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Two things have caused me to return to masturbation as my single source of sexual gratification.  The first is becoming a widower and the s...

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Addicted To Jerking Off

Two things have caused me to return to masturbation as my single source of sexual gratification. 

The first is becoming a widower and the second is this damn coronavirus.

I never really stopped masturbating, but it was greatly reduced when I was married. 

My masturbating began to increase again during the 14 months I spent as a full-time caregiver for my late wife, during her valiant struggle with pancreatic cancer.

I was a late bloomer and did not get into masturbating until I was 17 years old. It started with school friends experimenting that ended up in what we called circle jerks. 

That was when a group of boys would get in a circle and jerk off together. 

I was a late comer to the circle jerks, because I was embarrassed thinking I had a small penis. Turned out I was about average.

Sometimes we would have as many as 10 guys all jerking off at the same time. Some guys, like me, would get very vocal when getting close to orgasm.

Looking back the scene was surreal.

One thing was for certain, the orgasms I experienced when jerking off, felt so good, I was soon addicted to jerking off. 

I jerked off so much I would rub my 5-inch cock raw. 

At first, I was very discreet when jerking alone for fear of getting caught, but as my addiction increased, I got careless.

Some of the guys would brag and tell in detail about fucking their girlfriends. We never really knew how much was true and how much was pure BS.

During the 1950s, porn was not readily available, so the storytelling acted as a stimulus for jerking off. 

Worked for me, so who was I to question whether the stories were true or not.

One day I thought I was home alone and was jerking in my room, my mom heard me moaning and entered my room thinking something was wrong with me. 

I shot my wad and let out a yelp just as she entered the room. The cum shot up at least a foot and fell back on my abdomen.

“Young man get yourself cleaned up and we will talk about this later,” she bellowed.

I was both mortified and petrified at the same time. Talk about embarrassed, I thought I was going to die. It was bad enough to get caught, but caught by my mom, damn.

I was afraid to come out of my room. After a couple of hours, I was slowly stroking my cock when my mom re-entered my room.

“Holy crap Tommy, you’re still at it. I can’t believe it, Time for a talk young man.” she said.

“Damn mom, can’t a guy ever have some privacy,” I responded.

“When you moan and groan so loud I can hear it in the living room, I think there is something wrong with you, and I find you masturbating. Don’t you know that frequent masturbating will cause you to go blind?” She asked.

“You got to be kidding,” I responded.

“It is true. I need to have your father talk to you,” she said.

“Please mom don’t tell dad. I won’t do it anymore, I pleaded.

“I would like to believe you, but you have not stopped even though I’m in the room,” she said.

Without realizing it, I had continued to stroke my cock, and damn I was cumming again and could not stop. For the second time that day my mom saw me cum.

“That’s it, I’m talking to your father as soon as he comes home from work,” she said before storming out of my room.

After she left, I got dressed and sneaked out of the house. I was scared shitless to face my dad. As I walked past my friend Tony’s house, he yelled and said, “Hey Tommy.”

“Yo, Tony,” I responded.

”Wanna go in my clubhouse and jerk off?” He asked.

“Tony I’m in big trouble,” I said.

“Come on in the clubhouse and tell me about it,” he said.

Once in the clubhouse, I began spilling out what had happened. As I told my story, my eyes were cast down, and I did not realize Tony had his cock out and was furiously stroking it.

“Holy shit,” Tony yelled as he shot out a long rope of cum that hit me in the face.

Shocked to the core, I said, “Damn Tony you came on my face.”

“Tommy that was my best orgasm ever. Damn it felt so good,” he said.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, but I’m in big trouble, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” I replied.

“Look Tommy your dad was a teenager himself once, and I bet he jerked off too,” Tony said.

“I never thought of my father jerking off,” I said.

I felt a little better, but was still terrified of facing him.

Later that evening, during dinner, my father said, “Tommy we need to have a chat.”

I absolutely choked on my food and asked to be excused. I ran to my room and was sobbing when my father knocked on my door. He opened the door and entered.

Closing the door, he said, “Tommy your mom told me what happened today.”

I was mortified and unable to speak.

“Look son, I’m not an old prude, I’m well aware that young boys have sexual urges and seek relief my masturbating. Hell. I did it myself. I probably failed you by not having a man to man talk with you about sex. We will have that talk soon, but in the meantime, you need to be much more discreet and try not to masturbate in your room. And, by the way, don’t worry, you are not going to go blind, that is just an old wife’s tale.” He said.

I stopped sobbing, and said, “Gee dad, you cannot believe how relieved I am.”

We did have that talk and many more thereafter. I had a great dad. I spent great effort to make sure my mom never caught me masturbating again. 

I think my mom believed my talks with my dad ended my masturbating. Little did she know, I was an addicted masturbator, and did not slow down or even come close to stopping. 

I was just more careful.

When I got married, I was a virgin and had not fucked a girl. 

My total sexual experience was using my hand to achieve orgasms. So, you can imagine how great it was to fuck my new wife on our wedding night. 

I fucked her three times.

My wife was a virgin also, but she was soon as keen to fuck as I was.

My masturbating slowed, but I would revert to masturbating during her menstrual cycles.

I needed to cum daily.

During one of these periods, it was déjà vu all over again, my wife caught me jerking off. Laughingly she said, “Didn’t your mother ever tell you that would cause you to go blind.”

A cold shiver ran through me when she said that and I was once again mortified.

“I’m only kidding. By the way, don’t you know girls masturbate too,” she said.

I had a great wife. She never refused me her pussy, which helped with my excessive masturbating.

We were working hard to get to our double-nickels anniversary (55), when she passed away from pancreatic cancer. We were married 54 years, 10 months and 14 days.

Now I live alone, and masturbate daily, and I’m only half-blind.

Story by Wayne

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