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I was always interested to learn more about the philosophy and psychology behind BDSM. I met Master Lukus a few years back on one of the le...

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Narrowboat Master

I was always interested to learn more about the philosophy and psychology behind BDSM.

I met Master Lukus a few years back on one of the leading BDSM sites on the web.

During our brief conversations he told me that he specialised in BDSM lifestyle and was in fact a former trainer of submissive women.

He lived on a narrowboat which he owned and was at that time anchored up to Stratford upon Avon canal.

One day he invited me to visit him on his Narrowboat.

I thought what better place to learn more about this than with a dominant Master who had a great deal of experience training subs.

This would be a perfect opportunity to learn from a real life Master and you just don’t encounter them every day and the fact that I was curious about this narrowboat of his, I’d never been on one before and even googled it to see what they looked like.

It could be a really fun exciting trip, I thought, and so with that, I happily agreed to meet him.

I received a text from the Master giving me an address and I was to take the train to Stratford upon Avon station, then a taxi from there to meet him and his boat. 

He told me that the area I was heading towards was very rural and not to expect any phone signal way out there, keeping in touch the further I travelled would become impossible as well as calling anyone else for help should the situation I was putting myself in end up being a bad one.

I knew that I was potentially heading into danger but I had this inner urge that told me I had to go and see him no matter what the outcome. 

I was excited and nervous both at the same time but never had any regrets about agreeing to go.

Fast forward to the day in question, the driver of the taxi dropped me near a small bridge with a canal surrounding it. 

It was dense and deserted. All I could see as I looked around was an old abandoned field. No houses, no people, and sure enough no mobile signal as the Master had warned me.

The driver of the taxi offered me his business card in case I wanted to return to the station. 

Then I thought how would I contact him without signal bars on my phone? 

Write to him or send him a fax?! How do people live in places like this, I wondered? Completely cut off from the surrounding world. 

I reasoned that actually it’s probably quite nice to not be bombarded with non-stop calls and texts.

I won’t lie, in the moment I did start to worry, but keep myself from full on panic just by knowing this was all my choice, no one made me do this and I could have said no, but I didn’t and here I am; so let’s just enjoy the experience and face whatever comes from it.

I made my way on foot over to the canal, as I did, a tall, slim, handsome young-looking man with baby blue eyes approached me and asked if I was Kathleen ?

This was the first time I’d ever seen the Master, I was surprised that he was so young, especially given all the experience he’d had as a trainer. I was definitely expecting an older man.

I followed him down a narrow muddy footpath, as he took meaningful strides in front of me. 

His boat was waiting for us docked in the canal. It was an old vintage style wooden narrowboat, it certainly had its charm and was kept very clean both inside and out.

Eventually we got talking and he revealed to me that he’d had a very rough childhood growing up. He was raised by a Mistress who taught him all about BDSM with its many practices and disciplines at a very young age.

He started to work alongside his Mistress. It was such an interesting and fascinating story that helped me to understand how he’d been able to gain enough knowledge to become a Master and sub trainer so early in life.

We talked forever in his boat about life and so many other things.

It was now getting dark as night fell and Master Lucas asked if I’d like to stay the night. I figured that it was now too late to trek back to London and I was really enjoying his company, so I happily agreed.

Master Lucas lit the fireplace inside the boat with wood and charcoal just like the old days. 

It was lovely, I adored an open fire at night, so intimate and cosy, it reminded me so much of days gone by. 

We chilled together for quite some time taking in the flames as they fanned around the fire grill, drinking herbal tea and listening to classical music.

As we sat on the floor talking, Master Lucas offered to teach me some rope bondage knots. It sounded like fun and something that would really help me to know, so I said yes, eagerly envisioning myself bound up by the skillful Master’s ropes.

By now I already had great trust in him, so I wasn’t worried.

I even made a joke that if I were to die accidentally, he could just dispose of me in the canal that surrounded us! I knew this happen in real life at times and not just on TV.

The Master then handed me a rolled up joint and told me that it'll help me to really relax my body and make the rope work more comfortable and enjoyable.

Then he began to teach me all about bondage knots, showing me a variety of different styles of knots, rope techniques and instructing me how to do them effectively myself.

As I watched him make light work of each rope trick, I knew that he truly was an expert in this craft. His Mistress and everyone after had certainly taught him well.

An hour into his bondage tutorial, the Master began the final tie up! He placed both of my arms at the back of my body and started to tie the rope all around my upper body, clamping my arms against my back with the other end of the rope; he fastened it to the couch.

There I was lying on his sofa and bound up resembling a caterpillar. I couldn’t move at all!

The Master stepped back from me to admire his handy work. He looked at the ropes restraining my body tightly, staring at me with a cheeky smile as if to say, "well just look at you….what are we going to do next?"


I smiled back at him gazing deeply into his blue eyes. 

In that moment we spoke to each other with our eyes only, no words uttered. None required, the language of our eyes was all powerful and we both understood each other perfectly.

I was so turned on.

I think it was the fact that I was tied up and hopeless, my life placed completely in the hands of a dominant Master. My pussy was dripping wet and I begged him to kiss me.

The Master came up close to me and knelt on the floor and kept his lips teasingly close to mine. I could feel his breath against my face, but are lips didn’t touch.

He had such strong self control, fighting the passionate urge to lock our mouths together. 

While he gazed into my eyes, he ran his finger under my panties and started to play with my moist clit and dipping his fingers into my soaking pussy, we continued to fix our gaze on each other and it made the moment so much more intense to have the most sexy continuous eye contact like this, whilst he played with my wet pussy, moving his slime covered fingers in and out of me.

I started to move my body whilst he worked my pussy. He knew how turned on I was by now. Suddenly he stood up and pulled my pants off, grabbing a leather whip, I was sure he was just about to cane my ass with it.

But to my surprise and delight, he spread my legs apart and gently ran the handle of the whip between my swollen pussy lips. After some up and down strokes he inserted the handle deep into my aching vagina then back out again, repeating the movement several times.

I could see his steely hard cock pumped up from the outside of his jeans.

He took them off and climbed on top of me, shoving his ready and erect dick right inside me, he thrust inside me gently, moving in and out of my body.

He held my neck, squeezing gently whilst at last, kissing me deeply on the lips.

His cock worked up into frenzy until he began to pound me harder and faster, giving into his lust as he fucked everything he had into me. 

There was no time to spare from the moment he pulled out of my body to dripping his hot cum all over me.

My body was aching as I could feel the ropes digging into me. The Master untied me and freed me from my bondage shackles.

A truly unforgettable experience, which began with some fear and ended up in extreme pleasure. I thought about our encounter, reliving each exciting moment in my mind as I looked out of the taxi, taking me back to the train station the next morning.

It turned out he had a long term girlfriend who he travelled away with, so that was our last meeting.

I wonder what he’s doing right now?

Story by Kathleen

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