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I spend a long break each winter in the Thai town of Hua Hin Two years ago after spending a few hours messing around on the computer, I wen...

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Thailand 'Hello Massage'

I spend a long break each winter in the Thai town of Hua Hin

Two years ago after spending a few hours messing around on the computer, I went for a stroll. 

It was late afternoon and I had no agenda to find a girl, just to stretch my legs before finding a convivial bar for a sundowner.I was walking down a street called Poonsuk Road, which separates the temple complex from the nightlife area. 

Originally a stream that was covered over, it meanders very slightly. Towards the northern end, there are many massage shops, a couple of them respectable, the others less so.

As one walks by the long lazy drawn-out calls of ‘Hello massage’ accost one from both sides.

The lane dog-legs as it crosses Soi 57 and the last stretch is dotted with more massage shops, laundry shops, and various other businesses.

As I approached one of the last massage shops, a girl stood outside, her trousers pulled tight revealing a hint of her camel toe, and with her legs pressed tight together.

‘Hello massage,’ she said, but in a clipped excited voice. Being different, it caught my attention. 

A couple of paces past her, I stopped and turned. ‘Thank you for stopping,’ she said, with a meek little smile, and the same little girl voice.

What the hell, I thought, and went in for a massage. 

As I did so, I noticed a slim middle aged man of Scandinavian appearance, putting his shoes on outside.

The girl looked mid-twenties, and of average build for a Thai lady, but much fuller breasted than most.

The shop was small, with just three cubicles, each with a simple bench covered by a thin mattress and towels.

The oil massage followed the usual routine - face down for a massage first, and then see what happens when she asks you to turn over.

If you are not interested in ‘extras’ then it is advisable to wear a towel or keep your boxers on, presenting naked clues the girl as to what you’re after.

And if she doesn’t do ‘happy endings’ then she will put a towel over you as she comes in.

I laid face down on the massage bench as nature intended.

The back massage was quite well done, without too much oil, but didn’t last very long, I sensed the girl was still excited and energised.

After asking me to turn over she immediately put her hand on my dick, stroking it fondly. I in turn admired her full breasts, and a moment later she stooped down and kissed me.

‘You like take off?’ I asked. She wasted no time getting naked, and moving over I invited her to lie down next to me. 

We kissed and caressed with increasing passion, 

and she slid beneath me. Now at this point, I really should have rummaged for a condom, but the passion of the moment would have been spoiled.

I slipped my dick into her pussy, her wet pussy, her very wet pussy. Her very wet and slippery pussy.

Suddenly, I put two and two together, the excitement, the guy putting on his shoes as I entered, her very wet and slippery pussy.

I was fucking his cum – and without a condom. I was doing a ‘sloppy second.'

Did I recoil in horror, did I rush to wash myself down?

No. Something deep in my primal instinct made my dick harder than ever, pounding her pussy full depth, so my rock hard knob could sweep his cum away, and then, that done, and balls deep inside her, I let fly a powerful ejaculation inside her – replacing his seed with my own.

It was pure primal passion – by both of us. 

After shooting my load I withdrew and moved to one side, throwing my thigh across her hips, and arm across her shoulders, to hold and possess her, as my sperm swam free inside.

She looked incredibly content – as any good girl on heat should, after being inseminated by two men within an hour.

Story by Neal

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