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My husband and I were texting during the day, trying to decide what our Friday night date should be.  Since the weather was supposed to be ...

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Table Dance

My husband and I were texting during the day, trying to decide what our Friday night date should be. 

Since the weather was supposed to be somewhat decent for mid October, we contemplated doing something outside. 

Maybe a hay ride or going to a pumpkin field. Then we discussed maybe a movie. In the back of my mind however, I knew really what he wanted to do - Strip club! I didn't say anything about that at all.

When he said to be ready at six, I was ready. We went to a local Mexican restaurant first that we both like a lot. 

After we'd eaten a dinner of a basket of chips and salsa, we decided to indeed give the local strip club another chance. 

I say another chance because the first time we went there several years ago, the girls were horrible; overweight, not good dancers, and not attractive. 

He still gets a kick out of telling people that after that experience, I called that strip club and complained!

We paid good money to see girls pole dance and we saw way too much skin, if you know what I mean!

Strippers should not weigh 175 pounds! The memory still haunts me. Anyway, like I said we gave the local club a try on Friday night after dinner. We got there about 7:30 pm and it was not crowded. 

However, the girls that were walking around were very attractive, in shape, and pretty! We knew there was new management and it certainly showed by the girls they hired. 

We watched a few girls dance, then a very pretty girl came on stage.

I grabbed a couple singles and walked up to the stage. She came over and lifted her thong string so I could place the money there. 

She then shook her breasts in my face; and nice breasts they were! A couple more girls danced as we watched. 

Then, as usual, one of the girls sat at our table to talk. We were telling her about our previous experience and she said the new owners now have a weight limit for dancers! 

Well, it seemed like a good hiring policy to us! Although there were a couple girls who were slightly chubby, they were still okay.

What my husband really wanted however, was for me to get a table dance. 

I knew I had to do this for him as I wanted to turn him on, but I was still nervous. 

What would the girl do? Should I touch her? Could I touch her? Would she touch me? All sorts of questions were going through my mind. 

So as it turns out, a very pretty brunette sat down to chat with us, and hubby tells her I want a table dance. Ugh! I guess I'm getting a table dance now; no turning back. 

The three of us headed to the part of the club where there are couches and seating for table dancing. I sat down and my husband sat across from me, no doubt to get the full view of what I was going to experience.

The girl took off her shoes and sat down next to me. She said she was going to wait until the next song started. Her legs were across my legs and she was rubbing my thigh. 

I still didn't know if I should touch her so we just talked a bit. I asked her how old she was and she said nineteen! Yikes! This girl was beautiful and very firm! I touched a little of her skin and it was very soft.

The next song started and she stood up to dance. She started with the normal moves, then took off her bra. She had luscious breasts. 

I sort of wanted to touch them but didn't know the policy so I just let her rub them in my face which was fun. She somehow managed to grab my breasts during her dancing and commented how nice they were! 

The best part of her dancing is when she sort of straddled me. My legs were spread apart, so she put one leg on the couch, the other leg on the floor between my legs and started grinding against my pussy. 

That was so hot! 

See, the thing is, I really like to watch lesbian porn. I get super turned on watching two girls lick each others pussies. I can barely control myself when they rub their pussies together. I know there is a name for it but I can't remember it. Anyway, when the stripper was grinding on me, that's what I was thinking about; if we were naked, our pussies would be rubbing together.

I slept very well that night.

Story by Monica

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