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My wife's birthday coming up & I was struggling for ideas.  After several days of musing over what I should get for her, I struck u...

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Magic Wand

My wife's birthday
coming up & I was struggling for ideas. 

After several days of musing over what I should get for her, I struck upon a very naughty object that would suit her very well. 

The only problem was that I was not entirely sure what this item was called. 

All I knew was what it looked like and the effect it could have, which I had witnessed many times in online porn clips.

The device appeared to be a plastic tube, about 8 or 9 inches long and an inch or so in diameter. 

Out of one end of the tube came a cable which supplied the power. At the other end was a large white sphere about 4 inches in diameter. 

The sphere was the interesting end, as in the porn clips it vigorously vibrated, so much so that you could always hear its hum. 

Things got really interesting when it was placed onto the the well lubed clit of a willing or not so willing woman. 

It would quickly draw moans of pleasure, followed by a powerful orgasm, often multiple ones, and some with gushing juices.

I was fairly sure my wife would like one of these, I just needed to find out what they were called and where to get one. 

So when she was out at singing practice I hit Google to find out what this thing was. 

After 5 or ten minutes of searching I discovered its name “The Magic Wand”. 

According to the site I found the name on, Hitachi officially sell it as a body massager and are apparently slightly embarrassed that it has become a well renowned sex toy. 

I would bet they are not embarrassed about the number of sales though. That was the all info I needed. Another search and 5 minutes later one was ordered and on its way, handily coming with 3 free tubes of lube.

The wand arrived in the post one morning a few days later, when no one was in. 

Having missed the delivery man I drove to the depot the next morning to retrieve it, ensuring there was no chance of it falling into my wife's hands before her birthday. 

I signed for the parcel at the depot thinking of the goodies that were inside. I jumped into my car and threw the large brown jiffy bag package onto the passenger seat. 

All the way to work I was fantasising about grinding the vibrating sphere into my wife's pussy. 

It was still 7 days until her birthday, it was going to be a long week. That evening I pushed the tubes of lube into the wand's box and wrapped it up along with my wife's other presents and tried to forget about it.

The week rolled by, with out much of interest happening, and finally it was her birthday. 

The alarm was set early so my wife could open her cards and presents while we sat in bed. 

I waited eagerly as she opened the small mound of presents piled on the bed waiting for her reaction to the wand. 

Due to it being the biggest object in the pile she left it to last. I was trying to hide my smile as she opened it. She grinned when she opened it "A body massager" ?

That's great my back has really been aching this week.'

I smiled again. 

My wife obviously did not watch as much porn as I did! 

The packaging was Hitachi's standard one, showing people massaging their backs, necks and legs. 'Yes that's one of its uses' I said with a slight laugh. It does have another use. 

It can be used to “massage” a rather more intimate area of you body. 

My wife's eyes widened with surprise, delight or excitement and a big smile spread across her face. 

My cock started to get hard straight away knowing it pleased her. The cat was out of the bag now, and I was hoping my wife was really going to enjoy it.

My wife pulled the wand out of its box to take a look. The lube fell out along with the ball headed shaft. She bent down to the side of the bed, plugged it in and flicked the dual speed switch into low speed. 

The dull humming I was familiar with started. 'The head is all rubbery and it feels very powerful!' she said with a look of shock.
'It should do' I replied

'it is an expensive piece of kit. I am hoping you are going to really like it. There are plenty of examples of it being used to good effect on the internet. 

I can massage your back with it so you can see what you think. Seeing as you said it was aching?' I was now slightly worried she was not going to like it.

She quickly agreed to my suggestion 'Oh yes, that would be great.' She pealed off her silk nightie letting her large breasts fall out, and rolled onto her front. 

I knelt up next to her and pressed the wand's spherical head into the bottom of her back, 'Ooh that feels good' was her instant reaction. 

What she could not see was my already growing cock. It was a good start.

I rubbed the wand all over her back testing the two speeds. My wife decided high speed was best for this. She was moaning gently now as I continued to put pressure on various parts of her back and neck. 

The hum was now louder and higher pitched. Every now and again the wand's head would would make a crackling buzz as it went over some loser skin.

I moved the wand down to my wife's legs pushing into her thighs and calves. The low moans of pleasure continued. 

I had to admit that the wand seemed very good at its intended use. 

Despite this pleasant surprise it was time to turn things a bit more sexual. I gently pulled my wife's legs apart and ran the wand up the inside of each thigh in turn, then over her bum cheeks. This produced a few squeals, 'That tickles!'

'Come on' I said 'its time to turn over'.

My wife quickly obliged and rolled onto her back. At that point she saw my now rock hard cock. 

'Oh, your enjoying this, aren't you, naughty man.' she laughed.

'Yes I am, its really turning me on.' I replied as I started rubbing the wand on one of my wife's large breasts. 

As I moved it across the nipple it hardened before my eyes and my wife bit down on her lip. 'Ooh that's really good!' The other nipple got the same reaction.

I next ran the wand from her breasts over her stomach towards her recently shaved pussy. I switched the speed to low as I went and tested her cunt with a finger. It was hardly wet at all. A bit of a disappointment.

I quickly grabbed a tube of lube ripped the lid off, squeezed a small amount onto her clit, and moved the wand in for the main event.

The moans started quietly, but within 30 seconds my wife started to screw up her face and was moaning loudly. 

'That's amazing! Ooh, I was hardy even horny, but now, ooh, it feels like you've been licking my clit for ages, ooh, its good, really good, I was not expecting that!' 

My cock was now angry red with excitement. Any doubts about this gift had totally vanished.

I started to grind the wands head up and down my wife's cunt. 

I could see her juices now flowing with ease down across her arse hole. I stuck a finger into her soaking cunt hole as I ground wand again and again against her clit.

'Fuck, that's good!' she growled.

I moved round between her legs and pushed my angry red cock into her while still grinding the wand. 'Oh fuck baby, that's good' she said again. 

I could feel the buzzing head of the wand above the base of my cock, and used my weight to press it harder onto her clit each time I thrust. 

I could see the tell tale signs of my wife's climax. She started to stiffen, so I quickly withdrew my cock to prevent me cumming, and to allow myself to fully enjoy the show.

She started to writhe around, as she did so she grabbed at her right breast and started twisting her nipple hard as she came. 

My cock was throbbing with delight at the sight. 

She bucked again and again 'Fuck baby, fuck fuck fuck' she groaned loudly as she did so. 

She then screamed out with a stuttering 'Fff-fff-fuck'. She started to shake all over, her eyes rolling back. More bucking, more swearing, more shaking, she seemed to cum for ages! 

Finally she started to slow down.

I removed the still vibrating wand and switched it off. I mounted her again and looked into her orgasm drugged eyes, as I gently fucked her fully relaxed hole. 

'Was that good baby?' I asked.

'Very good, very good' she slurred.

After a minute or two of gentle fucking I though she had recovered enough for round two with the wand. 

I slipped out of her and grabbed the wand switching it back on in high speed mode. As I pushed it on her clit, the reaction was instant. Within 10 second she was again fully aroused and moaning. 

'Ooh god, that going to make me cum again, I can tell' she whispered as she looked directly into my eyes.

After a minute of grinding with the wand on high speed she started to do her “I'm going to have a second orgasm” face. Her cheeks were all red and her mouth open almost like she was scared and going to scream, a face of almost panic. 

The second orgasm took less than 2 minutes to hit. She started to horsely scream as it did. Her legs started to spasm and shake and she threw her head back. 

I smiled as she started to squirt liquid out of her pussy in pulsing sprays over the bed. I could hear the thin juices of her gushing rattling between the wand and her pussy lips, and smell the musky sent of their strange odour. 

My cock twitched with the excitement of this rare occurrence in my wife.

Her orgasm was much shorter this time. As soon as it ended I jumped on her and pushed her legs over my shoulders. I pushed my fat dick into her soaking and fully exhausted cunt. 

I thrust hard pushing her knees up near her shoulders. I pounded into her again and again. 'Cum baby, cum, cum in me' she begged.

My angry cock did not take long. I felt it start to tingle with the orgasm building. I kept thrusting building the sensation until I physically could not thrust any more. 

I started to shake with the effort. My balls tightened as my cum lunched from my dick into my wife, pleasure pulsing through my whole body, with my cock twitching many times as it fully unloaded.

I exhaled as the orgasm subsided, released my wife's legs and collapsed down onto her. We lay there for a few minutes recovering. 

Eventually I kissed my wife and rolled off of her. 'That was fucking good' I sighed.

'That's a shockingly fantastic birthday present.'

I rolled over again and looked at the time on the bedside clock. 'Shit, I'm going to be late for work.' I jumped out of bed and dashed for the shower to get rid of the smell of sex and my wife's gush juices. 

She joined me shortly after for a cuddle in the warm water before we were separated for the day.

My cock was aching for a good few hours at work after that session, my wife told me her pussy felt numb for about 30 minutes after we stopped, due to the pulsing it received from the wand, and the wet patch on the bed was about 1 foot in diameter.

If you did not know the Magic Wand before, I hope I have intrigued you. If you did know of it I hope I aroused you or reminded you of some of your experiences with it.

All I can say is that if don't have one of them, get one. You won't be disappointed!

Story by Ben

Share your story: stories@kinkyp.com 

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