply until her whole body, no longer under her control, undulated in rhythm with unheard jungle drums. 

Now a different person, she stepped out of her dress, kicked off her shoes, and rubbed her body against this man she’d met less than an hour ago. Now barefoot and only in her panties which were damp with her wetness, she reached out and guided his hand toward the core of her body. 

He brought his fingertips down, nudged her panties aside, and gently slipped his finger into my wife’s pussy. She was so wet she could feel his finger lather her pussy hairs with her own moisture.

The stranger quickly removed his clothes leaving his underwear for last. She could now see the great bulge that she’d felt against her abdomen when he’d kissed her. It stretched his shorts as he kneeled toward her hot groin and pulled her panties down inch by inch. 

He kissed her pubic hair just above her pussy and then stood up and removed his underpants. 

My wife confessed that she was embarrassed standing there naked before this stranger, but she summoned the courage to peek down at his dick—almost too shy, she was afraid to be caught looking. She saw his dick was thicker than mine, his testicles larger—she wouldn’t admit this until a month later, and only after hours of intense questioning—and she felt the thrill of something more than she’d imagined.

Now, still unsure and not knowing exactly what to do next, my wife pulled back the covers on the bed and lay there on her back. She admitted that she was still tense and nervous as he positioned himself on top of her and opened her pussy lips with his fingers. But once he slid the head of his thick dick inside her she told me…her words: “everything had changed, there was no turning back”. 

She had completely surrendered to this stranger and was in ecstasy.

He rolled her on her side and slapped her bottom sharply leaving her buttocks pleasantly stinging, and causing her to involuntarily squeeze her pussy more tightly around his dick. Then he whispered over and over, “I’m going to fuck you all night,” as he rolled her on her back and slowly moved his dick inside her.

My demure wife had now lost all control and began begging him. “Yes, please, please. Fuck me. Fuck me all night.”

My wife and this stranger moved in unison. I’ve got to admit that I’ve been a mediocre lover in our married life, but my wife was content because it was all she ever knew. 

Now she was experiencing something more that she had ever expected. He propped himself up on his knees in a semi-upright position for better traction, elevated one of my wife’s legs high in the air, and using it for support plunged his dick into her pussy faster and harder than she’d ever experienced before. 

She said she felt on fire and screamed: “Please, fuck me, fuck me all night.”

When, at last he came, my wife was outside of herself and in pure ecstasy. His cum poured into her pussy in a torrent. She could feel his thick, white fluid fill her and then overflow. This stranger that my wife had only just met collapsed down beside her, and as he withdrew his penis more cum flowed out of her. 

Like hot wax, it melted down between her legs and into the crack of her ass. The intense feeling of so much hot cum flowing out of her pussy, over her asshole and buttocks, and down her legs was something she’d never felt before, and my wife shuddered as another orgasm swept over her. His sticky fluid mixed with her juices flowed onto the bed sheets like a river. She said the wetness somehow made her feel complete.

They both lay in fitful semi-slumber beside one another for several minutes. 

Then he was ready to go again, but by now my wife began to feel guilty and pleaded fatigue which wasn’t far from the truth. He got up, dressed, and left like a gentleman, leaving my wife lying exhausted in a pool of cum. 

After he left, she got up and as she walked to the bathroom, she could feel cum still draining from her pussy, and moving down her legs as if she had been bathed in a sea of cum.

She took a hot bath and lay there thinking about what had just happened. She knew that at some level her world had changed.

Now that I know the details of what happened, I think I have become a better lover. But I know that there are times when we are making love that my wife is fantasizing about her experience in Miami. Sometimes at night I will wake up and find her masturbating; I know she is thinking of that special night.

I believe my wife’s infidelity was the most exciting sexual experience I’ve ever had even though I wasn’t there. I think about it and experience it vicariously, over and over as if I were my wife.

Years have passed and I never tire of hearing her tell me about what was and what might have been. Our lives have been good and our sex life has only gotten better. But I know what anyone with the blood of a Mississippi gambler knows: 'once is never enough'.

My wife says she has never had another extra-marital sexual experience, and I believe her. But she did tell me of one other close experience that didn’t quite materialize which would have also been unforgettable for both of us.

On another trip, this one to Washington DC, a powerfully built black man standing over six foot tall was very friendly to her during the conference. He and my wife were in a group of four members who ate together. More experienced now, my wife knew this big, black man was making clear sexual signals to her. 

She could feel herself become wet and sexually energized. After dinner, as they rode up in the elevator to their rooms, he nudged her to the back and rubbed her ass with his big hand. She had already decided she would go “all the way” that evening. My wife timidly told me her body yearned for the taste of forbidden black fruit.

But they were on different floors and when she returned to the lobby bar he was all over another woman in her group who was on the same floor that he was. She realized that the random selection of room keys for her group had determined that she would spend her night alone.

Disappointed and sexually frustrated, she returned to her room and masturbated several times, daydreaming of what wild experiences might have happened that night.

Story by John

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