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Being very pretty,  size 6 slim fit figure can be a huge advantage as well as a curse sometimes.  That's what I thought especially when ...

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Switching To Bumble

Being very pretty, size 6 slim fit figure can be a huge advantage as well as a curse sometimes. 

That's what I thought especially when it comes to online dating.

At one point I literally gave up dating handsome guys I’d met online from various dating sites.

Now a days many single men like being single and have no interest in committed relationships. I think its due to being addicted to porn. 

Whenever I went out on a date I felt like they just wanted to sleep with me on the same day, and nothing more.

With most men I find that there's no connection, absolutely nothing in common. Zero, zilch, nada, non.

They ask me out after looking at my pictures but when we actually do meet up, there's nothing much to talk about. The conversation goes dead with plenty of those awkward silences that we all dread.

I was literally exhausted from drunken one night stands with hot guys I’d met online and had nothing in common with other than a night in bed, so I deleted my profile and took a long break.

I was happy being single and independent until then the loneliness starts to creep back in.


I always wondered where are all the high quality good men? Why all the handsome great looking guys are assholes, losers, users, abusers and control freaks who just looking for a quick fuck and then disappear ?

What's wrong with men these days ?? Maybe the good man thing was just a myth? Too many questions and far too few answers.

Well, a couple of years later, I decided to give online dating one more chance. So I opened up a new profile on tinder dating app.

A few days later I started to chat with a guy named Paul.

He looked very handsome, beautiful blue eyes, with a great muscular figure, but there was nothing much on his profile.

One day He asked me out and we had dinner at a nice restaurant in the city. It was a lovely evening.


After dinner, we came back to my place and he licked me out that night for a good couple of hours like there was no tomorrow!

It was the best oral I'd ever received! After that we fell asleep together and he went off to work the next morning.


To be honest, the same as the others, we had nothing in common.

He was a real workaholic and going to the gym was his only hobby like most handsome good looking guys I’d been on dates with in the past. 

There was no connection apart from me appreciating his great looks and amazing oral skills.

I thought that if we did decide to go out on a second date, we really would have nothing left to talk about, no connection. This was clearly just another one night stand, I thought.

I felt like I was wasting my time once again, so I deleted my profile, giving up on dating for good, thinking I will probably be single forever.


About a week later, I heard someone banging on my bedroom window at around 1 am in the middle of the night. I woke up suddenly and pulled the curtain to see who was it.

Paul !!!

We had no conversation after our first date and all of a sudden here he was without telling me that he was coming over. 

At that time I was living with my house mates. I didn't want any of them to wake up to any loud banging noises.

So I had to open the door and I asked “ What are you doing here?”

“Please let me come in” he replied.

I could smell the alcohol on his breath, he was drunk.

I felt I had no choice but to let him in, just in case he created a scene.

He came into my room and asked “ Can I stay over tonight? " whilst he began removing his clothes.


I said “Yeah ok I guess”

The next thing I knew, as soon as we lay on the bed, he started licking me out once again . I could see he was really enjoying it.

After a quick fuck we slept together and the next morning he got dressed, and went to work like nothing had happened.

As time went by this became a regular thing.

After 1 am in the night he came by drunk, knocking on my window from time to time without telling me, licking my pussy for a good couple of hours followed by a quick fuck before getting up and going to work the next morning.

One night, I was on my period. I didn't expect that he would come over but surprisingly he did.

I told him that tonight was not a good time to go down on me, but he didn't listen. He went straight down, it was funny looking at his face. 

I think he actually enjoyed it even more!

This went on for a good few months, and then one day he just disappeared.

He never came over again. I text him to see how he was doing but there was no reply and his phone was always off, he'd probably got a new number.

Even though I didn't know much about him, and had nothing in common, his amazing oral skills were certainly hard to forget.

I decided its time to give up on tinder and switch to bumble dating app, instead.

Story by Ashley

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