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First off, this is an absolute true story.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent and those that don't like soaking wet, ...

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Soaking Orgasm

First off,
this is an absolute true story. 

The names have been changed to protect the innocent and those that don't like soaking wet, spine gripping, all out exhaustive and exquisite orgasms.

My husband and I have a wonderful sex life. 

We hide nothing from each other, including fantasies, what we like and don't like physically, and we communicate very well about our sexual habits. 

This makes for more intimate, comfortable, trusting and adventurous times in and out of the bedroom.

I have to go back several years. Before I even knew my husband, I was a one orgasm type of gal. 

I came from clitoral stimulation, or penetration sometimes, but when I orgasmed once, it was over and I could never cum again for quite a while. It was usually a strong orgasm, but one nonetheless. 

Then along came my husband.

When we became intimate in our relationship, I quickly learned that he reveled in bringing me to new and exciting sexual heights! 

The list of firsts with him were almost endless...many oral sex positions, vaginal sex positions, anal sex positions, lots of toys, watching porn together, etc and g-spot orgasms! 

The latter is when I realized I was multi-orgasmic. He would often times make me cum three, four, five times and more before he made me orgasm one more time with his magnificent eight inch cock, as he erupted his luscious cum deep in me.

I loved having him cum inside me, and often times I would sit on his face afterward and he would lick, slurp and swallow all our juices. 

I have to describe my husband to get the full picture. 6'2" 210lbs, clean shaven, big shoulders, big chest, a football player and lumber jack he-man build; he is a tough, protective man in public, with a soft heart and warm hands that make me feel completely loved and appreciated.

Fast forward through years of amazing sexual adventures and great nights of blissful, post orgasmic sleep, and it brings us to today, this morning to be more exact. 

We had bought a few g-spot toys in the past, and they were amazing when we used them. (Or at least I thought they were amazing at the time.) I had only squirted about three to four times in the years we were together, and had always wanted to do it again, but only had luck a few times. 

It was usually so intense, I would almost pass out from it.

We woke up this morning and Santa bought me a new present. I held the wrapped package in my hands and it felt quite heavy. 

I was so curious that I tore right into it. I then saw a beautiful box that said "NJoy" on the outside, and when I opened it, I could not believe my eyes.

Inside was a beautiful, completely smooth, heavy, stainless steel toy that I immediately knew what it was used for. 

In the box was a note that said "Pure Wand" on it. It is a toy that is bent perfectly to hit the g-spot with a small bulb on one end and a larger one on the other end.

He smiled at me and told me that my Christmas present was a squirting orgasm like I have never had before. 

We quickly ran into the bedroom, leaving our pajamas, underwear and socks in a trail all the way there. He grabbed a big towel from the bathroom and laid it on the bed, so I could lay on it in anticipation of the flood. 

He started by playfully rubbing me all over, and licking my lips and clit just the way that he knows I like it. 
But, the anticipation of the toy he bought already had me soaking wet with anticipation.

I asked him to please use it on me. He ran it under hot water to warm up the cold steel, and then put a few drops of lube on the small end and slipped it slowly inside me. 

He knew right where my g-spot was from years of stimulating it with toys and fingers, and let me tell you, oh my God! I just about came off the bed.

The weightiness of the toy, coupled with the warmth and smoothness of the steel, had me panting and moaning in record time. 

He would slowly rock it up and down, then change it up to small thrusts, but always focusing on my spot! I could feel my orgasm building so quickly it was almost surreal. 

He then surprised me by stopping all of a sudden. He then pulled out of our night stand my Magic Wand. By far, the number one vibe any woman could have for clitoral stimulation. 

He plugged it in and handed to me.

He knew I loved masturbating with it for him, and he loved watching me use it on myself. 

After only a minute or two of dancing the vibe across my clit, I felt the new Pure Wand start to enter me.

Slowly he caressed my lips with the smooth, heavy steel, but as it went in, I felt fuller. I said, "That's the larger end, isn't it?"

With a devilish grin on his face, he answered, "Yep," and with a wink as he pushed deeper.

Like I mentioned before, he knew my body and knew just where my g-spot was. As that large, steel head found my Gspot, Oh my God! What the fuck!


I thought I was going to pass out from the brand new sensations I was feeling.

Before I could say a thing, he thrust, pushed upward, stimulated my spot so amazingly well, that within two to three minutes I had an orgasm like I'd never had before. 

I felt the warmth of the liquid soak my ass, and roll down the crack of my butt. I was shocked but so completely in ecstasy that I couldn't say a thing.

When I finally stopped screaming and caught my breath, I asked him if I had squirted. He informed me that not only did I squirt, and soaked the towel, but it shot out about fourteen to eighteen inches all over his arm, hand and part of his stomach and rock hard cock. 

I couldn't believe it, I was a squirter! Something that I had always seen in porn movies, and read about in stories, and I was finally "one of them"!

He then slowly took the toy out and plunged his cock deep in me. 

My pussy was so wet, it was like a hot lake when he pushed in me, and with his hard cock in me, and the Magic Wand on my clit, I came almost immediately! 

I had to admit, I was kind of selfish in the fact that I loved just laying on my back, my legs over his shoulders, as he pummeled my pussy. 

I could look up and see the look of satisfaction on his face, because I knew how much he loved the feel of my pussy after I had orgasmed a few times. 

It was wet, swollen, and he reveled in giving me such delicious orgasms with his rock star, hard cock!

He totally surprised me though, by pulling out and grabbing the new toy and plunging the large end in, right up to my g-spot. When it hit home, it completely knocked the wind out of me. 

My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and then he did something that shocked me, and trust me, that's hard to do sexually.

He grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders and held the toy in me, slowly caressing my spot with it. 

I then felt the head of his cock teasing my outer lips of my pussy. Then here was where the shock came in; he slowly started to enter me while the toy was still in me. 

The toy's end was quite large, but the steel between the bulbs was quite small, about the size of his finger.

Okay, back to him entering me. He just watched my face as he entered me, sure to make sure he wasn't hurting me, but also to see how much pleasure he was giving me. The deeper he got the more pressure the toy put on my gspot. 

The look on my face must have spurred him on, because one hard thrust, and his balls slapped hard against my ass, and the toy slammed against my g-spot.

I was still not sure if I hallucinated, but I swear the whole world slowed down, nothing else existed except the toy, his cock, the Magic Wand on my clit, and the fact that I was having sensations that I had never felt before, so intense, it was bringing tears to my eyes. 

Emotional, satisfying, orgasm creating tears of complete bliss.

But just as I thought my life had ended and restarted at that moment, he started to thrust. The smoothness of the steel, sliding across the top of his cock; with every hard thrust, his big cock pushed deep in me, and the head of the toy bounced off my g-spot.

I wasn't not sure how many thrusts it took, because at this point, all time had stopped and I was stuck in some weird dimension of orgasm, breath depravation, screaming, and the most sexiest, dirtiest moment of my life. 

My sexy lover was double penetrating me, with a heavy steel toy and his hard cock, and I was not only taking it like a champ, but loving it.

I yelped, "Fuck that sopping wet pussy!" I still don't know where that came from, but when I came, I squirted like someone had turned a hose on us. It soaked his balls, his ass, his stomach, and it splashed up all over me and the bed.

I couldn't take anymore, at least for a few minutes. I was riding orgasm after soaking orgasm, and my lips, clit and g-spot were so sensitive that they actually hurt a little to touch them. 

I begged him to stop.

He pulled himself out, then the toy, and the slightly painful, but exquisite sensations were more than I could handle, and when he pulled the toy out, a stream of female cum squirted about three feet out of me, and completely soaked us again.

I was in sexual ecstasy for the very first time in my life.

My body was responding like I had wanted it to for many years. He lay next to me, touching me, kissing me, fondling my breasts and kissing me all over. 

I grabbed his cock and he was precumming like crazy.

I sucked on his cock for about one minute, and sneakily grabbed our new toy, and pushed the small end against his butt. 

He responded by opening his legs allowing me to lube him up and slip the toy in. It was so smooth with my juices and lube that I hit his prostate almost immediately. 

His cock started to twitch as I began to fuck him with our new found love partner, the Pure Wand.

He knew how much I loved watching him jerk off, and even more I loved fucking his ass with toys and my fingers. 

I poured so much lube on his cock that it rolled down his balls and onto the toy thrusting in and out of his ass, pounding his p-spot. 

He stroked for just a minute or two and exploded one of the most copious amounts of cum I have ever seen cum out of him.

We both collapsed and lay there, holding each other, completely spent, and absolutely satisfied. Without a doubt, the best sex we have ever had. 

This was one Christmas I would never forget. 

Story by Nicole

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