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Looking back now, its hard to believe that just surfing the net could take me on a journey that I just could not have ever have seen myself...

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Yes, Mistress

Looking back now,
its hard to believe that just surfing the net could take me on a journey that I just could not have ever have seen myself going on.

I clearly remember looking at a picture of a lady, mid forties, attractive, looking quite stern. Then as I looked down, she had a strap on. 

Basically a plastic cock, quite a large one, very realistic and for some reason I started to stir inside.
I kept on going back to the picture over the next few days, and I just could not get it out of my head. 

The picture was of a Mistress, a term I was unfamiliar with, but I needed to know more about.

After a few weeks, the vision still hadn't left me, it was bothering me so much I decided to get in touch with the lady in question. I needed too, it wasn't going to leave me, and I had to find out more.

I picked up the phone, I apologised for bothering her, and just opened up that the picture was really hitting a button for me, I didn't know why, and I was a little bothered by it as I certainly was not gay and had no interest in men whatsoever, but her and the plastic cock just made me feel so excited and different to how I have ever felt before.

The lady was very kind, she gave me so much time on the phone, 

and basically told me that if I was inquisitive enough, I should visit a Mistress, and they would unlock the thoughts within me over a period of time.

This Mistress was so kind, I wanted to visit her, but she was too far away, so I scoured the internet to find somebody suitable who lived closer. 

I said to her that I was so grateful for her time, and if things did develop, I would be sure to see her at some point to pay her back for giving me so much good advice.

It took a good while, but after many months I found a website of a Mistress who I felt maybe right. 

She was similar to that of the other lady in many ways, its difficult to describe, but I just felt something about her. I didn't jump in, I waited a few weeks, just to see if the feelings were still there, and if they continued to bother me.

When I realised the feelings were still strong, I telephoned the lady, who this time was a little more abrupt than my previous experience. So much so that, I really felt out of control, but in a funny way, the way she was taking control of the call, excited me again, and I felt I needed to see this lady.

Although she was abrupt, she offered me an email address, which I was to use, and she said that I was to write to her, and dialogue would be exchanged between us over the next few weeks.

The dialogue was extensive, so many intrusive questions, but designed to get into my head and designed to make our meeting a special one. The questions came to me daily, I had to reply as soon as I received them, and many of the answers I had to give were very awkward.

After a few weeks, a date and time was agreed, and I was told I needed to make my way to see Mistress.

I was so nervous, I didn't know what I was letting myself in for, but I had to see her. She didn't give me any choice, but nor did I. I knew I had to carry this through.

My mind was a blank canvas as I drove to where I was told to go. 

I genuinely did not know what to expect, but I was always wondering about the questions she asked me, and I wondered, what if any of the answers I gave would play a part in what was to come.

It was 12.50pm, the time I was told to park up. I got a text telling me to cross the road and enter a flat, the entrance to it, being behind a shopping precinct.

I nervously walked across the road, went around the back, and up some steps to a door, which had a camera attached to it, so I was clearly being watched.

I knocked the door, and after what seemed like ten minutes, 

but must have been seconds, Mistress slowly opened the door. Mistress had long blonde hair, bright red lipstick, she was dressed in a black PVC all in one suit and had the highest of high heels on.

Mistress smiled, then without saying a word, turned around and with her hand, indicated for me to come in.

I followed silently, along a corridor, no words were exchanged, then she walked up some stairs, and I continued to follow. 

My heart was beating so fast, I thought she might hear it.

It was then I noticed a zip in Mistresses suit. It started at the top of her bottom, and went down, and between her legs. I had never seen this before, but again, without explanation, I got a strong feeling inside as I could not take my eyes off Mistresses bottom as she walked in front of me.

Her bottom was gorgeous, perfect, and I really felt an instant strong desire about her as soon as we were walking up the stairs.

When we got to the top of the stairs, she showed me where the shower was. She told me by email that I would be put in the shower upon arrival.

Mistress disappeared, but before she did, she instructed me that when I was finished, I was to go into the room opposite, and wait, without touching anything.

I showered as quickly as I could, I was so excited, and I so much wanted to see Mistress again as quickly as possible.

I dried and put my clothes back on, I was wearing just a formal shirt and trousers. I walked across the hall to the room I was instructed to go into. I opened the door, the room was dark, very dark. I stepped in and as I did, the door slammed shut behind me.

It took a while to get used to the dark, there was a window that was blacked out, and that gave a token amount of light, that showed shapes within the room. 

Apart from that, there was a tiny red light in the corner, it looked like the sort they have on an alarm or camera. It really was tiny and didn't help with the lighting.

I made out a bench like object in front of me, and a chair in the corner. I then noticed a shelf, and could just make out the shapes of dildos on top of it.

I walked forward, and I touched the bench, it was leather and I just left along its length, but then after I had felt its structure, I moved back and just stood there waiting.

I wondered what would happen next, my heart was beating so fast, then I heard footsteps, and I sensed Mistress was approaching.

The door opened, and the bright light from outside hit me, I could just make out the outline of Mistresses tall frame.

Mistress walked in, then lit a match and went to light a candle. 

She lit four candles, it was still fairly dark, but the candles ensured I could see her and the contents of the room.  

For the first time she spoke.

"What did I tell you to do earlier?"
was her only words.

I thought for a while, and wondered if I had done wrong, but I am sure that I hadn't.

I replied, "you told me to have a shower and come into this room Mistress."

She swiftly responded in a low, but scary voice "yes, but I told you not to touch anything, and you did didn't you"?

"No Mistress," I insisted.

"You must learn to listen, and on top of that, you must NEVER lie to me. I have been watching you, I have cameras on you, and YOU touched MY bench. I told you NOT to touch anything, UNDERSTAND?"

"Yyyes, Mistress" was my miserable reply.

Straight away I had upset her, she was way ahead of me, she had been watching me, and I didn't listen well enough. It didn't look good.

"Get your clothes off, everything, quickly, and when you are done, you come over to my chair, where you will be spanked. You would have been spanked for touching my bench, but for not telling the truth.... well all I can say is your bottom will be VERY sore for a long time."

At this point I wasn't thinking of the spanking, all I thought of was not upsetting Mistress anymore. I removed my clothes quicker than I have ever had,


and made my way to Mistress. Mistress indicated for me to lay across her knee, so I tentatively did this and for the first time our bodies touched. 

She didn't do anything for a while, and just to be close to Mistress was a very strong feeling. So strong in fact, that I felt my cock getting erect. Why I didn't know, but I felt it throbbing, and I could feel it against her leg. And so could Mistress.

"You're getting excited I see. Do you like Mistress?"

"Yes," was my response.

"Good, but I am afraid your stiff cock won't be stiff for very long, because all your concentration now will be in trying to handle the pain you are going to get."

With that, a firm hand smacked my bottom. Not too bad I thought, in fact, quite pleasant, and my cock continued to throb.

Then another, then another, all the time Mistress telling me that I need to learn to listen and not tell lies to her.

After 10-20 smacks, my bottom started to burn a little. After 30-40 I started thinking that she must stop.

But stop she didn't, and they came harder, harder and harder, and it was hurting a great deal. There was anger in her voice.

She was genuinely angry that I upset her, and she was taking it out on my.

"I am very sorry Mistress," I whimpered, but still she carried on.

"Please stop Mistress, I promise not to do it again," I said as I genuinely needed her to stop. 

I felt my legs rise as she hit me, which must have been my way to try and stop her, but stop her I couldn't.

"Right 30 more, then you are going to get the strap for me."

I had to count everyone out loud to her, and after 30, another 20 came before I sensed the last one.

God I was in pain, but also I was so angry that I let her down. Why did I touch the bench, I shouldn't have upset her.

"Now get my strap," she instructed.

I had to walk over to the wall, my bottom was on fire. I was glad of a breather. There were three leather straps hanging on the wall. I wasn't sure my bottom could take anymore, and so I hoped she would show lenience.

The straps were what I would describe as small, medium and large. As I went over to them, Mistress told me to pick the strap, that I believed I needed to fit the punishment.

I looked at all three, I didn't fancy the big one, I wasn't sure my sore bottom could take it. I thought about the small one, that was the one I wanted, but thought Mistress would be upset if I took that one back. So I picked the medium one, and took it back over to her.

Back over the knee, and the whacks came down, much harder and fiercer than with her hand. This I didn't like, and again I had to count, as I took 20 firm whacks on each cheek.

"Now take this back, and bring me the big one," she instructed. "If you had brought me the correct strap in the first place, your punishment would be over by now, but now you realise it isn't". I could hardly walk over to the straps, my poor bottom, I was limping as I walked to the wall.

The big strap was awful, my legs were twitching as I was being hit, and my bottom was burning. 

It was too much, and I was begging her to stop, I pleaded with her. "Please Mistress, I have taken too much, please please stop." I was almost in tears.

Eventually it was over, I had taken my punishment. At that point, I promised myself to listen more carefully, I promised myself I would not upset Mistress again. I felt relief, my bottom was red raw, but I had managed to take my punishment.

"Right, onto the bench," Mistress instructed, and like a flash, I lay over this awkward contraption, which basically put me on all fours, but with support for my body. It was not painful, just awkward and I struggled to get comfy.

Mistress then walked in front of me, and her bottom was inches away from my face. Her bottom was stunning, round and pert, perfectly formed. 

My cock suddenly started rising again.

Mistress brought her bottom so close to me, I just wanted to kiss it, and my dream was to come true as Mistress instructed me to lean forward and kiss her bottom.

It was so good, I just wanted to adore her, and I kissed the black PVC that covered her bottom cheeks. I had to really stretch to kiss it, and she was just out of reach, but stretch I did, and every time I got close, I kissed her beautiful bottom. First one cheek, then the other.

From cheek to cheek I went, until she instructed me to take the zip down that was running the full length of the crack of her bottom. This I had to do with my teeth.

It was hard going, but Mistress kindly moved to help me do it, and as I gripped the metal zipper between my teeth, ever so slowly I could see more and more of Mistresses bare bottom, until finally I saw her ring, and then further down her pussy.

Mistress pulled it the final few inches, which released the largest labia I had actually seen on a lady. They hung down from her pussy and I sooo much wanted to kiss her there. 

I dare not, but my cock was now straining like mad, as she just left her pussy lips inches away from my mouth. I couldn't touch or lick her, so I breathed in hard so I could at least smell her wonderful body.

I could smell her, but I wanted to taste her so much. My cock was bursting, I needed her so much.

Then Mistress instructed me to kiss her ass hole. I leaned forward, and puckered my lips, and kissed her bottom with passion. 

I wanted to kiss her mouth, but all she presented me with was her ass, so her ass I kissed so passionately. I was making love to her ring piece, I loved it, I started to push my tongue in, and for some reason, the words just came out of my mouth "I love your bottom Mistress, I love kissing your beautiful ass". 

As I did, my cock was virtually exploding, it would have just taken a touch and I swear I would have came there and then.

Mistress moved her bottom up and down, and my tongue followed like a dog following its owner. I was stretching every way I had too, to ensure I kept contact with her tight ring as she moved around.

Mistress got up, she smiled at me, and I was so pleased that I obviously pleased her. It was much better pleasing her than upsetting her.

She went behind me, and I could hear activity, she was putting something on, but I dare not look around, unless I was instructed.

Mistress slowly then walked around by my side, and the first thing I saw was her strap on cock. 

It must have been a good eight inches long, it was thick and looked really realistic, it was erect and bouncing around gently as she moved. She looked great with it, and it was heading in my direction.

"Right then James, I want you to feel my cock," came the instruction. And with that, I lifted my right hand from the floor and gripped the cock gently. It was plastic, and as I gently gripped it, I looked at Mistress and she smiled.

"Now wank it James, wank my cock, like you wank your cock James."

As instructed, I caressed the cock, slowly wanking it back and forth, and I just found myself cupping the balls, and just gently flicking my fingers across the head. 

Mistress didn't say anything about this, she just let me do it, but I wondered why this happened, why I had started feeling it like I would my own cock?

It was so strange, I definitely did not like men, or cocks, but Mistresses cock was different, and when she then slowly pushed it forward, all I could find myself doing was opening my mouth and slowly starting to suck it. 

I let out a moan of pleasure, which didn't go unnoticed by Mistress.

"Good boy, you like sucking cock don't you?" she said.

I nodded and with my mouth full, I somehow let out words that resembled, "yes Mistress, I love sucking cock."

I was really trying to please her, I was wanting to show her how well I could do, and as I looked up, she continued to smile, so I was doing well.

But not as well as I thought. At one point as I had the length in my mouth as far back as it would go, I looked up at Mistress and she spoke "James, you better suck my cock perfectly, because if you don't , you do realise I will make you suck a real one."

My stomach was churning, I didn't like what she said, and I had the feeling she meant it.

I stopped, mouth full of cock and I just looked at her. She raised an eyebrow as if she was waiting for a response, so I nodded, and replied quickly, "yes Mistress, I will suck it perfectly for you".

I had never sucked a cock before, but I tell you what, I was seriously learning fast. 

I was sucking her plastic weapon for all I was worth, trying so hard to impress her. Constantly looking up to gauge her reaction, looking for acknowledgement that I was doing well.

My jaw was aching as she was thrusting it down my throat, but whatever she did, I did my best to accommodate her. I really was doing trying so hard to impress.

After what must have been 15 minutes of solid work on her cock, she pulled it away from me. I remember her moving it away, but I tried to continue to suck it. I really didn't want to stop, but away it went, and I felt proud of what I had done.

She sat back in her chair across the way, she sat and looked deep in thought. She had a hand on her face, touching her lip as if she really was thinking hard about something. I just lay on my bench, more uncomfortable now as I had been there so long, but I did not complain, I just waited for her next move.

"James, you did well, I was impressed with your cock sucking."

I felt relieved, and I could feel tension moving from my shoulders as I knew now I pleased her.

But then the bombshell, it hit me like a brick, and it wasn't what I expected.

"You did well, but unfortunately James, not well enough. You tried too hard, and your technique needs improving. I have just been thinking, and the only way to do this is for you to suck a real cock."

I felt empty, very empty, very vulnerable and disappointed with the outcome. I had never sucked a cock before, and surely she wouldn't make me would she?

"James, as your Mistress I will help you get through this, I will guide and help you, but you must suck cock. I must insist that you do, okay?"

There was a question at the end of what she said, but it wasn't a real question that I could influence, I knew what was going to happen, so I just answered "yes Mistress, I understand what I need to do for you"

"Good" she replied, she now seemed much happier, she shot up from her chair, with her cock still between her legs and she went to cupboard where she pulled out a blindfold.

"Now James. to help you taste the cock more effectively, I am taking one of your senses away from you, this will help you. This will make you a better cock sucker."

She blindfolded me, while still laying on the bench, she then left the room for a few minutes, which gave me time to fully understand what was about to happen. 

I just lay there on the bench, just helpless, just awaiting my fate. Minutes later, the door opened, and I heard Mistresses heels on the floor, 

but I heard someone else too, someone else was in the room, and they were both heading towards the bench. I could no longer see, but I could hear well.

She gave out instructions for this person to undress, and as they did I realised from their breathing and also the heavyweight sound of a big belt opening on their clothes, that this really was a man. This really was for real.

The man was told to move towards me, and I could sense him less than a foot away from me.

Mistress then said, "now, I want you to show my special guest how good you can suck a plastic cock." There then was a pause, followed by her saying "then when you have done that to my satisfaction, you will then suck my guest off okay?"

Again there was a question, but not one I could answer other than agreeing with her.

I started sucking her cock, but this time a little slower. I knew what was to come later, so that was playing on my mind. I was sucking it, but my mind was just thinking of what will happen next. Then I heard the guys breathing getting faster, and I could hear what must have been him starting to wank.

Wanking to get it hard for me I thought.

I didn't suck it as good as I did before, but Mistress didn't seem to mind. I think she was thinking ahead too.

"Now then James, give me your left hand."

I lifted my hand off the floor and Mistress held it. She stroked the back of my hand, she was now sitting close to me and she comforted me, telling me it would all be okay and there was nothing to worry about.

I was so grateful for the comfort, this amazing woman was there for me at this much difficult time, she could be nasty, like when she spanked me, but now she was so caring.

"With your right hand, I want you to reach out, touch the cock, feel it, wank it, then feel his balls. I want you to cup his balls, feel how heavy they are with his spunk that he is going to unload in you."

It all sounded horrible, but my Mistress was there to comfort me, so with her still stroking my left hand, I raised my right hand so just my body was balanced on the bench. I reached out to where I could hear the guy, and for the first time in my life I felt another penis.

It was thicker than mine, I put my hand around it, and it felt much thicker. It was very hard too, and I gently started to wank it and I could then feel its large end. 

I was fascinated to feel another cock I must say, it felt much different to mine, and as I wanked it, I could hear the mans breathing change.

I stopped for a while, then went to his balls, and cupped them, they were heavy and much bigger than what I had. I wondered for a moment whether bigger balls produced more cum? I then thought I might soon find out.

I then started wanking it again, and then Mistress stopped me.

"Right James, take your hand away, you will now suck my guest for a while, and when you have got used to it, he is going to fuck your mouth. And while he fucks your mouth, I am going to fuck your arse."

Mistress let go of my left hand, the comforting had stopped, she sprang into action, got up and I felt her at the back of me.

"Open your mouth James, I want you to take him, do it."

With that I reluctantly opened my mouth, I licked my lips to moisten them, then reached my head out, so my guest had easy access. He moved a step forward, and I started taking it. It felt so strange. The cock head was so soft, I put my tongue around it and it was so big and soft, he then gently moved his whole length in my mouth and I felt so strange as this rod was working its way to the back of my throat.

Initially I just got used to it, but then after it thrusting in slowly a few times, I started to suck it like I did Mistresses cock. I thought how hard it is, and how girls become experts at it, yet I was having trouble building a steady rhythm.

I was enjoying it though, it wasn't a man I was sucking off, it was just a cock, and it wasn't bad. In fact, it was good, I was warming to it, and I wanted to do it well now that I was doing it.

I then felt some cold liquid on my ass, and I realised I was being lubed up. Mistress started fingering my bottom, loosening me up for her strap on.

Her caring side came through again, with her saying she will need to work on my ass with a small strap on first, so not to hurt me. But she was sure that after a good half hour of fucking, she would have got me onto the big one and I would be fucked good and proper.

Mistress had me ready, I was lubed, I have taken a couple of fingers, and my virginity was about to be taken by a plastic strap on. It eased in, ever so slowly, I tensed up, but Mistress calmed me and I relaxed and opened up for her.

Within a few minutes, Mistress was fucking my ass with her wonderful cock, 

whilst her guest was having his cocked sucked. If I forgot my job of sucking him, to concentrate in having my ass fucked, Mistress soon had me back in line by slapping my sore bottom and telling me not to forget to concentrate on my sucking duties.

Mistress moved through a few strap-ons, none of which I had seen as she was behind me. Now though the bigger one was to be used. It looked a beast, but she ensured me I could take it, again her caring manner showed, and I was confident I could take it now she had told me I could.

I felt it nudge in, the head of it, then the shaft, and I was screaming with pleasure, it was just a sensational feeling, my ass completely full, being fucked with long hard strokes. I had adapted to it, I loved it. I was moaning with pleasure, but had cock to suck. I did my best to multi-task, but it was proving hard.

Mistress then said, "okay, it is clear he cannot take a cock and suck one at the same time, so show him how you can fuck his mouth, lets fuck this slut."

With that, the man in front of me got a hold of the back of my head, and roughly pushed his length to the back of my throat. At the same time, Mistress was pounding my ass with her monster cock. This was superb, being fucked like a true slut. One at each end, pounding away for their own benefit. 

I was being used, I was their toy.

"We will have to get John in next time, he would love this slut she said," all the time though the guest with the real cock never said a word. He just remained rock hard and continued getting head.

"Yes John will have him next, we will get John to fuck him too, this slut needs more cock, it can take more," she said.

I had never been referred to as "it" before, but I liked it. I liked being used.

My cock was hard, it lacked attention, I needed to cum, but there was no sign of any activity that would help. Mistress kept away from my cock, this was all about their pleasure, not mine.

In the end, when she knew my ass was now open for future use, she pulled out, and the male guest also stopped fucking my aching mouth.

I lay on the bench, my ass throbbing in a nice way, both of the inside, but burning slightly on the outside where I had been thoroughly spanked.

I was then told to lie down on my back, and as I did, Mistress opened my legs, and continued to fuck me, as the male guest was instructed to wank over my face.

I didn't have a cock to suck, I just enjoyed the pleasure of being fucked, while opening my mouth wide, hoping to catch his juices when he came. 

The chap let out a groan, then I felt his spunk spurt on my neck, all over my face, and finally in my mouth.

I think it is true, the bigger the balls, the more cum they hold, I was covered in spunk for the very first time.

I swallowed it, it was salty, but I savoured the taste. I had actually made a man cum, I was proud.

The chap was told to take his clothes and leave, I heard him pick his clothes up, the door opened and he was gone.

Mistress removed the blindfold, and I saw her smile. She looked pleased with herself, I was pleased she was happy.

She said, "you have been good today, it is time you were rewarded." With that, she gently pushed the strap on towards my ass again. I relaxed to take it, and it eased in and I let out a moan. This new feeling I was learning to enjoy was sensational, and I couldn't help but let out my emotions. I was moaning loudly and thanking Mistress for fucking me. This time though she held my cock, she looked me in the eyes and smiled, while continuing to fuck me hard, and wank my cock.

It took seconds, I exploded and without question it was the strongest cum I have ever had. It was awesome, it rocked me and was all the better for having her cock slide in and out of my while it happened.

I lay there exhausted as Mistress withdrew from me. I was so tired, I had so many emotions in the last couple of hours that all tensions just released from my body.

Mistress was very caring, she stroked my head, then kissed me on the lips and told me to rest, while she took off the tool that gave me so much pleasure.

As I recovered I thanked her for the adventure. I felt strange and I said my feelings were all over the place. She told me that was normal, and it would take a couple of days to fully understand what happened, then after a while we needed to talk about the next step.

Before I left she told me that two other men and another Mistress had seen the session on the camera that was set up in the room that I wasn't aware of. They would be giving Mistress their views on the session, and give input on how they think I should be used next time.

I left feeling very tired, a little sore and with very strange emotions. I felt a very strong bond to Mistress. I felt I could do anything for her. She had so much talent to get into my head, and find a way of exploring new avenues, with such success.

I left, but felt I would one day return.

Story by James

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