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My wife Lynn and I got married when we were only eighteen years old and both of us had been a little sheltered coming from a small...

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The Gift

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were only eighteen years old and both of us had been a little sheltered coming from a small conservative town.

This applied even more to Lynn with her father and uncle being preachers. But once on our own, we started learning that there was a lot of things out there we wanted to check out. 

It was in the late seventies and VCRs had just come out, and we'd gotten one as a wedding gift.

I'd been going out of town buying porn movies, and we saw a lot of things that turned us on. 

One other thing I had gotten interested in was photography.

So it wasn't long before I'd taken some nude photos of Lynn. At first, she wasn't really thrilled at the idea as she thought she wouldn't look good nude.

But she had a whole new outlook once she saw how sexy she looked. And she started wanting to start showing off her sexy body.

She was five-eight, one-hundred-and-ten pounds and a hot 34D-24-35 and with her long red hair, she was a real head turner.

She'd always dressed so conservatively, no one could see how beautiful she really was. 

And now that she realized how she looked, she started to wear make-up to show off her features like her piercing green eyes and full pouty lips. 

And though around town she still had to dress conservatively and keep things low key, when we were at home or out of town, she wanted to show off her sexy body and built up an entire second wardrobe just for that.

She was buying outfits from Fredricks of Hollywood on a weekly basis.

Things like garter belts and silk stockings to show off her long sexy legs. Sheer housecoats and bras, panties and anything else she saw in there catalog she thought would help show off her body. 

She even went as far as making a few alterations to a few of her dresses. So when she let the belt come loose, the elastic she'd sewn into the back would pull the dress open to both sides.

On one of my trips to buy porn movies, I saw a magazine that had photos of real girls on the cover. It was called Select and being in plastic, I couldn't open it so I bought it. 

It turned out to be a swinger magazine but some couples just wanted to swap pictures through the mail.

So we began swapping pictures with couples all over. But by then we'd also shown Lynn's photos to some of my friends and this led up to some threesomes and then wife swapping.

The first couple we swapped with was a big surprise because I learned my wife was bi. By now we'd also started taking weekend trips out of town for Lynn to expose herself. 

And all of this had progressed in less than a year. So by the time we turned nineteen, we had a good grasp on the swinger lifestyle and related things like exhibitionism. 

And though we had a good start, we had a long way to go considering we'd be in the lifestyle for around twenty years and would try things we'd have never dreamed of when we got married.

One of our most unexpected experiences was with a friend of ours named Robert. We'd known him for a few years because he hung out with a group of us that were into muscle cars. 

He had a couple of the baddest cars in town, one was pretty much a race car with tags on it. Everyone in our group was well aware Robert was gay but never said anything to him about it.

He never did or said anything out of the way to any of us. So we accepted him as he was.

He and Lynn had hit it off right away as both were highly intelligent. He'd known us before we'd gotten married and once we were settled, he'd drop by every couple of weeks. 

We always knew who it was because of the unique sound of his car. After a while, he'd confided in Lynn that he was gay and that he figured it wasn't a big secret but he'd never actually told anyone. 

So Lynn went on and told him she was bi, and I think that made him even more comfortable with us.

So one night, we were kicked back watching a porn movie and we heard Robert's car pull up.

At first, Lynn got up to go change because she was wearing a sexy garter belt and stockings with matching bra and panties. She was wearing a housecoat, but it was so sheer you could easily see right through it. 

But as quick as she'd jumped up, she sat back down, figuring Robert wouldn't even notice how she was dressed.

I watched to see his reaction when we went into the family room where Lynn was and he got a little wide-eyed but that was about it. But when she got up to go get us something to drink and he got a better look I could see his interest was piqued. 

When she went past him, I noticed he turned his head and was really staring at her sexy ass. I could tell he was really getting into checking out my hot nineteen-year-old wife.

When she came back, I could see his eyes were moving up and down, taking in every inch of her. He kept going back to her bushy cunt that was only partially covered. 

Lynn got up a couple of more times and each time he checked out every inch of my wife's body. Paying special attention to her ass, pussy and what he could see of her big tits. 

And it was quite obvious he was enjoying the show. But Lynn and I just acted like nothing was out of the ordinary.

It was getting late and he knew we had to go to work the next day so he left.

Lynn and I were turned on like crazy and began talking about what had happened. 

This led us to one hot night of sex as we talked about what we wanted to do on his next visit.

Once it got close to when we expected him, Lynn started to dress in sexy outfits just in case he showed up. 

A couple of nights later we heard his car and Lynn was ready for him. I let him in as usual and let him walk in front of me into the family room where my hot wife was waiting.

She was wearing the same white see-through housecoat and garter belt. But no bra or panties. And the way she was sitting with the housecoat opened he got a great view of what he'd wanted to see the last trip. 

She had her arms on each side pushing in to make her nice thirty-four D tits look even bigger. And her bushy red pussy was on full display.

She stood up, letting the housecoat stay wide open as she asked what kind of refreshments we'd like. 

Like the week before he turned to check out her ass when she went by. But unlike the last time, he commented on what a sexy body she had. And I told him he should tell her because she'd appreciate that.

When she got back, instead of handing him his drink she reached over him sitting it on the table. In the process, putting her firm young tits only inches from his face. And did the same with me sticking her ass up in the air for him to check out. 

He finally told her what a great body he thought she had. And he also complimented her garter belt and stockings. 

She reached down and started rubbing her hand over her stockings saying how good it felt. Then put Robert's hand on her stocking on her inner thigh. 

After asking if he liked how that felt, he began telling us about how he'd gone out with a few girls when he was younger and was still trying to figure out his sexuality. 

He told us back then, all girls wore stockings and how he loved the way they had felt. As he reminisced about his younger years, Lynn moved his hand above the stocking to her bare skin. 

He started rubbing and by his breathing, you could tell he was excited. As did the growing bulge in his pants.

Soon his hand was on her hairy bush and he was rubbing her pussy with one hand as he reached around and squeezed that ass he'd been paying so much attention to. 

As Lynn leaned forward putting her tits in his face, again he moved his attention to them. He took them both in his hands, squeezing them and rubbing her huge puffy aureolas and hard nipples. Lynn let him know if he wanted to suck them he could.

He wasted no time in taking one in his mouth licking and sucking like mad, switching back and forth between them.

And I saw Lynn rubbing his cock through his pants.

When Lynn asked him if he had ever had any fantasies about her, she'd like to hear them.

Suddenly he said, "I've always wanted you to suck my dick."

So she moved down and started pulling his pants off as he took off his shirt. Soon she put his cock in her mouth sucking it and licking and sucking his balls, showing how good she was at sucking cock.

After a while, they move to the couch and he got her on her stomach as he got between her legs. 

We really thought he was going to fuck her in the ass. But he eased it in her tight pussy he pounded her hot cunt as he let her know he hadn't fucked a girl in thirty years.

After a while, she had him fuck her tits which turned out to be something he'd never done before but really liked it. 

Especially when she had him empty a load all over her face and tits. He also gave Lynn her first rim job which she really enjoyed.

They both cleaned up and Robert got dressed while Lynn rinsed off. When she came back she was wearing only the garter belt and stockings with a pair of spiked heels. 

And I got a surprise when she came over and pulled my pants off and started sucking my cock while Robert watched her taking my almost nine-inch dick down to my balls.


I was kind of nervous and kind of turned on. But it didn't take long until I had shot a huge load down her throat.

Robert kept coming over every couple of weeks.

And though we didn't really talk directly about what happened that night, it did break the ice on talking about other experiences we'd had. 

He seemed to really enjoy hearing about them. But except for him squeezing Lynns ass a few times, nothing physical happened.

Sometimes Lynn was fully dressed, others she was half-way dressed up to wearing only a garter and stockings.

But we were about to be the ones getting a big surprise, We'd been taking pictures one night so the camera was on a tripod and we had a big white furry throw over the couch.

Lynn was wearing a new black and gold garter belt and stockings with a pair of spiked heels. The only other thing she had on was a gold see-through shirt that was wide open in front. So every inch of her body was on display.

Lynn was looking really hot because she'd fixed herself up for the photos. She had her long red hair pulled back in a ponytail and had put on eye-liner and mascara. 

Her nails were painted bright red to match the red lipstick that coated on her full pouty lips. She could have given a dead man a hard-on as hot as she looked that night.

We'd taken a break from taking pictures when we heard Robert's car pull up. It was a few days before we expected him but it wasn't a problem because we'd shown him a lot of our pictures. 

I went to let him in. When I opened the door, I was shocked at first because he wasn't alone, but I tried not to let it show how surprised I was.

Robert introduced me to Mike and Tina.

I'd briefly met Mike before and I'd seen Tina around town. And I noticed her because I'd always thought she looked hot as hell. In a kind of slutty way. 

One of those girls you'd like to be fucking on a regular basis. But never taking her home to meet the family.

She was about Lynn's size but not nearly as pretty. And Tina had long black hair about halfway down her back. Where Lynn's red hair went down to her ass. 

But I'd fantasized about fucking Tina before even though I didn't know her. In the back of my mind, I thought I should tell Lynn she needed to cover up.

But I just said to myself, fuck it, I didn't care if they got offended. I wanted to fuck this chick and seeing Lynn naked might grease the wheels.

So we went to the family room and everyone acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. Robert introduced Lynn to Mike and she leaned over and shook his hand, her big tits hanging out. 

Then he introduced her to Tina and she gave her a big hug. We all sat and talked for a few minutes and then Lynn got up with Tina to go get us something to drink. 

Then she said something about putting some clothes on. And in unison, everyone said, "no. "

I was wondering how it was going to play out but figured they were still there so it must be ok. Because it was easy to see what was going on. 

My naked wife on this furry throw with a camera on a tripod facing her and a vibrator lying on the end table beside her. But while the girls were gone we just talked about cars and stuff. 

As long as they were gone, I was afraid Lynn was getting dressed. But they came in and Tina had stripped down and was wearing one of Lynn's garter belts and stockings.

The garter and stockings were all either of them was wearing. And it didn't seem to phase Mike, so I was pretty sure he was expecting this. 

When Tina and Lynn went over to the couch Lynn had been on and they started making out.

I could tell he and Robert were getting into it. So all my reservations were gone and I started to enjoy the show myself. And the girls were putting on one hell of a show for sure.

They were kissing very passionately, licking and sucking each other's tits and eating each other's pussies in a hot sixty-nine. 

Lynn had only been with two other girls, but several times each. And I'd never seen any of them go at it like this. 

But I thought maybe because the others were older and in their thirties. And Lynn was nineteen and Tina twenty-two. But I'd find out later that Tina was just a freak.

At one point, Tina asked me to take some pictures of them and I didn't argue because I was fine with that. They went at it like this for about an hour and both looked completely worn out. 

I went to get everybody a beer and Mike went with me. We talked about how much we liked the other's wife and how hot they were.

He commented about never fucking a redhead and couldn't wait to fuck Lynn. Then he said he should warn me. 

And went on to say Tina got out of control sometimes and he'd seen a couple of guys push her away and end it. So now I was really curious.

We all drank our beer and took it easy except for Robert. He was switching back and forth between Crown Royal and an herbal substance enjoyed in the seventies. 

Then Tina got up and took me by the hand and led me to the white fuzzy throw that was now on the floor. I was naked in no time and she was on her knees sucking my cock like a pro.

But it kind of took me by surprise when she asked Robert if that's what he wanted to see. And she started to deep throat me. But I didn't care if Robert was getting off watching me get my knob shined.

Lynn was showing Mike her oral skills and it blew his mind when she wrapped her hair around his cock and started to jerk him off like that.

He'd never seen that before but really liked it. Tina and I had laid down and I'd sucked her big tits and fucked them a little. 

Then I tried to roll her over on her stomach to fuck her doggie style while playing with her tits.

And she freaked out and screamed, "No anal!" It shocked the hell out of me.

She got on top of me and eased my cock inside of her and it was going good but I didn't want to freak her out again. And I saw Mike fucking Lynn in the ass and he seemed to really be enjoying it. And so did she. 

Then Tina switched gears and started moving her hips in all kinds of different directions. And then she went really wild and started screaming, "fuck me like a whore, I know every guy thinks I'm a fucking slut. But I fuck who I want, so shove that big cock in me because that's what I wanted.".


It didn't seem to get Mike's attention so I kept fucking her. Then she started doing something as they call twerking nowadays and her pussy felt like it was grabbing my cock really tight. 

I'd never felt anything like it in my life.

And she was bouncing around. I could see why some guys might run the hell away. But I was really getting off on it.

Her big tits were bouncing around and I knew I was getting the kind of fuck I'd fantasized of getting from her those times I'd seen her. And Lynn was having a great time too. 

I think Mike was really into having his first redhead. But I finally emptied a hot load in Tina and Mike shot off in Lynn's mouth. 

We all sat around for a while. And then the girls apparently had their own plan and suddenly jumped up and went over to Robert.

They started pulling off his clothes and putting their tits in his mouth. They took turns stroking his cock and sucking it. 

And Tina told Lynn to do that thing with her hair. So she wrapped her hair around his cock and jerked him off with it.

It was obvious he loved the hell out of that. Then Lynn straddled him and fucked him while Tina sucked Lynn's tits and licked Roberts cock as it went in and out of Lynn's wet pussy.

They ended up with Robert shooting a huge load of cum on Lynn's big tits 

and Tina licking them clean.

The girls made out a little while longer while Rober was running his hands all over there luscious, firm young bodies. 

Everyone had gotten a little worn out so they left. We got together with Mike and Tina a few more times but ended it when we learned they weren't very discreet.

Robert kept coming over every few weeks. Sometimes Lynn would be in one of her revealing outfits. But nothing physical was ever expected. 

But on occasion, Lynn would give him a blow job and a couple of times, we had threesomes with him. But he never assumed anything would happen. It was totally up to Lynn.

And having friends like him was great because over time he brought us some more surprise gifts. But that's for another story.

Story by Jack 

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