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This story happened in the summer of 2011. I would occasionally hang out at a buddy and coworker's house, playing pool and watching mov...

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Straight Guys

This story
happened in the summer of 2011. I would occasionally hang out at a buddy and coworker's house, playing pool and watching movies. 

We were both single; I was 28. Often his younger brother, Ryan, would be there. He was twenty-three at the time, slim with light brown hair. 

Up to that point I had considered myself straight and had always dated girls, but I had found myself looking at gay and bisexual porn a lot and really enjoying it, so I was curious.

I was attracted to Ryan physically as soon as I met him; we talked a lot and we got along really well. 

I kinda got the vibe that he wasn't totally straight, but I wasn't sure at the time if it was real or just my attraction to him that made me think so.

We would joke around, play pool and xbox together. 

The thing that put my mind into high gear about him was while hanging out with him and some other buddies at his brother's house drinking some beers, I went to the bathroom to pee. He was coming out as I was going in.

As I was holding a beer in my hand and he asked. "Do you want me to hold that for you?"

"Sure, but I might pee all over the ceiling when it get's hard". I replied with a grin.

"Ah, I meant your beer." he respond, his cheeks flushing slightly.

Snickering I continued, "Oh, I thought I was gonna get some special treatment tonight."

He looked me right in the eyes and said, "Well, if you don't wanna get pee all over the bathroom, we can go in the back yard, it's dark back there".

I can remember this very well, because hearing him say that made me so excited. I could hardly stand it. I decided to hold back a little in case he was just kidding around.

In an attempt to call his bluff I laughed, "Yea, right Ryan, don't get my hopes up like that".

He looked me right in the eyes again and said..."Well, lets go out there and see".

My pulse was really racing now and I was almost overwhelmed with anticipation over what might be starting.

I had to see where this was going so I replied, "Okay, let's go."

I remember very vividly when he opened up the sliding glass door, I was thinking, this had gone to a way new level. 

I was straight, but I wanted this guy sexually so much. 

We went into the dark back yard, I unzipped and pulled my now semi-hard cock out, he looked around for a second and then took his left hand and held it while I peed in the grass.

I was thinking...damn another guy's hand is on my cock. I got rock hard right in his hand from him just touching it.

He said, "Damn, dude, I guess you meant it."

I finished peeing and he was smiling. Our eyes had adjusted to the dark and with the ambient light from the street lamps I could see him well.

I had to see how far this could go.

Turning to him I said, "Your turn"

"I just peed in the bathroom, but if you really wanna hold it, you can." he replied.

There I was, my cock still hanging out from my jeans, I reached over as he unzipped his cargo shorts and pulled out his semi hard cock.

I put my hand on it. He was hard and I guessed at the time about 6" I remember how warm it was in my hand and I brushed my hand across his pubic hair which was trimmed but not shaved and very soft. 

I held it for a sec then began to stroke it slowly, I asked him if that was ok.

He just murmured, "Uh, huh, very ok dude".

After a few minutes I couldn't stand it anymore I leaned over and whispered in his ear "I really wanna taste it"

"Damn that's hot Jay", he told me.

I took that for a yes and got on my knees in the grass and took his cock in my mouth. 

It felt so good, I didn't try to take the whole thing in my throat having never done this before but I sucked his head more and more when I felt his hips pushing into me, I remember thinking, 'I'm sucking Ryan's cock in the backyard while my pants are unzipped and my cock is rock hard poking out, I hope no one comes outside.' 

I only sucked him for a short time and he said I should stop because he didn't think he could hold back. I told him it was ok, I really wanted him to cum.

As soon as I said that he put it back in my mouth and just a few seconds later he had what felt like a very intense orgasm (he told me later it was the strongest he'd had up to that point) It wasn't the huge load like in porn movies, just a few ounces in my mouth, but I loved the way he tasted and it was a giant turn on for me.

After he came he zipped up and I stood up, he looked at me and said, "You want me to take care of you now"?

"Yes." I replied.

I was worried in case someone came looking for us and knew that we needed to back inside of the house. 

We continued to mingle with the party goers, all the while I was thinking of my liaison with Ryan in the backyard. 

We decided to leave, by telling others we needed more food. I honestly wasn't sure if Ryan would change his mind or not, but when he jumped in the front seat of my car, I knew he still wanted to play.

I drove to a closed down hardware store parking lot on the side of the building. 

I told him we had to be fast in case a cop saw the car parked there that late at night.

"Have you ever done anything like this before?" he asked, as I pulled my jeans to my ankles, my raging boner evident through my boxer briefs.

"No Ryan, I just thought you were hot from the moment I saw you and I knew I had to have you."

"I'm the same, I knew I was curious but I wasn't sure how to act on them, until now of course." he smiled. "I am so turned on by you, you look so hot and you are making me ache looking at how hard you are for me." 

He leaned over and started to stroke it with his hand.

Feeling him tugging on my hard cock was sensational, I just hoped I could hold back long enough to feel his mouth.

My head fell back as his warm mouth engulfed my cock. I looked down and watched him suck it. 

He moved to his knees in the seat, his butt facing the passenger window, chest over the console, face in my lap.

I moved my right hand over and unbuttoned his shorts. I put my hand in his pants and could feel that he was hard again. His shorts were baggy and I could reach all the way back. 

I moved my hand back, rubbing his now tight balls.

He was making me so hot. His mouth on me was so good, and touching him was sending me over the edge.

I told him I was going to cum. As I did I reached back even more and touched his asshole with my middle finger. I just wanted to feel it. It was tight and very warm.

"Ahh, fuck Ryan I'm gonna cum."
I moaned.

He quickly pulled my hard cock out of his mouth and stroked my load onto my stomach. He got just a little in his mouth.

"Um, I didn't swallow as I have never sucked another guys cock before, so wasn't sure how it would taste!" he laughed as I attempted to gain my breath back from the sensational orgasm.

"Oh, it's fine! Fuck that was hot! Can I touch your asshole?"

I pushed my finger in, as he was bent over he moaned in response.

"Oh that feels so good!"

"Do you wanna cum again"? I asked him.

"I do, but we need to be quick."

"How would you like to do it?" I asked.

He said he really wanted me to suck him again. Leaning over I pulled his shorts all the way down, stroking his cock a little before taking him in my mouth. 

I rubbed his balls, then moved lower and sucked each of them. I sucked the head and shaft for probably three minutes.

I felt his hips move again and his breathing get heavier. He told me he was cumming....I took every drop in my mouth. 

I loved the taste and the naughty fact I was sucking a hot guys cock in a dark parking lot.

I used a napkin from the glove box and cleaned up. I told him to slip off his undies, I took them and put them in the console.

"I want these for my alone play time later". I said.

"Wow kinda kinky aren't ya?" he laughed.

I joked and told him, "No kinkier than holding my cock while I piss!"

This was both our first time with guys. We still both have girlfriends and we both still play with each other on the side. 

This story is 100% true. Only our names are changed.

Story by Jay

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