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One night I was lying in bed with my wife Kris and she said, “we haven’t been naughty in a long time, we should do something naughty.”...

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At The Sex Club

One night I was lying in bed with my wife Kris and she said, “we haven’t been naughty in a long time, we should do something naughty.”

I took this to mean she wanted to be fucked senseless. I said, “What did you have in mind darling?”

Kris replied, “I don’t know. Let’s think about it.”

A few days later I was lying in bed watching her get ready for bed. I said I had read about this new club that opened that is really supposed to be HOT. 

You have to be a member to enter and it was expensive. They had door people to screen people as to who could enter.

The women had to be hot and dressed very hot. Most women where sleazy dresses that expose a lot of skin. The short dresses are short and barely covered their asses and necklines that are cut to their waist.

The pictures I saw were hot.

One girl had on a dress that was completely see-through and highlighted her waxed pussy and ample breasts. Another girl had on a floor-length black dress that was cut on the sides to her waist. 

The top of the dress was cut almost to her waist. When she moved she had to hold the slit on so she wouldn’t expose her pussy. In the pictures, I saw all the patrons were very well dressed.

Another thing that stood out was they allow single men and women to enter. The person at the door screens who gets in. They are looking for hot women that are dressed hot.

The guys need to be dressed well and be in decent shape or be with a knockdown woman.

For Kris, that means hot unattached studs. And for me, sexy women dressed to impress and expose lots of skin.

Men go to try and hook up with a hot girl and have sex with them at the club. 

Women go to scratch that itch in their pussies. Some just want to fuck and others want to have that fantasy sex they have been dreaming about. Does Kris have a couple of fantasies that she would like to explore?

With that Kris jumped in bed and said, “when can we go?” And with that, she grabbed my cock and started to give me one of her great BJ’s.

Kris loves to give BJ’s. She loves it when the veins in my cock expand and the head of my dick swells and turns purple. 

The best part is when I shoot my load down her throat and she has an orgasm.

The next day I joined the club and made arrangements to go in two weeks. We had some great sex for those two weeks.

I would ask her what fantasies she wanted to act out when we were at the club. Kris just said I would have to wait and see.

For the next few days, she ordered some dresses online.

There was a short black one with tiny straps that was semi see-through. 

There was a long black one that was slit up to her waist that revealed her pussy if she let it. She liked to model that one and flash her freshly waxed pussy at me.

Then there was my favourite one. A very short white one that almost covered her ass, but not quite. It was also semi see-through, but see-through enough to plainly see her nipples and pussy. 

Kris has a nice ass and this dress showed it off. The top was two pieces of cloth that wrapped around her neck covering her nipples and was cut to her waist. She looked so hot!! 

I wanted to throw her down and fuck her, and I did.

Maybe I should describe Kris. Kris is in her early thirties. She is very pretty with a sexy smile. She is five-feet-five-inches tall, has shoulder length blonde hair and weighs one-hundred-and-ten-pounds.

The thing most men notice first is her 36 DD boobs. They stand straight out with no sag. All this and a great bubble butt that makes her look very hot wearing anything. And when she is wearing that white dress even I have to stare.

When we arrived at the club

the doorman looked us up on his computer and said, “I see this is your first time. Welcome, and I like your dress. Should I have someone show you around?”

Kris said, “Yes that would be nice.”

In a couple of minutes, a young man came to meet us. His name was Matt. He took us to the main club meeting area. 

We were very impressed with how well dressed everyone was. There were lots of hot women wearing hot dresses; Kris was not out of place.

Most of the men had on jackets, as did I. He got us a couple of drinks and showed us the locker room where we could leave our clothes if we wanted.

Then he showed us the rest of the club it had two large bars. Some people were talking and some were having sex.

Matt then walked with us around showing the rest of the rooms. The rooms were mainly big beds and they had no doors so you could walk in and watch whoever was in there.

In the first room, there were two girls in a sixty-nine and they were moaning and screaming.

Also in that room was a couple and a very attractive girl. 

The girl was sitting on the guy reverse cowgirl slowly gyrating her hips. The other girl was licking her clit. 

The one getting fucked loved it. It didn’t take long before she had a screaming orgasm, but no one stopped.

It didn’t take long watching them before I was getting hard.

Kris said, “that is hot. I may want to try that.”

We walked to the next room and found a girl and four guys. The girl, April, was riding a guy cowboy style and stroking and sucking on two of the guy’s dicks.

Kris said, “Shit that looks like so much fun. I want to try that.”

Then the fourth guy, April’s husband, started putting lube on this dick. Then he put lube on April’s ass. April was still stroking and sucking the other guy’s.

Kris said, “Oh my God, he is going to DP her. I want to watch this.”

April’s husband then slowly started inserting his dick in her ass. After a few minutes, April had a huge screaming orgasm. 

It took April’s husband and the other guy fucking her a few minutes to get their rhythm down, but when they did they fucked her really well. April had nonstop orgasms.

April kept stroking the other two guys until the first one filled her mouth with cum. The second guy took over stroking himself and a few minutes later he came in her mouth.

Now the threesome was still fucking but they were getting close. When April's husband came, the pulsating of his cock made the other guy dump his load in her pussy.

They were all wasted and the hand full of people watching gave them a hand. I noticed that Kris’s back was sweating. I think she had a couple of orgasms too.

Matt said that was the end of the tour and took us back to the main bar.

We went to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks.

Kris was going to sit on a bar stool but she soon realized she couldn’t without exposing her pussy to everyone around. 

We were standing next to this really hot girl in her mid-twenties. Her name was Annie; she was about five-feet-five-inches tall, with red hair and a great personality.

She was wearing this short black dress that was totally see through. I would guess she was about a 34 C with very hard nipples protruding from her dress. 

She wasn’t wearing any underwear because you could see her bald pussy and her tits.

She asked if we were there to act out some kind of fantasy. I told her that we had just watched a girl ride this guy reverse cowgirl while a girl licked her pussy. 

Annie said that was easy to arrange and asked if it could be replicated.

Kris said it could be.

Annie then led us to a big easy chair and let her dress drop to the floor. She had a very nice body. Kris looked at her and also let her dress drop. 

Now they were both naked looking at me, and telling me to get naked.

I was to lie on my back and Kris was to ride me reverse cowgirl. Then Kris would lie back on my chest and the Annie would lick Kris’s pussy until she had an orgasm, which didn’t take long.

Kris loved being licked and fucked at the same time.

It didn’t take long for her to have several more powerful orgasms. After a few minutes, Annie and Kris changed positions and we did it again.

I loved fucking Annie because she had a very tight pussy.

Kris decided she needed a break so we summed a waitress and ordered one. A couple of guys walked up, they were both in their mid-twenties and in good shape. 

Kris started talking to them and with her normal boldness asked them if they were there to fulfill a fantasy or just looking for sex.

One of the guys said that they would love to find a woman that would do a spit roast.

Kris then surprised the hell out of them when she said, “I would be up for that.”

Now, these guys couldn’t believe their ears. How could this super-hot sexy woman want to do them? So they went looking for a spot to do the deed. 

They found a sofa and Bret lay down with Kris right behind. Both Bret and Bob had decent size cocks. Kris wanted to suck on them for a minute before they fucked.

She sat them on the sofa while she took turns sucking them. Bob was the first to get behind Kris and get her on her knees. 

He didn’t waste any time inserting his dick in her very wet pussy. With a couple of strokes, he had his dick buried to the hilt. Kris was sucking on Bret and just holding on, as Bob was fucking her very hard and fast.

Annie and I were sitting right across from them watching it all.

Annie then said she wanted to give me a BJ while I watched Kris getting fucked. What I didn’t know was how good Annie was at giving BJ’s. 

After a few minutes, she started throat fucking me. I was watching Kris getting fucked really well and she was screaming, "don’t stop!"

I knew that at this pace, they wouldn’t last too long. Bret was the first to cum and Kris sucked him dry. He shot three loads in her mouth and she swallowed them all. 

Now it was Bob’s turn to unload. He grabbed her hips and fucked her rough and hard. Then he came with a big grunt.

Then I shot my load down Annie’s throat.

Kris then sat up and asked if they wanted to change places, as she wanted some more. Bret said he needed to recover because Kris had sucked him dry.

Kris returned to the chair with Annie and me. She was disappointed that Bret didn’t fuck her. We were just sitting and watching the action around us when a guy walked up that Annie knew. 

She introduced him as Bill. It was almost funny watching Kris stare at this guy’s cock.

Annie said to Kris, “Yes, Bill does have a big cock. He wants to fuck me but I have said, no way. He is not putting that cock in my pussy.”

Bill looked at Kris and said, “Do you think you can handle my ten-inch dick?”

Kris looked at Bill and said, “It will be fun to try.”

She led him to an empty sofa and lay down on her back and spread her legs. Bill took hold of her legs and pushed her knees back by her ears. 

Bill was kneeling in front of her guiding his hard cock in her wide open pussy. Kris was holding her head up to watch his cock moving in and out of her pussy.

Bill started slow and gave her about half of his dick, then slowly he gave her more and more. Kris was yelling at him to fuck her. 

He was fucking her faster and faster giving her his entire cock. Kris was having orgasm after orgasm and screaming, “Yes, fuck me.”

I was standing with Annie watching Kris getting fucked really good. I moved behind Annie rubbing her nipples and getting hard again with my dick rubbing her ass.

Annie then turned around and said, “I see you have recovered. I want to feel that thick cock of yours in my pussy.”

She then pushed me down on a bed and climbed on top.

Annie said, “I want to fuck you, but first I want you very hard.”

She started sucking on just the head of my dick and stroking me. The head of my dick was turning purple and the veins looked like they were going to explode. 

She then started fucking me in cowgirl position.

I was pulling on her nipples. Annie was sitting straight up and trying different strokes. All at once she screamed.

Annie said, “The head of your dick is rubbing my G spot and it feels fantastic.”

With that, she started fucking me faster and faster. She was rolling her hips and thrusting her pussy on my dick. This was one of the best fucks I have ever had. 

I thought she was going to pass out from exhaustion, but she didn’t stop. Finally, she collapsed on my chest. After a couple of minutes, Kris came over and lay down beside us.

She whispered in my ear, “It looks like we both got fucked really well.”

Story by Tom

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