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I first met Diane on a Saturday afternoon at a pub in Liverpool Street in 2009. I was meeting my brother and he’d p...

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I first met Diane on a Saturday afternoon at a pub in Liverpool Street in 2009.

I was meeting my brother and he’d previously mentioned that his friend Diane may come along with him. 

I’d heard a lot about her but we’d never met. The two of them had gone to an Oasis concert together with a group of other friends in the past. 

I walked into the pub and greeted my brother who told me that Diane was around also. I got a drink and we carried on chatting.

Suddenly coming towards us was a big blonde-haired girl with tattoos on her arms, I noticed that she had the barb wire tattoo on her upper arm, just like Pamela Anderson.

I loved that tattoo, so sexy.

She was sexy looking, face made up, she had massive boobs and was wearing a small black skirt and long knee-length black boots.

This was Diane.

We were introduced and my brother probably did his usual thing of telling Diane that he was good looking one out of the two of us! 

Diane was looking at me in a certain way, I wasn’t too sure that she was that keen on me. 

Our conversations were falling slightly flat and I remember thinking that I need to do better here.

Suddenly Diane asked me if I wanted to go clubbing with her later on that night, to a club near to her in Bromley. 

The plan was that me and my brother were going to meet up later that night with one of his friends, but this particular friend didn’t get on with Diane anymore so they wouldn’t be meeting up.

We arranged that me and my brother would go to meet this friend of his, then I would take the train to Bromley to go clubbing with Diane. 

She told me I could stay at hers. It was then that I realized why she was looking at me in a certain way before. It was clear that we both fancied each other, and staying at hers was just a way to say that we’re going to end up having sex later tonight, if I was lucky!

So, Diane left the pub and went to Bromley, I’ll be honest I just wanted to go with Diane straight away but didn’t want to be rude to my brother who I hadn’t seen for a while. 

After we’d met his friend, we went our separate ways and I got the train to Bromley. After coming out of the station, I saw Diane standing there waiting for me. 

We’d probably swapped numbers after leaving the pub, I can’t remember now but she seemed eager for me to arrive. 

Perhaps she was worried that I might meet someone else and not bother to go to Bromley. I couldn’t wait to see her again.

We went to a bar and then to a club which opened a bit later on,

we talked in there for hours with her resting her legs full stretch onto my lap. I placed my hands onto her legs whilst we flirted for a while.

A lot of guys were giving me a look of envy in the club and even Diane said that guys must think I’m very lucky. 

She was just so sexy looking, the type of girl who was always up for fun and I think men can tell that straight away. 

It’s not just how a woman looks and dresses but just the look in her eye. Diane had this look and she was every bit as naughty as me if not more.

We went back to her place where we chatted, put on some music and had a few more drinks. Diane announced that she was going up to bed taking the ashtray with her and asked me if I was coming.

I gladly followed her to her room. We got into bed together and it was me who had to make the first move. 

I touched her bum and put my hand up her ass, to which she gave a moan, I then pulled off her panties and began eating her out, hard.

I remember that she tasted so good, we didn’t really snog much but the next thing I knew was that I was fucking her missionary, and then from behind. 

That night, it wasn’t the most mind-blowing sex that either of us had had, but better was to cum!

We didn’t get a chance to meet again for a while, but eventually, we agreed to meet on a Friday night in London, when I saw her again, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. 

She’d been working out and lost so much weight, was wearing a very sexy short red dress and high heels. Matching nail polish, hair looking amazing and makeup to die for! 

We sat in a restaurant and flirted, I told her how amazing she looked and I just wanted to touch her. I placed my hand under our table and put my hand between her legs. 

She gave me a dirty excited look. 

Later that night we went back to my place, on the way she needed to pee, so I walked her round to an empty corner and told her to squat down and piss.
She was delighted and willingly squatted down onto the pavement to give me a full view of her pussy, as she shot all her hot piss out onto the street. 

I wiped her pussy afterwards with my hand and took hold of her hands to lift her back up.
Back at mine, we were playing together all night on my bed. I was licking her out, finger fucking her 

and then I used a big glass bottle on her, working the neck of the bottle in and out of her pussy. 

She told me to be careful not to break the bottle as I continued to work her, slowly at first and then harder and faster until she came on the bottle, with her legs in the air. 

We began to meet up regularly, she’d dress up into a sexy nurse's uniform and I’d literally pound the crap out of her all night in every position we could think of. 

I even came inside her once, it was such a heavy load too, I loved the thought of my hot spunk inside her body. 

I started using pills with her so I could be harder and stronger all night and after cuming it wasn’t long before I was ready to fuck her pussy again. 

She loved having her bum spanked whilst I talked dirty to her. Nothing was off-limits for Diane as long as it turned her on.

We stopped meeting when she met a new boyfriend after I’d gone to Spain with my brother, they got married in the end and we continued to be friends, the three of us. But we did have some exciting times together!

Story by Scott 

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