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  I met Sean on Badoo  dating app several years ago.  After chatting for sometime, finally we arranged to go out for lunch, our first meeti...

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By Invitation Only - Badoo

I met Sean on Badoo dating app several years ago. 

After chatting for sometime, finally we arranged to go out for lunch, our first meeting. Since that time we became good friends, and began to hangout quite frequently.

He was a bit shy and reserved, a caring, friendly guy to spend time with. 

He wasn't the boyfriend type, I saw him more like a close friend to do cool stuff with.

He was slim, in his mid thirties and was into fitness, wall climbing and cycling regularly. Eventually he invited me to join him, to take part in his active lifestyle and so I did. It was fun. 

We also went out clubbing a couple of times.

We didn't have a sexual relationship for a good few months, but as I began to spend more and more time with him, I became aware of a kinky side that he had managed to keep well hidden up until this time.

He was single, lived alone in his own house in South London and he had this enormous home cinema projector with an amazing sound system attached to the wall in his living room. 

One day when I was at his place, he put some porn in the projector and wow!! That was the first time I’d seen porn on a massive screen like that. It was amazing to see it up there on such a giant screen!

During our time together, he kept telling me about a certain place in Elephant and Castle, and that he’d love to take me there.


Sean said he’d been before a while ago and that if we did go together, I would get in free and he’d pay half price. I would also be required to bring some sexy lingerie with me as clothing was not permitted! 

He agreed that he would purchase me a set of lingerie if I agree to go with him.

It was private members only adult club. 

This was my first time and I had to admit that I was very eager to see what actually goes on in these places. It sounded like it would be a lot of fun!

So I finally agreed to go after giving it some serious thought.
We met a few days later just outside Elephant and Castle tube station; it was around 9pm.

The club was a short walk away, and so we headed off chatting along the way. I felt a kind of burning nervous excitement bubbling away inside me as we made the relatively short journey.

To gain access to this club you have to book online in advance to obtain a secret password that you quote to get inside.

Sean gave the code word to a doorman bouncer type guy and with that we both entered.

As I walked in I saw red lights pretty much everywhere, it was a very big private club with music playing all around as.

Once at the reception desk, our coats were taken and Sean paid in cash, next we were ushered to take a seat and provided with drinks.
There was a table with all kinds of alcohol. As I was feeling so nervous I took a couple of neat shots of JD straight down my throat to calm myself down.

I looked around and saw upstairs that there were so many sexy slim young girls hanging out and most were strutting around the place absolutely butt naked!
There were naked bodies floating about everywhere, men undressed and half dressed lounging around and watching the women intensely.

It sure was a sight for sore eyes!

Sean asked me to get changed, so we went upstairs and I popped into the loo to put on my sexy black lingerie that Sean had brought me.

I took a last look in the mirror and left the toilets. 

I decided to have a look around first, as I walked the floor I saw various rooms; all had no doors and were all occupied with people fucking. There were also men lined up watching intently and masturbating slowly as they spied on the couples having sex in different positions.

I was approached almost immediately, by a tall handsome man who began pestering me to have fun with him, he was very persistent. I told him “No” repeatedly as I was there with Sean and felt it would be really disrespectful to Sean if I had sex with someone without his permission. 

I was also given the look by a few other men. I ignored them all.

 Then I saw Sean again, so I asked him about the tall handsome guy looking for fun with me and he said “No”.

We wandered around for some time taking in the plentiful erotic sights surrounding us, then he took me into a room and began teasing me. He began touching around my body, kissing my neck slowly.

until all of a sudden out of nowhere marched in this security guy.

He joined us in the room, standing over us. We stopped and looked at him. 

He then informed us that if Sean wished to have sex with me or with any other girl in the house then I must be prepared to have sex at least once with one of the random guys who were there.

How ridiculous we both thought! 

I mean I came with Sean, is it really their business if we get off together and not with anyone else? But these were the house rules, and to be fair we weren’t in a hotel locked all away by ourselves.
Sean wanted to leave immediately, but I reasoned with him that we’d only just arrived and after paying so much it seemed really pointless to just leave so early.

We carried ourselves onto the ground floor to make a decision; all this whilst drinking numerous shots of vodka and JD that left us feeling ever so drunk as we chatted away; but we now had a plan!

We decided that I would have sex with that handsome guy after all, which I had no doubt would please him no end!. Sean would then choose a girl that he liked and I would come and join them for a hot loaded threesome.

I found my man again….He was quite happy and smiled at me cheekily saying “Let’s do it!”

He led me to the master bedroom, confidently ripping open a condom and plonked himself down on the bed, he invited me to straddle him and ride his now erect thick cock, covered in rubber.

He put me on top of him and eased his dick into my pussy as he fucked me in the cowgirl position.

I turned my head to the side as I rode him and noticed that there were now many people in the room watching us, guys and girls surrounded the bed watching all the action up close as we pleasured each other in the thrones of hot lustful passion.

It looked as if they’d never seen a stunningly beautiful girl riding a cock before!
Anyway, as it turned out, when I felt all eyes beaming down transfixed and focused on us, I got a huge kick out of it!….Is this what it’s like being in porn films, I thought. 

It strangely felt pretty wonderful! I'd always been fascinated by exhibitionists and voyeurs before and from this night I got quite a taste for more!

I started to play in the room, moaning and riding with my hips swaying, pushing up and down on him, working my body side to side on his gagging rock hard cock, it was starting to feel like I was in a porn movie after all!

Suddenly I felt his cum pulsate inside the condom as he shot his spunk out of his body. He let out a huge loud scream as he came, he just couldn’t take the pleasure of me riding him any longer and wasn’t able to last a second more.

As I got off him, I walked across the room ready to leave when all of a sudden I was accosted by complete surprise.

Absolutely out of nowhere came a stark naked man, tall with muscles in every place you could imagine, the type of physic that was built tirelessly pumping iron every day in the gym, and possibly steroids!

Suddenly he stopped in front of me and grabbed me hard by the hair. Uttering not a single word or murmur he turned my body around and pushed me up against the wall with such seething vengeance.

My head was near to head butting the door frame as he began to pound me hard doggy style. His dick felt even bigger than the handsome guy I’d just been riding moments before on the bed.

I really didn’t have time to even think what was happening as he fucked me up against the cold, hard door frame. After a few minutes he came, ramming my body with one final thrust as he shot his load into the soggy durex.

I was so glad when he finally came and let me go.

There was a man lurking close by who had been watching us all this time who approached me as the muscled man slinked off back to whatever rock he’d crawled out of.
The lurking man was also desperate to have some action but I politely declined.

I was then joined by a couple of scantily clad women who had been watching me throughout the night as well as enjoying numerous liaisons with their boyfriends. We all sat on a bed for a while and talked together. 

They were very sweet girls and I enjoyed their company very much.

As we were talking; Sean, who it felt like I hadn’t seen for ages, entered the room, he lead me out as I said goodbye to the girls, we found a quiet room, we were all alone…for now. This was no mean feat in this club!

He asked me to lie on the bed. I could tell that he was annoyed. If I had to guess I would say that he’d seen me being fucked by the other guys and raging jealousy had overcome him.
Despite the envy that must have been racing around inside him at 100 miles an hour; ready to erupt at a moment’s notice, he kept composure.

He climbed on top of me and tried to fuck me in the missionary position. 

He hoisted my shapely legs into the air, feet to the ceiling as he desperately tried in vain to claim my pussy all for himself.

This was the first time that Sean had ever fucked me, he took me by surprise but I certainly liked it, something about all the pent up frustration and desperation that he was now trying to shag me with.

Despite Sean’s horny feelings towards me, he was unable to turn his flaccid cock into a hard one in order to fuck my brains out.
With that he got up from the bed and left the room. It was a welcome break for me to be honest; from the night’s plentiful activities that had left me feeling exhausted and slightly overwhelmed!

After some deep thinking and relaxing on the bed in peace and listening to the music being played, I went to look for Sean once more.

I soon found him in another bedroom. As I looked into the room, I first caught sight of his feet resting off the edge of the bed, I moved my gaze up to his bare legs writhing around in pleasure. Sat on top of his thighs I saw the most exquisite bum, riding him hard…..

I watched the girls bum cheeks in admiration as they bounced up and down onto Sean’s rock hard dick.

He then grabbed her arse and smacked it playfully as she rode him cowgirl. She was extremely sexy looking, slim with an amazing body, they were both completely naked, and I wondered how long they’d been doing it for.

I walked into the room and perched myself on the bed next to them, continuing to watch.

Sean saw me and beckoned me over to join them. I walked over to the girl, who turned her head to look at me and shot me a sexy smile of welcome. I began touching her tanned and toned body, as she started to softly moan with desire. 

I stroked her luxurious long blonde hair, Sean couldn’t keep his eyes off us. I touched her face, squatting with my knees resting against Sean's arm; he liked that, the feeling of my legs touching him, leaning in I kissed the girl passionately on the lips as her head moved around to meet mine. 

we were both so close to each other, I tasted her lip-gloss as we made out.

As soon as we began snogging, the ecstasy by now was far too much for Sean to bear. He came hard, his body jerking and shaking as he shouted out loud, he tried to hold it but the force was far too great with the sight of two girls getting off together right in front of his eyes, all this whilst she was fucking him, her thighs resting on the top of his legs as she worked him up and down.

The girl got up and left the room. It was time for us to leave too.

We got dressed and left the club, it'd been quite an eventful night to say the least!

Sean wanted to go back to the club with me but we never could agree on a date, so I never went again. 

That was the last time I saw him.

It was entertaining, one off experience but it's not something I wanted to repeat.

I often think back to our crazy night in the club, and wonder if Sean thinks about it too? I’m sure he does!

Story by kristin

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