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Podophilia, the arousal by feet, basically a foot fetish. I think that is why I got into the business I am in. I'm a camera...

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The Foot Model

Podophilia, the arousal by feet, basically a foot fetish. I think that is why I got into the business I am in.

I'm a cameraman for a shopping catalogue, but I specialize in leg and foot jewellery. Toe rings, anklets and things like that.

My name is Kevin, and I am twenty-six years old. I dress smart and try to look presentable at every occasion. 

I work hard and often get sent a whole box of jewellery at a time that needs to be photographed.

I have a list of models with perfect legs and feet that I use, all of them knowing how turned on I get photographing them.

Many keep things professional and some like to tease me, wiggling their toes and arching their feet.


It was a day like any other and I had gotten a batch of anklets and toe rings. As usual, I called up one of my girls and offered her £300 for the day job. 

For many models that is a lot, especially if its cash. Kasie is just twenty-one years old. She has the most perfect long legs and cute dainty feet.

The rest of her body is amazing too, but as I have said, I’m into feet and legs.

She arrived an hour later and as usual, she was dressed to kill.

She wore a tight blouse and black miniskirt. I knew she would be wearing nice lace underwear underneath as she usually did. 

Most of my models know they are coming just to have pictures of their feet and legs taken so they don’t usually dress up for me, not Kasie. Kasie loved to look top notch for me. 

I knew she modelled for other people too, but for me she always wore sexy underwear when she modelled her feet for me.

She didn’t have to, I know, but Kasie took off her top and skirt, sitting in front of me in just her underwear. She sat on the couch and stretched out her amazing legs for me.

I lifted one leg and couldn’t help but admire her form. She had small dainty feet and her toes were perfect.

I could tell she didn’t wear shoes too much as her feet were able to spread easily as I slipped on the toe rings.

The anklet went on next and I had to shake myself out of the trance I was in as I was absent-mindedly massaging her foot. She smiled sweetly at me as I placed her foot on the cushion, I used to frame her foot as I took pictures.

I got my camera ready and zoomed in to her amazing feet. I could not help but get a hard on as I took pictures. I was dressed casually with loose fitting trousers; it wasn’t hard to see the tent growing in them.

Kasie laughed and slid a hand inside her panties. I could see her touching herself as I carried on taking the pictures.

I moved closer, taking some close-up pictures of her amazing feet, some of the magazines, some for my own personal collection.

I could feel her sliding her other foot up my leg, her toes gently tapping at my hard on.

“Kevin, how about you take off your clothes and I’ll give you a foot job, I know you’ll enjoy that."

I blushed but didn’t argue.

I put down the camera, I had taken enough pictures anyway. I pushed down my trousers and boxers, letting my cock spring free. She let out a deep breath and then giggled.

I sat down on the floor in front of her and watched her slide her sexy feet up my leg once more. Her foot touched my cock making it jump with pleasure.

I groaned as her foot expertly massaged my cock, making my cock slide between her toes.

While she played with my cock with her foot, she placed her second foot on my face. I was in heaven smelling and kissing at her sexy foot. 

I took it in my hand and started to kiss and lick at her foot. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I was and moaned as I started to suck on her big toe.

I snaked my tongue between each toe and sucked the individually.

I studied her foot with my tongue, licking every crease and fold, kissing and sucking on her toes. She smiled up at me and carried on playing with my cock with her other foot.

“Enough, let me give you a proper foot job.”

She pulled a foot away from my mouth and placed both of her feet on my cock. With a little effort she had my cock between the soles of her feet and started to move them back and forth on my cock. 

I held both her feet together and slowly started to fuck her feet.

I groaned; the feeling was immense, amazing. It's hard to describe, not like a hand job, or pussy, it was more intense, more sensual, so much better than what I had experienced previously. She could tell she was doing it for me, because she stopped and smiled up at me.

“Kiss me. I want to make out with you before you fuck my brains out.”

She pulled away, and I leant forward. We kissed slowly and she pulled me close.

As we kissed, she unclasped her bra and I could feel her hard nipples against my chest after a few seconds. I grabbed at her soft breasts, squeezing and caressing them.

She pulled away and stood up. I watched as she peeled off her panties revealing her bald puffy pussy. I slid my hand between her legs, feeling her wetness. 

She sat back down and lifted her legs up into the air. I slowly slid my cock into her tight pussy as I rested her legs on my shoulder.

I watched as she moaned up at me as I slowly started to fuck her, building up a rhythm. As I started to fuck her,

I put one of her feet back in my mouth.

The combination of fucking her and sucking on her foot seemed to turn her on as much as I was. As I sucked on her foot, she rested her other foot on my chest.

We both really seemed to be into our lovemaking session. The mix of great sex, and foot play made the whole thing more erotic and it wasn’t long before she had her first orgasm. 

Her pussy pulsed tightly around my cock as her body shook violently, making her foot lightly kick against my chest.

I removed her foot from my mouth and bent her over so that she was almost doubled over. I kissed her passionately as I held her legs against me.

We fucked hard and she seemed to moan loudly. I slammed hard, and felt her body shake beneath me.

She screamed as her pussy pulsated on my cock and I pulled my cock out of her pussy just in time for her to squirt all over me.

I climbed off her and sat back on the couch. I told her to lay back on the floor and told her to lift her legs into the air. I leaned off the couch and lowered my cock into her pussy once more. 

I slowly started to bounce up and down, sliding my cock in and out of her tight hole again.

As I slowly fucked her, l lifted the soles of both her to my face and breathed in her foot scent. Once more I could not help but lick and suck on her feet. 

Once more, it seemed to push her over the edge. I watched with glee as her pussy erupted with her juices.

I sucked and played with her toes and feet more, making her moan and whimper.

It turned me on even more knowing that my foot fetish turned her on. I could feel myself getting to the edge, so I pulled my cock from her pussy and asked her to suck me off.

Kasie got up to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me gently,

 looking up at me and smiling at the same time.

She knew she had me and I was only too willing to be taken.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and she seemed to know me all too well. She sat back on the floor and lifted her legs to me. 

I jerked off quickly with one hand as I held her feet in the other. I groaned and held her foot closer to me as I started to spurt my load over her feet. I groaned as I coated her feet and her toes with my creamy cum. 

She seemed to love the way my cum oozed over her feet and she pushed her feet once more against my cock.

She giggled up at me as she rubbed my own cum on my cock with her feet. I let go of them and climbed on top of her. 

We kissed and made out for what seemed an age before we decided to take a shower.

We showered together and spent the rest of the day taking more pictures and making love. Her perfect feet were at the centre of attention all the time.

That was about ten years ago, she is now still my foot model, but lives with me. We make love all the time and I am in love with her feet as much as I was back then. 

We plan on getting married soon, just not yet.

Story by Daniel

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