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I live with my girlfriend Beth in a nice little two bedroom cottage in a town on the South Coast of England.  Beth and I have been together...

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My Girl's Best Friend

I live with my girlfriend Beth in a nice little two bedroom cottage in a town on the South Coast of England. 

Beth and I have been together for about four years and we enjoy a very active sex life. Beth is 5’7’’ tall slim with a 34B bust and a very cute pert bum.

This tale is about a time when one of her friends, Jane came to stay with us for a time after she broke up with her boyfriend of two years.

Jane had been living with her boyfriend Paul for two years and they were planning on getting married next summer. 

Paul had been away on a lads weekend and on returning started receiving texts from a girl called Sheryl. Paul hooked up with Sheryl, while away and stupidly he gave her his number.

One afternoon Paul left his phone unattended on the coffee table, while he took a shower after having been for a run. 

It had bleeped three times in quick succession, so Jane picked up the phone and looked at the screen to discover the three texts from Sheryl. 

Jane opened each one. The content of all three was highly explicit. 

On returning from his shower, Jane confronted him about the texts and after a heated discussion, Jane packed her bags into the car and drove to our place.

On hearing a knock at the front door, Beth went to open it, to discover Jane on the doorstep in floods of tears and close to hysteria. Beth ushered Jane into the living room and sat her in a chair. 

For half an hour she was inconsolable, when she did speak it was unintelligible rambling. 

Beth gave her a cuddle and I poured Jane a small glass of brandy. As soon as I handed it to her, she sipped it hurriedly and very soon required a bit of a refill.

Jane is very attractive, 5’6’’ tall with beautiful red hair, small pert tits and a very sexy bum. We put her up in our guest room, which was next to our bedroom. The two rooms were separated by a wall, which was wafer thin.

For the first three nights, all we could hear was Jane sobbing in bed. 

After a few days she began to be more positive, after Beth and I had a few chats with her. I had told her she was very attractive and would have no problem finding another man, when she felt the time was right. 

This seemed to raise her self-esteem a little and put a smile on her face. I gave her a big hug.

On the fourth night of Jane’s stay, the fun started. 

Beth and I were lying in bed, we both sleep in the nude, when we heard some gentle moaning sounds coming from the room next door. Initially I could not make out what the sound was, so I asked Beth to listen carefully. 

After a few seconds, Beth realised what was going on, Jane was masturbating and was seemingly enjoying her private time.

Listening to Jane masturbate, was turning me on and I quickly achieved a full erection, which Beth noticed immediately.

‘Your enjoying this aren’t you?’ Beth said

I replied, ‘Absolutely and from your wetness I can detect, so are you.’

Beth and I then kissed and giggled.

‘Do you think she knows we can hear her?’ Beth asked

'She will in a couple of minutes time,' I said as I pulled Beth towards me to kiss her.

I started to massage Beth’s clit. As I circled her clit she started to breathe more deeply and moaned softly. After a few minutes Beth’s body tensed, as she had her first orgasm. 

Beth makes a lovely noise when she cums. As her orgasm subsided she hugged me tight.

My cock was straining at the leash and it needed some action. I kissed Beth and manoeuvred myself so my hard cock was just at the entrance of her pussy. With a gentle hand, Beth guided me into her very wet vagina. My initial thrusts were slow and deep. With each downward stroke Beth moaned, with her moans becoming gradually loader.

I could feel my cum leaving my balls. My orgasm had started. I began to speed up my strokes and eventually ejaculated deep into Beth. As I came I vocalised my relief, which could have been heard from anywhere in the house, let alone by Jane in the room next door.

Beth and I cuddled in the afterglow of our respective orgasms and savoured the moment in each other arms. I was still horny, so I kissed my way down Beth’s body. I kissed her breasts softly and gently sucked her erect nipples.

From her breasts my kisses travelled to Beth’s belly and then finally onto her pubic mound. Beth has a nice little bush, as I like bit of pubic hair and I complain when she shaves completely.

On arriving at her mound, I kissed all round her pussy and eventually found her clitoris. I gave her clitoris a firm suck, which made her gasp very loudly. After giving her clit some attention, I finally probed her vagina with my tongue, tasting my cum mixed with her juices.

Next morning Beth and I were having breakfast in the kitchen, when Jane walked in, just wearing some cotton briefs and a crop t-shirt. Her pert nipples could be seen under her t-shirt and my cock started to throb in my underpants.

The following night Beth and I were woken, at about 2 am, by a loud clap of thunder. On waking I kissed Beth and indicated, very clearly, that I was in the mood for sex. Beth responded by stroking my erect cock very gently. She rolled over and pushed her bum against my erection. 

Beth reached for the lamp, on the side table and turned it on, when there was a little knock on the door and a moment later, Jane walked into our room.

Jane said, ‘Sorry, I saw the light was on and I needed some company, as I don’t like thunder storms.’


‘Come and have a perch,’ I said, as I pointed to the end of our bed.

She sat against the foot board and Beth passed her a pillow to put behind her back.

Jane was wearing cotton briefs and t-shirt. She sat at the end of the bed with one leg folded across the other, giving me a good view of her groin. This didn’t help my erection to subside. It was clear that Jane was in the mood for a chat.

I said, ‘I think this is going to be a long night, so I am going to get us all a drink.’

Beth said, ‘That would be nice.’

I don’t have a dressing gown and needed to walk around the bed to get to the door. I still had a very erect cock. I considered my options and thought to myself, ‘what the hell’ and pulled the duvet back and stepped out of bed, my erect penis on show for Beth and Jane to see.

‘Alan get that under control, you naughty boy,’ Beth said.

I replied, ‘Jane has seen an erect penis before, haven’t you?’

She had no option but to look at me and my fine member. As I walked around the bed I laughed and gave Jane a friendly kiss on the top of her head.

I returned to the bedroom a few minutes later with three large glasses of brandy. Beth was sat up in bed leaning back on the headboard, with her breasts on show. On seeing these two attractive women on my bed, my penis regained its firmness immediately.

I walked down Beth’s side of the bed, to hand her one of the glasses of brandy. As I handed her the glass, I leaned forward to kiss her and she touched my hard penis.

I turned around to give Jane her glass and gave her a soft touch, with my hand, on her cheek. I then walked around to my side of the bed. I sat there for a few seconds with my erection on show and then pulled the duvet over my lap. 

As I took a sip of my brandy, I noticed a damp spot appearing in the gusset of Jane’s panties.

I sat and listened to the girls chat, taking regular sips of the brandy. Then for no apparent reason, Jane started to cry so I was sent to get some tissues. My penis was still erect as I again walked around the bed to get some tissues from the bathroom.

When I returned Beth was hugging Jane to comfort her. The view was very erotic.

I said playfully, ‘You two are determined to keep me aroused.’

I sat back on the bed but this time I did not cover myself. I joined in the hug, kissed Beth on the lips and then Jane. When I kissed Jane, she was happy to respond positively.

Jane took a sip of her brandy and said, ‘I feel over dressed with you two both being naked.’

I replied playfully, ‘Feel free to join us.’

With that Jane pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her very pert little tits.

I then said to Jane, ‘We are both naked and you still have your pants on.’

Jane looked at Beth for approval. When Beth nodded, she lifted her bottom off the bed and pulled her panties down over her knees towards her ankles, eventually discarding them.

Jane had beautifully pink labia which glistened with her wetness. 

At the sight of Jane’s pussy I started to stroke my penis almost as a reflex.

I took Beth by the hand and pulled her to me. We kissed and I stroked her breasts. Beth then turned around and knelt facing the headboard, with her legs slightly parted. 

Beth’s pussy stayed open for a few moments, giving me enough time to position the tip of my hard cock against her opening and gently pushed forward, watching my cock disappear. 

I pulled Jane towards me, to enable me to slip a hand between her buttocks and found her puckered hole. Jane opened her legs. I left her anus to find her pussy, which I probed to lubricate my fingers. 

I could hardly believe my luck fucking my girlfriend’s pussy while fingering the arse of her best friend.

If I had died at that moment, I would have died a very happy man.

Beth then pulled Jane next to her. Jane mirrored Beth’s position. I had a fabulous view of Beth and Jane’s puckered holes side by side. 

 I withdrew from Beth, who then turned sideways to take hold of my penis and guide it towards Jane’s pussy.

I rested my firm cock at the entrance and then slowly pushed forward. Beth and I watched my penis disappear into Jane’s hole. 

As I entered her, Jane moaned loudly and shouted, ‘Oh my god.’ I forced my way into her pussy, it felt warm and wet and Jane screamed as her orgasm passed through her.

 I could feel my orgasm start and my thrusting became more rapid, until I exploded into Jane’s pussy. After three or four thrusts my balls were empty.

Jane was the first to speak, ‘Wow that was amazing.’

Jane then laid face on the bed with a satisfied sigh. I then stroked her buttocks and kissed them gently. Then I kissed Beth.

As Jane lay on the bed with her legs apart, a small bead of my cum could be seen between her buttocks. On seeing this Beth pulled her buttocks further apart and licked the cum from her anus. I then kissed Beth and tasted my cum on her tongue.

We all lay on the bed and I rest my head on Jane’s buttocks and slowly feel asleep very contented.

Story by Kalvin

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