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True story from the summer after I graduated college.  I was very horny and always looking to meet with an older man after my first great e...

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Craigslist Men

True story from the summer after I graduated college. 

I was very horny and always looking to meet with an older man after my first great experience in college.
The summer after I graduated, I sat around and was pretty bored so I went online looking for older men all the time. 

My usual site was craigslist and I always looked for men who were older and not shy about wanting a young guy like me. 

It was always hard to find a good fit. 

A lot of guys in their thirties would message me which drove me nuts. 

That or a guy that was scary looking and made me uncomfortable. Because of this, most nights, I ended up watching more old and young porn with an older man making a young guy suck him off or something. 

I'd watch some videos, masturbate, cum and head to bed. This was a cycle for most of the summer. Finally, one night, I met someone real.

One night while searching, I met a man not far from me on Craigslist who was looking to release a load that he had built up for over a week. 

I was excited and loved the pics he sent me. 

A nice dad bod, kind eyes, and short but thick cock. He wanted to meet ASAP and I couldn't resist so I invited him over just after midnight. 

He was fifteen minutes away and said he'll be right over.

He knocked on my apartment door and I rushed to open it in excitement. 

My cock was already hard in my shorts and I could see him looking down and smiling. 

He came in and sat on my couch. My heart was beating in anticipation and excitement of what I had been looking for.

Without saying a word, he took his pants off and pulled my head towards his cock. I put it in my mouth and felt him tense up in pleasure and excitement. 

He kept pushing his cock harder and harder in my mouth. He was obviously very excited to finally get sucked. I took him in my mouth and licked the tip and tried not to gag too much from his thrusting.

He combed his fingers through my hair as I kept sucking. My scalp tingled and it made me even harder. He looked down and saw my hard cock again and started pulling my pants down. 

He grabbed my dick and lay down on the couch. We began 69ing each other. 

His warm mouth on my cock made my head spin and I became more passionate in my work on his cock. He appreciated it and let me know with some soft moans. 

We kept going for a few minutes until he got very tense. 

Without warning, warm cum shot into my mouth and I almost choked on it. It tasted very sweet and after being shocked, I took as much of him in my mouth as possible to get every drop. 

He moaned softly and again brushed his fingers through my hair.

I could feel the release of stress leave his body and he slowly kept pumping his cock in my mouth while finishing. 

I looked up at him and he smiled and said, "Thank you" I put his cock back in my mouth not wanting it to be over yet, needing one more taste of him. 

As I pulled his cock out of my mouth, he began playing with mine again.

He stroked my cock and within a minute or so, I came on his belly. He chuckled and grabbed some paper towels nearby to wipe off. 

He then got up and got dressed. 

I just sat on the couch naked and in bliss about what had just happened. He kissed me and said thanks and that he appreciated the fun. 

We kissed at the door being able to taste the cocks we just sucked. 

He then smiled, brushed my lips and cheek with his fingers and turned and left.

That was it. He was there and then gone in what seemed like no time. I will always remember it though and can still taste that load he gave me. 

Sometimes, it's not the length but the quality of the interaction. I still think of him and wonder if I will ever see him again in northeast Georgia. 

This is another experience that has lead me to desiring older men. 

After this experience, however, I began wanting to try more than just oral with men and had the desire to take a man inside me anally. 

I hoped to find a man like that with a wonderful cock and kind eyes to be my first anal experience. I also wondered if that was my future; to find a much older man and be his lover and not just a one night fling.

Story by Nick 

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