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My wife Sharon asked me to write a true story about us. I told her OK; she has been such a willing participant to all my whims.  I felt shou...

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My wife Sharon asked me to write a true story about us. I told her OK; she has been such a willing participant to all my whims. 

I felt should oblige her and I hope all of you and her enjoy it.

First let me tell you she is a wonderful person. I am lucky to have her as my wife. 

She has this smile that melts my heart; she is amazing in many ways. She loves to take care of her body, by exercising and eating right. She thinks of everyone before herself and does without so others can have. 

What a woman…

So on to my story as I remember it…

It happened before we were married and I must let you know we dated for less than three weeks. I just knew she was the one for me. 

She got me with her smile. I knew after the second date she would be mine. 

On our sixth date we were having a lot of fun sexually so I tried to add a little kink into the mix so to speak. 

I decided to introduce her to adult toys. 

So I went to the local adult store and looked through all the items for sale and decided on two smooth vibrators about six inches long. 

I came home after an easy day at work and I kissed her deeply in the kitchen and said we need to go upstairs for a little while. 

She had no problem with this since we were fucking like rabbits everyday.

I took her up to the bedroom and kissed her passionately like new couples do. 

I was worried and excited that it may be too much. What would she think of me? But my sexual drive won out and I undressed her and kissed every inch of her body. 

I then licked her pussy until she came and then I licked her ass. 

This was definitely new to her. After she had cum the first time, I pulled the bag to the floor and I had everything prepped for action. I am sure her mind was going crazy wondering what was in the bag. 

I pulled the first vibe out of the bag and inserted it in her pussy and it fit perfectly and I am quite sure she liked it. 

I could hear her moan with pleasure.

 I could tell she enjoyed it but with a little resistance. I know she was thinking, is this OK if I enjoy this? 

Then after she was really into it and her juices ran down to her ass so she was well lubricated, I pulled the second vibe out of the bag and inserted it slowly in her ass. 

It was so erotic and hot and I was so turned on. 

I was very surprised at her acceptance of the second vibe. I let her relax a bit, being fully penetrated in both holes. 

Then I started to lick around the vibes to relax her and give her time to enjoy the sensation. 

I loved seeing her body respond to it and my touches. 

She was actually enjoying it. I loved seeing her going over the edge again. I was very proud of myself making her cum so many times with the toys. 

I then inserted my hard cock into her wet pussy and I left the anal vibe in her ass. It was so tight and I loved how she responded to it. She was amazing.

We soon came together and it was amazing. Afterwards, we lay there worn out and very fulfilled. 

It was wonderful. I made it a point to do this often to her and we loved it. I currently use a butt plug on her almost every time we have sex.

My wife and I will post more if requested. Thank you for reading. 

Story by Patrick

Share your story: stories@kinkyp.com 

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