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I met Charlie on a dating app. From the first meeting we both hit it off quite well. I found him very handsome, certainly one of the most h...

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Sexless Boyfriend

I met Charlie on a dating app.

From the first meeting we both hit it off quite well. I found him very handsome, certainly one of the most handsome men I ever went out on a date with.

He was an ex soldier who had a masculine body, a fitness fanatic with a very strict diet and also a few sexy tattoos on his body.


Apart from his charming looks we had so much in common. 

We both had an active lifestyle, enjoyed working out at the gym, loved swimming, travelling and admired the same type of music and movies.

After our initial meeting we started hanging out a lot, going out to places, doing outdoor activities, road trips. It was such a fun time looking back on it. 

The thing I loved about him the most was that he made me laugh like no one else ever did.


He had this easy going attitude and always pulled out a joke just to see me laughing.

We became best friends but we never had sex or even kissed. Let me get to that part later on...

I had a huge crush on him, but I never said anything to him because he mentioned that about a month before our first meeting he broke up with his girlfriend and was not ready to get into a committed relationship again quite so soon.

I understood where he was coming from so even though I fancied him a lot I hid my feelings away each time we met the best way I could.

Around a couple of months later I wanted to relocate due to a disagreement with a housemate. So Charlie told me that he really wanted to move in with me as he was also thinking of changing location.

We both wanted to keep our independence, as well as be able to spend more time together so we decided to rent two separate rooms in a house and so we did just that.

After we moved in together we gradually became even closer.


One evening while we were in my room watching TV on my bed, he took off my jeans and licked me out for hours, 

but for some reason he never fucked me. After he made me cum a few times and I got to the point where I just couldn't take anymore, he just stopped and left the room.

That was the very first time we actually had any sort of a sexual interaction.

The following morning he just woke up and went to work as if nothing had happened. I didn't question him either and we never talked about it after that. Not a word.

There were times where he would just simply disappear for a couple of days on weekends without giving me any notice or telling me anything. I got really worried and when I rang his phone each time, it was always switched off. 

When he returned he would just tell me that he had been hanging out with his mates from the army. They would go out clubbing, house parties or whatever.

One time he told me that one of his mates had sucked his cock on a night out. At that time I didn't take it seriously. 

I honestly believed that probably his mate was gay and Charlie was definitely straight. Perhaps it had just been a one off thing that happened on a drunken night out.

On another occasion, I came home after a very bad day at work and I was in such a bad mood that I just didn't want to deal with anything.

As usual we were watching TV in my bedroom and suddenly he offered me a pill saying “this will relax you”. I wasn't really sure what it was but I trusted him.

After about fifteen minutes later, the next thing I can remember is sucking his cock like I never sucked cock before. 

I just had this urge to please him and give him as much pleasure as I could. I am not even sure how long I sucked him off.

One thing I can remember is that we didn't have any sexual intercourse that night. Afterwards I felt so sick and fell asleep soon after.


Next morning I woke up with such a bad headache that made me have to call in sick at work. I told Charlie never to give me anything like that ever again and he laughed.

That was the second time we had a sexual interaction during our time together.

As time went by my feelings for him grew even more. I truly started to believe he was my soulmate and I fell deeply in love with him. 

When I was around him, I felt like I was on top of the world, nothing else mattered but just being around him made me so happy.

I started to express my feelings to him, treated him like my boyfriend, bought him gifts and paid for everything each time when we went out but he kept telling me that he just wanted us to be friends, nothing more.

He never showed me any love, affection or any sexual interest like in a proper relationship, the way it is when you just can't keep your hands off each other. The only closeness he agreed on was to hold hands in public. 

I kept giving him all the attention and love but nothing came my way in return.

It was literally heart-breaking. 

My feelings for him became so strong I could not accept to carry on as we had been, being just friends.


Hanging out with his mates on weekends became a regular thing for him. Sometimes I did not see him for a whole week or two. 

It was so painful to live under the same roof knowing that he would never love me back.

So I finally decided to leave him. 

One morning, I packed my things, slipped a goodbye note under his bedroom door and left for good.


I never ever saw him again.

Unfortunately for the next two years, I felt absolutely nothing but the seething pain of losing him. It was a struggle to get him off my mind. 

Each time I went out to the gym, swimming or places I’ve been with him before, it brought tears to my eyes. 

It genuinely felt like a part of me had died.

A friend of mine suggested that I should start dating again as a way to move forward but the pain was too strong and I knew I could not see another man in the same way.

A couple of years passed, one day I was listening to the radio and this song came on which reminded me of Charlie, it brought back sweet memories.


So I wanted to see how he was doing. Since I left him he had blocked me on Facebook and all the other social media accounts. 

Just out of curiosity I did a Facebook search and surprisingly I came across his Facebook page with a picture of him with another man on holiday in Australia and the status was that he in a relationship.

I was shocked!

Was he gay ? Is that the reason he never made a move with me? That would certainly make sense now, but why was he with me all this time if he was gay? Why did he never say anything to me ? question after question, with no way of getting any answers.

However it gave me some peace of mind knowing that he was sexually attracted to men than women.

Now I know the real reason why he never fell in love with me and had no interest in sexual intercourse.

I still do miss the good old days and think about the happy memories we did have from time to time.

Story by Mia

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