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This story is about how a non-sexual dinner date companion led to becoming a high end escort girl for the super rich. This all started when...

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The Companion

This story
is about how a non-sexual dinner date companion led to becoming a high end escort girl for the super rich.

This all started when I was at University. I managed to pay for the first year course fee but I didn't have enough money to cover the next two years.

I applied for so many jobs but nothing came my way.

One day I was reading a student forum and there was a discussion about non-sexual dinner date companionship jobs and some of the students were actually making a good living out of it.


As long as sex wasn't involved I was happy to give it a shot, I thought.

So I did a lengthy search on the internet and found a few recommended sites. I signed up to pretty much all of them without having any expectations whatsoever. 

Within only a couple of hours I started getting messages asking various questions and people wanting to arrange meetings.

At that time I was new to all of this, so I just went along with it.

It was pretty much the same thing like you go on a regular date but this time you get paid at the end of the evening for your time.


Honestly I was quite surprised at how big the demand was based on how many requests came through in a short space of time. 

I started to think why these guys pay to go on just dates ?

As the time went by I became very busy and was flat out booked every evening. 

It was quite fun at the beginning to go to places such as expensive posh restaurants, top VIP night clubs, casinos, and many different events. 

I certainly enjoyed my free dinner and drinks, mostly always had a good laugh and then the real bonus of it all was also getting paid without having sex. Win, win!

Yes, it was all too good to be true. 

I gradually started to live a secret double life.

I was an average, normal student during the day and by night a non-sexual dinner date companion for lonely corporate men & wealthy divorced men.

The main reason why these men pay to go on dinner dates was that most had busy lifestyles and all they really wanted was drama free, no strings attached companionship. 

This is the reason why non-conventional dating wouldn't work for these type of individuals who have a demanding career and a very little time. 

From the start the money was really good and I couldn't think of a better job than that, which would pay me anywhere near the same amount.


That said, to any women who are reading this and contemplating doing the same, I could NOT recommend it. I will explain why.

The first reason is alcohol. Every evening when I met the guys at a bar, club or in a restaurant, there was not one single date that went on where didn't start off with a glass of wine and from that it quickly led to other hard liquor.

When I got home, I was pretty much always drunk every night. Eventually it became a habit and ended up  becoming an alcoholic.


The second reason is food. When you go out for dinner every evening, sometimes its impossible to escape just having a bowl of salad or a light meal when your date wants you to have a proper meal together.


When you're at the dinner table, and he's basically paying you to eat, it would have been very disrespectful to say no. At that time, pleasing my date and keeping up with my figure was such a never-ending battle.

Third reason was high heels. Cocktail dresses and high heels were the uniform.

You simply can't wear the same dress twice especially when you see regulars, that's always the rule.

So I had to spend my freshly earned money buying new cocktail dresses all the time.

 I do love sexy high heels but it's a pain in the ass when you have to wear them every evening. Walking up and down the city streets all night in heels is just a nightmare sometimes, and soon takes it's toll on your poor feet.

The last one was sex. It's very common especially with the regulars to make an offer to sleep with you at the end of the date. 

At the beginning I declined all of it, every single offer. I had big propositions from wealthy men for overnights but I always said “NO”.

At the time, I had so much self- respect, self worth and dignity that I promised myself that I would never exchange sex for money. 

I wasn't a loose cannon to sleep with any old Tom, Dick or Harry. It wasn't me at all. I had so much value in myself, it wasn't even an option for me to think over but with one client everything changed.

His name was Dean. He was one of the regulars, a supper wealthy married man who saw me regularly more than other men. 

He paid me just for companionship well enough that I didn't need to date any other men.


We got on so well and I really enjoyed spending time with him. Each time I met him, I really didn't do it for the money because I genuinely loved his company and he treated me so well, like a princess, giving me gifts, way more than I would've imagined receiving.


The more time I spent with him, the more I started to develop some very deep feelings for him but I was very professional at my job and managed to keep it all well hidden.

One day, on a dinner out, he made me an offer with a big sum of money for an overnight stay in one of the most expensive luxurious hotels in the city. 

I was speechless. With the amount he offered, I realised that I wouldn't need to work for the next few months. 

 It certainly made me think about it for the first time, despite being so adamantly against it for so long. 

On top of that I had real feelings for Dean, which would make it so easy for me to go through with it.

So that's how it happened, regardless of the amount he offered, in the end these feelings I had for him made me say “Yes” and on that same evening for the first time, I gave myself to him completely. 

We spent the whole night at the hotel having passionate sex.

The next morning after breakfast in bed, we had a shower together for one last time and then went our separate ways.


I really had a great time with him and hoped so much that he would see me again but he never did. I didn't hear from him again after that night. 

I felt really disappointed and a little crushed if I'm honest. 

It wasn't about the money but just the way he made me feel when we were together. I knew he was married all along, so I had to face the reality, like a harsh slap in the face with a cold wind blowing.

As time went by, I started to accept more overnight stays with other dinner date men as and when they wanted.

Eventually overnights took over from the dinner dates and I was charging for hours spent or overnights in luxury hotels.

As I got paid a much higher rate than the non sexual companionship work, I slowly became a full time escort for the super rich.

At one point I made so much money, I did not know what to do with it! 

So I easily paid all my student fees, got myself a new luxury apartment and a brand new car to boot.

The main purpose of writing this story is not to encourage anyone to get into this line of work. I never in my life imagined I would end up here. 

It's not something I would be proud of but life happens, and takes you on a journey. The decision was made purely based on the amount of money I was getting.

The problem with this sort of work is, “once you taste the money, it's hard to get out” . Its like once you experience flying first class, you don't want to sit in economy anymore. Its the same principle. 

Like with every other job, there's a dark side to this work, not everyone can cope with it. That's the reason why many girls end of drinking and doing drugs as it numbs the pain and makes it easier to get on with it.

There were many times I quit and took long breaks but there is no other job that I could replace it with that pays this much to maintain a high end lifestyle, of which you soon get used to! 

To end this story, I can honestly hand on heart say that if I had known this is what would end up happening to a non-sexual dinner date companion, I never would have got into it all in the first place.

Story by Roxi

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