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I have a fetish for juicy red lips.   Well, at least I think it is for lips, maybe it is just a fetish for lipstick. You tell me. Here’s m...

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Red Lipstick

I have a fetish for juicy red lips. 

Well, at least I think it is for lips, maybe it is just a fetish for lipstick. You tell me. Here’s my story.

I love those television commercials for lipstick where the model is applying a very red, glossy or matte, lipstick very sensuously, or it appears to me that way. 

Makes my mouth water to kiss those lips or imagine them wrapped around my cock.

The other night we rented from RedBox the original Blade Runner (1982) which ironically supposedly took place in November 2019 which is a few months from now. We had never seen this iconic film; missed it somehow. 

I was blown away by Sean Young, one of the replicants in the film. She was extremely hot! I was mesmerized by her juicy wet ruby red lips.

 They were so luscious, I just wanted to suck on them. I enjoyed watching her throughout the film and it got me to thinking about my past.

To go back, it all started when I was young boy. 

I used to watch my mother apply her makeup. The best part was when she took that tube of lipstick and turned the bottom so the lovely red stick would pop out and then she would rub it across her lips. I watched her many times and guess that I enjoyed it. 

I wasn’t really thinking about it back then; it was just a daily occurrence. Now, looking back, it seems a little weird but guess that may be where I acquired an inclination.

When I was a teenager I took a dress mannequin to bed with me.
It was really just a dress form, one of those wire frame types with just a torso. 

I would sneak to the bathroom and get an arm-full of dirty clothes out of the hamper and stuff it inside the dress form. I’d put one of my sister’s bras on it and stuff it with socks or tissue and put one of her dirty blouses over it. 

I’d fashion a vagina out of a toilet paper tube and fill it with shaving cream. I’d stuff the back end with a wad of toilet paper and then put one layer of Kleenex over the entrance and secure it with a rubber band. 

To top it off I’d draw a life-size set of ample lips on a sheet of paper and then paint them with lipstick I’d liberated from my mother’s collection. I’d pin the paper on a makeshift head of sorts fashioned out of a towel. 

I did all this elaborate preparation with my parents a few yards away in the front room watching television. 

 Don’t remember why I was routinely going to bed before them as I was old enough to stay up as long as they did. Also, did I fail to mention? I shared my bedroom with my brother who was six years younger. He was always fast asleep. So I did all this with a high risk of being discovered but didn’t stop me from doing it. 

I kissed those lips and screwed that mannequin many times. 

 That was before they had inflatable dummies for that. Was I way ahead of my time?

My favorite lipstick was Revlon tube lipstick. 

That was by default because it was what my mother used; therefore, the only brand available to me. It had a unique scent and flavor that I grew to like very much, again because that was all there was at the time. 

So later when there were other choices none held a candle to my favorite. 

Unfortunately women now days mostly use those liquid lipsticks that come in the little tube that they apply with the little sponge brush. That is not the real thing. 

 Good old fashioned lipstick in a tube is the thing.

I tried applying lipstick to myself several times but that really didn’t do anything for me. 

I much preferred to see it worn by women. One of my turn-ons since I have been with my wife, of many years, is to paint her nipples with lipstick. To play with her nipples and get them to stand up and then apply lipstick to just the nipple area is so hot. 

Makes her tits look lovely to have this creamy full white breasts with the cherry red erect nipples thrusting forward. I love to go down on those reddened nipples and suck them. 

She knows that I like to do this this but I really haven’t explained my thing for lipstick. I think she would find too weird.

I hadn't painted her nipples for years. Don’t know why I fell out of the practice. We made a trip recently to attend music festival that was an ten-hour drive from home. 

I anticipated an increased level of bedroom activity as staying in hotels often makes my wife horny, or at least more playful. 

So I thought of painting her nipples again like old times. Since my wife doesn’t have any tube lipstick anymore I went out and bought a tube of Revlon lipstick, #725 “Love That Red.” 

I used the self check-out at the grocery store to avoid being embarrassed at the checkout. 

I was disappointed that it no longer had any scent or taste! How PC, or whatever, can you get! Takes all the pleasure out of the product and just makes it a utility marker to redden lips. Boring! But at least it was still the creamy lustrous very red that I remember so it would have to do.

So we went on our trip. The first night we were both dead tired after driving all day so nothing happened that night. 

The next day we went to several venues during the day and heard several different bands play. We headed back to the hotel about 10 PM or so. 

 I had surprised her by booking a deluxe king suite which had a jacuzzi tub in addition to the usual hotel tub with shower arrangement.

She was eager to use the large tub and I asked her if she would like for me to run her a bath. She replied, “Oh yes, please, I’d love it.” I just happened to have bought some bubble bath for the trip and also brought along half a dozen votive candles in small glass containers.  A couple were rose scented. 

So I gave her a choice of two bubble baths and she chose the eucalyptus and spearmint. While I prepared the bath and lit the candles around the edge, she undressed and put on a sexy new kimono she had bought special for the trip. 

I had undressed and was wearing just my tight red second-skin Tommy John underwear which held my package nicely displaying an attractive bulge. It was a very romantic setting with the lights out except for the glow of the candles and the scent of roses in the air.

She slipped out of the kimono and I helped her step into the tub brimming with bubble. She sank blissfully into the hot water with just her head poking above the bubbles. 

I activated the pump and the jets streamed over her body from all sides. Kneeling by the tub, I plunged my hands into the bubbles and found her silky body. I caressed her from foot to head, lingering on her creamy breasts lifting them up so her erect nipples would rise up through the bubbles. 

A lovely sight seeing her volcano-like tits rise out of the sea of bubbles. She interrupted my reverie by asking, “Aren’t you going to get in? There’s plenty of room.”

“I was waiting for an invitation; didn’t want to disturb your enjoyment.”

Without hesitation I quickly striped and slipped into the tub perpendicular to her, partially facing her with our legs intertwined. She was right, there was plenty of room, probably enough for three people if so inclined.

My cock was erect. She reached out to caress it running her hand lightly from balls to tip. The bubbles and bath oil made everything very slick and silky smooth. Wrapping her hand around me she started milking my cock with the bubbles. 

 It felt heavenly; I soon had to stop her as I didn’t want to blow my wad just yet.

I sat up and had her move to sit between my legs and lean back against my chest. A perfect position as I nibbled on her neck and reach my arms over her shoulders and cupped her breasts, one in each hand.


 Moving to the nipples I rubbed and then started to pinch them gently. It was really hard to grab her nipples as they were so slick, but I managed. In short order she moaned and squirmed under my administrations.

The bubbles faded away and the water got cooler so we decided it was time to get out and continue our activities on the bed. I got out of the tub first; it was very slippery and there was only the faucet to grab as a handhold. 

I gave her a hand and helped her out and wrapped her in a towel and dried her. Then I dried myself and joined her on the bed. We striped all the covers off as we were warm from the bath. 

She laid on her back and I straddled her and laid on her with most of my weight on my knees and elbows. We made out passionately with sucking lips and intertwined tongues.

Surprising me, she suddenly interrupted and said, “Can you tie me up! Did you bring the ties?”

“Yes! I brought the ties, just in case!” ‘Wow, I didn’t expect this; too good to be true,’ I thought.

I had brought my black bag of toys and when packing it just happened to drop my set of restraints in the bag as an afterthought. 

I didn’t anticipate using them but I’m a Boy Scout when we travel, ‘Always be Prepared’. We had used them a couple weeks before at home after a long drought of many years of disuse. 

So I dug to the bottom of my toy bag and retrieved the restraints. Anticipating that a hotel bed usually doesn’t have legs, spindles, or anything to use as an anchor points, I had brought a couple of lengths of one-quarter inch red polypropylene rope to run under the mattress. 

So I ran the rope under the head of the mattress and tied a bowline loop in each end to serve as an anchor point for the arm restraints. I attached the black synthetic wrist cuffs, lined with black fake-fur, to each of her wrists using the velcro closures. 

Then tied an overhand knot in the two restraint straps over the cuff for good measure so they couldn’t come loose. With her flat on her back and arms extended to the sides, I tied the restraint straps to the rope loop on each side. 

Her arms, and therefore her torso, were completely immobilized. I didn’t bother with the legs as I would have been loosening them later anyway.

She was now totally at my mercy which she enjoyed and eagerly anticipated my next move.

I went into my bag again and retrieved the Revlon lipstick I had purchased. When she saw it her eyes lit up in surprise and she smiled because she knew what I was going to do next. 

I pulled off the cap and twisted the bottom and the lovely red stick rose out of the tube. 

Straddling her I painted her left nipple with the lipstick applying it on just to the nipple area. She squirmed with delight. Then I gave the right nipple the same treatment and she was ready to be admired. 

I sat back and looked at my handwork seeing her creamy white breasts with the contrasting hot red erect nipples. She looked delicious. 

I cupped her breasts, one hand on the outside of each, and pushed them together so her nipples were inches apart. I was feeling extra horns in my horniness and my cock was rock hard; I could feel pre-cum oozing out. 

I realized that I was even more turned on than usual, the lipstick had added a new dimension to our normal activities. I bent over and took one nipple in my mouth and greedily sucked and swirled my tongue around her nipple. 

She was loving it as she reached down with her hand to stroke my swollen cock. I rolled my lips over my teeth and clamped down hard on her nipple and then pulling up and away until her nipple popped out from between my lips. 

I did this again and again driving her wild. Shifting to the other nipple I gave it similar treatment and then pushed them together to suck both nipples sat the same time. Of course by now I knew I must have lipstick smeared across my face looking a mess but didn’t care.

I surprised her by getting out the lipstick again and moving to her mouth and painted her lips a vibrant red. 

The light wasn’t very good and I wasn’t very good at the task, but I achieved the look I wanted. I admired her juicy red mouth for a moment and then moved my body to place my cock near her head.

Taking her head in my hands I turned it to the side and said, “I want you to suck my cock; take it deep and put a red ring around it as deep as you can.”

I moved my cock to her mouth and she opened wide as I pressed it deep into her eager mouth. 

 She took me until she was gagging and then closed her lips tightly to leave a lipstick ring around my member. 

I held her head and slowly fucked her mouth as she sucked with a vengeance. When I got close to cumming I stopped and pulled out. 

I wanted to save myself for the main event as I’m not quick to recover. 

We checked my cock and there, indeed, was a bright red ring around it about five inches deep on my shaft where she had left her mark. I loved the sight of it and thought about how it got there.

I wasn’t finished using the lipstick. I slid down to her pussy and uncapped the lipstick and instructed her to spread her legs. I painted her swollen pussy lips a luscious red from top to bottom. I sat back to look and enjoy the view of her two waiting red mouths top and bottom. 

 It was an over the top turn-on.

That made me even more aroused, if that was possible. My cock ached it was so hard, it felt as if it would split open.

I wanted her now! No more preliminaries. I said, “Pull your knees up and show me your pussy, I’m going to fuck you, now!”

I kneeled between her legs and mounted her, ramming my cock to the hilt. I got my feet under me in a squatting position to provide more traction to fuck her hard. I started pounding her with deep full length thrusts. 

My aggressiveness surprised her, but she liked it and was soon panting and squealing with delight.

I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes and then pulled out. I untied the straps but left the cuffs on her wrists, “Turn over and kneel, backed up to the edge of the bed,” I commanded. She did so and I stood up on the floor and pressed between her feet and entered her pussy from the rear. 

 “Extend your arms back.” I grabbed the straps attached to her wrists, one in each hand, and pulled myself to her and rammed her unmercifully, my balls slapping her ass.

She loved the rough treatment, “YES! YES! YES!… Oooooh…..Pound me, Ahhhh….. Fuck me hard!” she gasped between huge breaths.


I could tell she was near her climax as her pussy was pulsating and gripping my cock. I was getting near too. She exploded in a screaming orgasm that shook the walls. That put me over the top and I jetted my load deep inside her, squirting several times as she milked my cock with her cunt.

We fell on the bed in each others arms, exhausted. “Wow, where did that come from?” she asked. “You were a stallion tonight! I loved it!”

“Geez, I don’t know. I just got really aroused,” I said. And I thought, ‘It was the lipstick that got me so hot. That was the only thing different tonight.’

“Well Hon, whatever it was I hope you find it again,” she said as we drifted off to sleep.

Sorry, I’ve got to go now. There is a Maybelline commercial on the tube I want to watch. Its for that new SuperStay Ink Crayon lipstick. The wife isn’t home so I can watch the whole thing.

Story by Louis

Share your story: stories@kinkyp.com 

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