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I am a twenty four year old, six foot three, two hundred pound, very athletic and in shape guy who just recently got married. My wife is tw...

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Honeymoon cheater

I am a twenty four year old, six foot three, two hundred pound, very athletic and in shape guy who just recently got married.

My wife is twenty five, five feet tall, not quite a hundred pounds. She is very small of course, A tits, nice handful of ass, and a great body.

Having said this, I am the guy that wants adventure, something different, something taboo. 

I want to try out new things, have rough sex, fuck her in the ass and cum on her face...she wants none of this. 

We got married two weeks ago and went on our honeymoon to one of the resorts in the Caribbean. 

The first thing I noticed when I got there was the lack of the beautiful women you always see advertised. 

Oh well, I was there with my wife anyway, and thought that I should be getting plenty of pussy throughout the week.

Unfortunately, we went two days, and we had still not had sex, no matter what I tried. 

The third day we were there, we were lounging around the pool having some drinks, and a good looking couple sat next to us. 

I was lying there smoking my cigar and having a local beer and I happened to strike up a conversation with this gorgeous 5'5", 120 pounds, dirty blonde, perfectly curve bodied girl and her husband. 

The husband I couldn't have cared less about. 

She had perfect C tits, an amazing round ass and a body that I couldn't stop staring at behind my sunglasses. 

I tried to seem interested in whatever the guy had to say, but I really wanted to find out about this girl, although I knew it didn't matter, we were both there with our newlywed partners.

Amanda was her name. I introduced myself as JT. 

We chatted and got to know each other a little bit, and my wife came back with more drinks for the two of us. We introduced again and throughout the day took a liking to the other couple. 

We got together that night and the next day at the beach.

The fifth day came around, and I still hadn't gotten any pussy from my wife. 

That morning, I walked out onto our second floor balcony, naked, to go grab my dry swimming trunks. I looked out over a walkway and saw Amanda walk by and called down to her, completely forgetting I was naked. 

I then remembered and quickly put my trunks in front of me. We talked for a minute as if nothing happened and said we would surely see each other at the pool.

At the pool that day we ended up sitting next to the same couple again. My wife had gone to the bathroom and her husband was up making them some plates of food.

"Sorry about this morning." I said, "I didn't even realize I was naked when I saw you."

"Oh, don't worry about it "

I gave a puzzled look, not really wanting to get into this conversation, knowing our significant others would soon be back, and knowing it would only be a tease anyway, but she continued, "My husband is not very big, and doesn't really know what he is doing anyways."

"Well Amanda, you're welcome to use mine if you would like." We both half laughed and half looked to see if the other was taking this seriously.

Amanda's response almost gave me a hard on just sitting there, "Why don't you come up with a good excuse to get away for a minute and meet me at room 304 in about fifteen minutes."

I could feel the blood rush to my dick, and before I could respond, my wife had come back, and I could see her husband on the way back with some food. 

She excused herself. She had to go to the bathroom apparently. 

I chugged down my beer and told my wife that I wanted to go back to the room and grab another cigar.

Neither my wife nor her husband seemed to care or think the least bit of it. 

I was walking toward our room and found a butler and asked him where room 304 is. He pointed me in the direction, and I nearly ran toward it, knocking when I got there, and she answered in her bathing suit.

Without even thinking we lunged toward each other, kissing and grabbing and moving toward the bed.

 I grabbed her by the ass and picked her up and put her on the bed, starting to kiss down her body. She sat up and untied her bathing suit top and I finally got to see what I had been fantasizing about since I saw her. 

They were perfect C tits with beautiful perky nipples just waiting to be sucked and licked on.

I kissed them and grabbed them, continuing to kiss lower and lower, sliding down her bottoms and working toward her perfectly shaved pussy. 

I was eating her pussy and loving the taste, her hands on the back of my head moaning as if no one was within a mile of us. 

Without thinking or asking I rolled her onto her stomach, spread her legs, start licking her ass and fingering her soaking wet pussy.

After a few minutes she was literally begging me to fuck her. I grabbed her and pulled her toward me, pushing her down onto her knees. She knew exactly what to do and pulled down my trunks and let free my throbbing 8 1/2 inch dick. 

Licking up and down it, holding my balls she went straight into deepthroating it, something my wife would never even attempt to do. 

After her third time down my shaft, she was deep enough that she was licking my balls with her tongue while my dick was down her throat. 

Its was best feeling ever.

I grabbed her by the hair, standing her up then I lay down on the bed, and she got on top of me in 69. I started smacking her ass and fingering and licking both her pussy and her ass as she gave me a sloppy, but extremely effective blowjob.

This seemed to last the perfect amount of time, and we stood up. I pushed her to bend her over the bed.

I started to push in the head, then the shaft until I was finally balls deep in her tight, wet pussy. 

Grabbing her and pulling her hair and smacking her ass. I was fucking her as hard as I could and loving her moans. 

I was looking at her asshole and thinking to myself that I had already licked and fingered it, and I would never see her again after a few more days, so I was going to try and fuck her ass.

I spit on her ass and she didn't flinch, so I pulled out my dick and she just bent over further, reaching around and spreading her ass. I couldn't believe it. I pushed my dick slowly into her ass and she started screaming while she played with her pussy.

I fucked her as hard as I thought her ass could take it, until I felt like I was about to blow. I pulled out, and without saying a word, I shot two, then three, then four thick loads of cum onto her bum.  

"Can you go again tomorrow?"

What a great honeymoon it was.

Story by JT

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