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Once upon a time, not long ago, I was in college.  Now, you would think college is where sex is easy. Ladies abound, walking everywhere. Wh...

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Turned On

Once upon a time,
not long ago, I was in college. 

Now, you would think college is where sex is easy. Ladies abound, walking everywhere. Whilst that is somewhat true, my shy, introverted personality somewhat collides with that. 

If you get to know me, I am a straight man that is very secure in his masculinity. 

I love women. I have been since middle school when puberty hit me with an uppercut to the jaw. However, a funny story happened. 

When I was in college, I thought about something. I never thought about males. How did this come about? Well...

I was on the internet when I saw a dating/chat room.

I was lonely. I was horny. I wanted to see some tits or some ass. I had needs. 

Little did I know, when I did my profile, I was clueless. 

I did the bare basics. Height, build, etc. I couldn't leave the profile picture blank. I thought out loud.

"Fuck it," I said to myself.

I took off my shirt, revealing my scrawny figure and changed my pants to basketball shorts. I went to the bathroom to take a selfie. 

After I took that selfie, I chose two pictures of me already in my phone that I thought was at least presentable.

"These'll do," I shrugged and said.

Meanwhile, a few hours later, I'm in the main chat room having a good time, when a direct message blinked at me. I opened it.

"Hey, show me that dick," it read.

That's when I realized this in my mind:

"Is... is... this a dude? Females don't talk like this."

I typed back with a sense of curiosity:

"Are you a dude? Just asking."

He typed back yes. I wrestled with it. I thought about the idea.

"Should I do it? I'm not gay. But it does feel good to be appreciated on both sides. It could be fun."

And so I typed back with a smirk...

"I'll show mine if you show yours."

He sent me a seven-inch throbbing erect penis picture. 

At that point in my life, I had never seen another man's penis. I grew erect. Was I turned on? God knows he was. I sent mine. He only had this reaction:

"Damn, you got a monster. How big is it?"

Whilst that felt good and all, a lot of things just went in my head after that moment. 

Firstly, I got hard by looking at a dude's dick. 

Secondly, that felt weird, because I like women. Thirdly, I just turned on a man. After I realized I turned on a man, that was the exact moment when things started to change.

"7.5 inches. More or less." I typed back.

"I wanna suck your dick." He typed back in response.

That was certainly not the only one I've gotten. I have FaceTimed horny men (or they've done it to me) and have seen penises of all sizes. 

Nearly all of them, I've made them climax. Hell, one of them tried to recruit me for an escorting service. 

Now, that's too much. The money was enticing, but too much. 

The most attractive one happened to be the one with the biggest penis. Ten inches. TEN. I sat there in awe while looking at his picture:

"That is one big ass dick. Fuck. And he's pretty too?"

And I let him know that. To this day I still show off my body for whoever wants it. 

I learned a lot of things and gained a lot of confidence from all those men who hit on me. For that I say... thank you.

Story by Max

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