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Back in 2018, I was busy trying to get my life back together again.  A bad break up had seen me reach the peak of depression in 2017, I'...

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Back in 2018, I was busy trying to get my life back together again. 

A bad break up had seen me reach the peak of depression in 2017, I'd had a break down, put loads of weight on and felt very bad about myself, it's not at all comfortable for me to think back to those days, even now.

After reaching the very bottom in April 2018, I decided with the help of anti depressants and an awesome life coach to put my life back together again.

I embraced the law of attraction and began to live my life by it, vowing to make each day more positive than the day before. It worked like magic!

I'd been working in a job that I hated, Concierge for a recruitment agency on a problematic new build estate, this was one of the reasons that brought me down. 

However when I made a conscious effort to be more positive and see the joy in everything, 

I actually had quite a good time in that place, by the time my temp contract ended at the beginning of June I was quite happy, and had managed to turn my life around.

I was really pleased not to be working there anymore but at the same time I also knew that I didn't want to do any other work for the ungrateful agency, who also paid really badly and treated their staff even worse.

I turned down some temp jobs with them and decided to take a month off work completely to continue my journey on the law of attraction.

I didn't have that much money but I upgraded my mobile phone and sold it, plus some car boot sales in Holloway Road to make ends meet, but it was really tight. 

I continued my month of freedom with numerous visits to the cinema, as I love film I was trying to do as many things that brought me joy as possible. 

I had the Cineworld monthly pass that meant I could see as many films as I liked, I was at the cinema in Wood Green nearly everyday. 

I also continued my life coaching sessions with Michelle, my teacher in Australia and things were going really well. 

I began to understand the real me and that the things that had happened to me previously were neither good or bad...they were just experiences. 

Life would be however I thought it would be, negative thoughts brought that reality and positive thinking would make the sun shine. 

The only thing that I still struggle with to this day is the subconscious mind which overalls everything, if you can conquer your subconscious then you've truly cracked it and can then achieve absolutely anything you want to in life. 

Love, wealth, true happiness are all yours if you can control you're all powerful daily soundtrack.

During my time off I also read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I was astounded. It would act as a further catalyst on my new adventures. 

I was also travelling frequently, not abroad but I took the National Express coach a few times to the Kent coast and to Brighton to be by the sea. The beach always brings me joy so it was a no brainer.

I also started actively using my Instagram account to blog about all of my favourite films, including the ones I'd just seen at the cinema. It was great seeing all the new releases, I loved it!

I was also working out everyday and sticking to a diet plan, I'd lost a ton of weight and was looking really good. 

Compared to my body a few months ago, I looked amazing and took many nude photos of myself just to see how good I now looked!

So with my new found confidence in my body and a need for extra funds, I decided to post some ads onto classified websites offering kink services to men, leg play, face sitting etc I was willing to do quite a bit without necessarily going all the way.

My legs featured predominantly in my ads and I did get some response but for one reason or another just didn't feel happy about going through with any bookings....Until I heard from Tony.

I was sat in the cinema one night when I had a reply from him to one of my ads, there must have been something about his replies that made me stick with it. 

We were exchanging messages all week with nothing definite booked in, then on Saturday evening he invited me over to his place.

We WhatsApp messaged and his profile picture was him standing with a lady amongst a fleet of classic cars. I wondered if it was his wife?

He was very tall, slim and looked very distinguished, he was an older man of some class.

I was in two minds about going but did desperately need the money, I had car boot sale planned for the next morning, although I didn't have a car, I would go on foot to sell whatever I could. 

I remember actually losing my oyster card after the car boot on the Sunday and being extremely pissed off as I'd just topped it up. 

I was fuming, I just didn't have money to be throwing away on travel.

Anyway back to the Saturday night. 

Tony lived in Hemel Hempstead so it would be quite a trek for me. I took a shower, freshened up, tried to look as cute as possible, I wore my speedos, small shorts and trainers with my favourite black top. 

I told my flatmate where I was going so she was aware just in case.

I can't remember the station I had to go to but probably Kings Cross St Pancras to get the train to Hemel.

Once there, Tony would pick me up from the station. I was nervous but it didn't stop me from going through with it.

The things we do for money when we don't have any!

The journey took a while plus waiting for my train but I eventually arrived, somewhat later than planned.

He said that he'd be waiting outside in his SUV.

I took an apprehensive walk out of Hemel station and went over to his SUV which I saw parked up just a few metres from the station exit. 

Last looks, I thought! My heart must have been racing out of control, funny but I don't remember now.

I recall now that we had been messaging the previous Friday night about meeting on the weekend, but nothing had been confirmed until the Saturday evening.

I walked up to the car and introduced myself, Tony opened the door for me and I got into the passengers seat. It was a beautiful new car. 

We made some small talk on the way to his house, which only took around 5 minutes or so.

When we arrived, I couldn't believe my eyes....

He had a security gate, which he opened with his fob when we arrived, the gate opened smoothly to show off his amazing lavish estate!

The place was like a luxury hotel, the grounds were incredible, at the front and the back. Those cars in his WhatsApp photo were all his, he collected classic cars, plus the lady in the photo was his sister.

He welcomed me to his house and we went into the kitchen, every room was beautiful in his house and large. 

We talked a bit more and he told me to relax whilst offering me some wine. I gladly accepted, hoping it would take the edge off and make me feel a bit more confident with him.

Tony was a smoker too and offered me some cigarettes, I drank the wine back gleefully and maybe had a few glasses whilst we talked in the garden. 

It had many tables, and lights and was really beautifully maintained. If I'd have closed my eyes slightly, I would have thought that I'd been in a luxury hotel somewhere swanky!

He was showing me his new electric cigarettes that you didn't need to actually light, as he was trying to quit. I had a taste....They weren't too bad. 

I told him all about my recent work with the law of attraction and thinking positive and he was really interested, telling me of a friend of his who was always so negative. 

I remarked that Tony must be living a positive life to live in such a place, and he said that he was a positive person on whole.

He was a retired hotelier, and this was only one of his properties, he had places in Mayfair London too. He must have been a multi millionaire, he had great class too.

 I must say that I liked him a lot and found it really easy to start flirting with him, especially after a few wines.

It struck me that he was also self made, he knew what is was like to suffer financially and was very down to earth and could easily relate to someone like me who lived in an entirely different world to his, which was filled with comfort and riches. 

Mine was of struggle and debt.

I knew that he had a thing for my legs, so I began to pose them innocently for him, right in front of his eyes, I'd pull my shorts up to reveal my legs from the top of the thigh down. He couldn't keep his eyes off them.

I told him to touch my legs, and he couldn't wait to start stroking them, feeling all the way between my thighs to my knees. 

We were sat in his front room now, drinking wine, talking about life and sex and smoking. I was wearing my speedos and had taken my top off. 

I was wearing just my speedos and white trainers, like in some of my advert photos.

I asked him if there was anything he'd like me to wear. I brought along a studded belt and some leather fingerless gloves.

Tony then produced a pair of small shorts that he said he'd love to see me in. So I kicked off my speedos and put the shorts on right there and then in front of him.

He was delighted and looked me over from all angles like a hungry man, I could tell he wanted to devour me!

He began playing with my legs whilst wearing his shorts, he put his hands all over my legs and slightly up my ass. 

I was giving him a massive hard on by now.

I offered him my speedos, but like most gay guys I've met, they really don't get off on the smell of another guys underwear like we do with girl's panties.It's just a thing I don't know why! Just like women don't get off on smelling men's pants I suppose.

We went upstairs to one of his bedrooms that had an en suite, could have been a guest room by the looks of it. I don't think it was his main bedroom as the bathroom had few toiletries in it.

He started to feel me up but more aggressively now, he put his fingers up my ass and told me to get on the bed. I was still wearing his shorts and nothing else apart from my leather gloves.

Tony took off his clothes and I saw his massive hard cock for the first time.

It was very impressive. I began to touch myself on the bed through my shorts, I made myself hard too.

I just threw myself into it knowing that I'd need to put on a good show and I then started making moaning and groaning noises as I touched my dick. 

Tony loved it and I could see him getting really turned on. 

He took a popper and offered me one but I said no. I slowly wriggled off the shorts and began playing with myself naked on his bed like a slut. Rubbing my gloved hand up and down over my cock to his enjoyment and satisfaction.

He loved watching me and got close so that his naked body was touching my legs. He began playing with my legs and started finger fucking my ass as I asked him if I could start wanking him off. 

He eagerly agreed and I took his massive dick in my hands and began wanking him off slowly, just how I like it done to me.

We were pleasuring each other for around half an hour before he took his cock back into his hands and let out a massive strain as he shoot his cum all over my legs and chest. 

I began to slowly wank all the cum out of his dick and told him how impressive he was. I just said 'wow!' He did cum a lot and really felt the intense pleasure thanks to the popper which he took.

We cleaned ourselves off and I lit a cigarette for him as we talked laying on top of the bed.

He admitted that the previous night he had jerked off thinking about meeting me.

We talked more about life and he told me that he did a lot of voluntary work for those in need. He also told me how hard it was to meet someone like me, and that he wasn't into really over effeminate gay guys, even though he was gay himself.

At the end of the night, which was very late he called me a taxi and gave me some extra money for the cab plus the booking. 

I went home feeling like I was on top of the world.

The next week that followed, I sent him some photos of me posing with my legs, which he really liked. We were going to meet up again soon, but he was busy. 

I think we may have been due to meet when he was in London, near to one of his Mayfair pads. I could only imagine what they must have looked like!

It was altogether an odd feeling for me, ordinarily I wouldn't like to do any of that with a man as I'm not even bi, but for me there was something about Tony that I really liked. 

I must admit too that it's a wonderful feeling to be desired that much, especially given how low I'd felt only a few months earlier.

It got me thinking and I was still out of work, half heartedly applying for jobs I knew that I didn't want to do. So one day, after giving it much thought, I decided to contact Tony with a proposition.

I decided that if I was going to continue doing this kind of thing, I'd rather do it with Tony and I was tired of working, the daily grind so I basically offered myself to him, full time. 

He would be my sponsor and he could indulge himself in pleasure with me whenever he wanted, I could concentrate on working out and looking after my body, shopping etc basically just enjoying the best things in life all without having to go to some crappy underpaid job.

I figured that I wasn't getting any younger, and if I was going to do something like this, it would have to be then, before I hit the wrong side of 40!

He would pay for everything I needed and in return, he would of had me to do anything he wanted with, day and night!

I never did get a reply from him, and never heard from him again.

I felt bad because we could have carried on meeting casually a lot more before I spoiled it by going in too soon, maybe it's something that could have happened over time, but then I thought, if he's like me then he'll just get bored as time goes on anyway....so I thought it best to strike while the iron was hot so to speak!

Anyway you can't win them all, probably best in the long run as it would have undoubtedly fucked me up long term doing something like that.

I do still think about him though.

Story by Nick

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