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My journey on OnlyFans started a few years back.  I always dreamt of becoming a famous model from such a young age.  I had the body, the lo...

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My journey on OnlyFans
started a few years back. 

I always dreamt of becoming a famous model from such a young age. 

I had the body, the looks and I knew I had it in me to pursue a career as a glamour model.


Initially as a stepping stone I signed up to purpleport, the platform that connects models with photographers.

I managed to get really good professional shots and posted them on Instagram and it was a hit. 

The number of followers I had increased daily and people started to compliment me on how beautiful I looked in those bikini shots.

A couple of years past, I received a few decent modelling contracts with publishing companies and was doing seemingly well.
During a photo shoot with my favourite photographer Daniel, he mentioned that there was a platform called ‘OnlyFans’ and that I could monetise my content and make some extra cash on the side from my modelling.

By this time I'd never heard of OnlyFans and wasn't even sure what it was all about.

So I did a google search, and soon created a new account with my existing twitter profile, uploaded some of my best photos that I'd posted on Instagram, and set up a price for subscription.

In no time at all, I got a few paying subscribers. I was hooked! 

It was such a thrill to see the regular money I'd be making and imagined how much I could make if I actually managed to get a lot of subscribers! 

Why didn't I know about this earlier? I thought!

I started to connect with other girls who are doing well on OnlyFans and started to learn more from them.

As I already had a huge collection of my modelling photos stored on my computer, I uploaded them daily, updated my account frequently and began to really market myself on as many social media platforms as I could to gain as much exposure and to be really visible to future, potential subscribers.

The more content that I uploaded, the more subscribers started to sign up, from all over the world.


As time went by, I was doing so well and was making far more than I ever earned from other jobs, so I then decided to quit all other work and throw myself into OnlyFans full time. 

It had totally exceeded my expectations and knew that it was right to focus purely on it to really capitalise on my early success.

I noticed fairly quickly that the girls who posted sexually explicit content had a much larger subscriber base and were making a fortune.

Since this was now the only means of income I had to support myself, I soon began uploading nude photos of myself and sent personalised explicit videos for those who requested them.

After making that move, my income increased five times over.


Within less than a year, I was literally running my own business, working from home independently and this venture became a true money making machine.

It was almost too good to be true...

I'd never made this much money in my entire life! It was all so hard to believe, surreal almost.

Gerald was one of my subscribers, who admired me very much, I'd say he was my biggest fan. He regularly commented nice things about me on my Instagram and twitter posts.

He was the only subscriber who bought every single item on my amazon wish list, tipped me huge amounts on a regular basis, and paid for everything I put out there for sale.

One day he asked me out on a date, sending me a picture of himself. He said that he wanted to meet with me face to face at least once. Looking at his picture I could tell he was a very decent man.


As he was the biggest spender, he stood out from the rest, I agreed to meet him and we met each other for the first time in a nice five star restaurant that he arranged prior to our meeting in central London.

Gerald was an absolute gentleman, so generous and a real man of the world who worked in business travelling abroad regularly. He was in his early 40’s, a super wealthy CEO running his family owned billion dollar company in Dubai.

I find intelligent, successful men very attractive.

As I built a business up from scratch with a lot of hard work, I thought that it's only rational and sensible to date a man who was far more successful than I was at the time.

After our first meeting I met him a few more times.

Every time I met with him I felt like it was my Birthday, he would lavish me with so many expensive designer gifts.

They included exclusive gold jewellery, perfumes, beautiful dinner outfits, designer shoes & handbags. 

It was like every girl’s dream come true!

On one occasion, the day he arrived in London he text me that he really wanted to see me immediately that evening and asked me to visit him in his swanky hotel in Central London.
It was a rainy day, so I booked a cab, and arrived at the hotel around 8.30pm.

I knocked on his door, he greeted me with a smile as I hugged him. I was always ecstatic to see Gerald.

His room was a huge top floor luxury suite, with a jacuzzi no less on the balcony. It was truly amazing! 

The city view from the balcony was simply stunning, I felt so lucky and alive to be there with him, experiencing the moment in its entirety.

He poured me a glass of fine champagne and we began to chat. 

Gerald then produced two designer shopping bags and handed them to me. The excitement of looking to see what he’d bought for me each time was such a trip.

In one bag was an elegant evening dress, which also happened to fit my size perfectly, he always remembered my measurements. Such a classy man, I thought to myself as I hurriedly checked the other bag. 

It was sexy new lingerie and a saucy bikini. Perfect!

As I slipped into his immaculate bathroom to get changed he looked at me and said “I’ve a surprise in store for you, when you’ve got dressed.” Winking wickedly to me.

I was looking forward to finding out what this surprise was.

I took a little while in there getting myself perfect for him. Make up, hair all the usual girly things that take a great deal of time and effort.

When I reentered the room, it was now romantically lit with candles everywhere, it looked divine and sensual, especially given the setting. 

Elsewhere sexy jazz music was playing, it sounded so smooth and silky to my ears.

I looked over at the bed, and there lying on it was a BDSM kit. When I saw the kit I looked at Gerald and he smiled. I never knew Gerald had a kinky side to him. It was a pleasant surprise.

“Oh boy, it was going to be a long and fun night!” I thought.

“You look stunning” He said to me, as I turned around for him, he was busy taking me in. His starving eyes, ready to ravish and devour me, whole.

He walked to me and handed me a glass of red wine this time, that had such a beautiful taste, I’ll never forget.

He touched my face tenderly and kissed me passionately and deeply on the lips…wow! he was such a great kisser, this was our first kiss.

Pulling himself away from my lips he reached for the door restraints on the bed before gently guiding me towards the hotel door. 

Gerald slowly began to restrain me, my arms up in the air as he adjusted the strap over the back of the door.

And then lastly he slipped a blindfold over my eyes, my vision now lost and I was totally at the mercy of this man and our erotic experience together.

I felt how tightly he’d restrained me as I tried to pull my arms, but I couldn’t move them. My hands bound upwards with the cuffs cutting into my wrists.

Suddenly I felt him kiss each area of my body; his mouth covered every single part of me, he left none of me out. 

His delicate touch made my nipples get harder, he started to take off my lingerie.

The only thing I was wearing was a blindfold as he began to put his fingers into my pussy, at first playing and moving his hand around until he started to finger fuck me.

My pussy started to get wet as he worked his fingers in and out of me, soon hitting my G spot as he curled his fingers around and pulled them out in a come hither motion, slowly to start with then with increased speed.

Next he was stroking my clit up and down, licking his fingers and starting all over again. His fingers felt so amazing as he pleasured me for as long as he wanted and for as long as I could take it.

Gerard’s dick was by now so hard that he couldn’t ignore it any longer, he lift up both my legs, holding them in his hands and started to fuck me as my head and back banged up against the back of the door, legs swaying out in front of me as he rocked me back and forth with his dick now in total control of me.

After pounding my pussy so deeply, his cock shaft working its way around my wet pussy, he came with a groan of pleasure as my wrists pushed back further onto the door behind me.

Carefully freeing me from this very sexy door restraint, I was struck with how naughty it was, I’d never been cuffed to a door like this before and found something about it made me extremely horny.


I think it was the fact that people could be walking around the hotel floor just the other side of us, completely oblivious to the kinky games that we were playing on the other side! I think Gerard got a kick out of it.

We walked over to the balcony and began chatting again over another refreshing glass of red wine; it was starting to go to my head. That and the shear buzz of excitement I always felt being around him and having our intimate liaisons together.


Gerard’s company was so stimulating to me, it really was. He was so well read and also loved to talk about the many trips he’d taken around the globe as well as various business ideas he’d ask me about.
I loved it so much that he genuinely sought out my opinion and always listened to what I thought. He enjoyed my company every bit as much as I did his. Otherwise we’d talk for hours about social and political issues; time stood still and in the moment I always wished it would last forever!

After sometime we continued our cozy conversation in the Jacuzzi on the balcony. I was wearing the sexy bikini that he’d bought for me. 

He had another glass of wine and a box of exotic chocolates waiting for me as he asked me to join him.

It was so nice; in fact it was one of the best romantic experiences that I ever had. 

We were playfully teasing each other with the water, relaxing and admiring the panoramic city view that lay out so beautifully in front of us.
It somehow looked even more amazing at night, with the many lights of the city shining so brightly in the distance. 

I felt as if I were in paradise and loved every second of it!

Gerard always loved foreplay, and I do really appreciate a man who loves to take his time first, building up the passion by kissing and licking me everywhere so that I slowly start to get wet with anticipation, instead of just rushing in too soon.

He kissed me hard on the lips, I could feel our tongues meet and dance around each other’s mouths, it felt so smooth and wet as he glided his tongue all around my mouth whilst touching my body everywhere….

Taking off my bikini as if he were unwrapping a present that he’d been waiting eagerly to receive, he sat me on his erect penis, it had some precum on the top as his excitement grew to an unstoppable frenzy.

I began riding his cock as my raw naked body faced him, he couldn’t stop looking at my body as I rode him, he loved to watch me, and it gave him so much pleasure just to see me getting off with him.

The thrill of the show we were now putting on in front of the night city turned Gerard on so much, he wanted to show me off and what he was doing with me, and really didn’t care who was watching!

The eyes of envy could watch us all night, and thinking back to it, some of them probably did! 

He was now fucking me in the water, as it splashed around in time with his thrusting.

He held my shoulders and kissed my back as he drove into me deeper and harder with each stroke back and forth. 

As I turned my head to him I gave a lustful look as I groaned opening my mouth fully and making sexy eyes at him. The look I gave him made him cum hard. He pushed his head into my arched back as he shot his load into the Jacuzzi water.

We showered together afterwards which was fun! 

I collapsed onto the bed flinging my arms out to the sides, I felt completely at peace! Gerard joined me on the bed as we lay next to each other. I stroked the hairs on his chest as he gently played with my hair, until we both fell asleep.

I adore men who treat me like a princess, I suppose it’s the little girl in me that just can’t resist a prince or a knight in shining armour; a gentleman who truly knows how to treat and behave around a lady.

The next morning, I woke up before him….so I carefully buried myself under the duvet and wrapped my hand around his cock, stroking it up and down until it was hard enough for me to ride on it.

I stroked his cock until he woke up smiling. “Good morning” I said to him.
It was quite the wake up call! He was now wide awake and aroused. I sat on his cock and began to ride him, rocking back and forth until he spilled his cum all over me and the bed sheets.

We finished off by ordering breakfast up to our room; it was the finest food I’d ever eaten so early in the morning! It was truly fit for a king and his queen!

I knew that our time was coming to an end, it was always hard as I could have gotten quite used to living like this every day! What a joy that night had been…I felt extremely blessed.

I said goodbye to Gerard, hugging him tenderly. I left the hotel with all the goodies Gerald had bought for me. The many bags I now had were certainly heavy for me to carry!

I met with Gerard again a couple of months later, and spent the night in another luxury hotel.

It was simply sensational! I’d love to tell you all about it in another story.
We still stay in touch with each other on social media. He's an extremely busy man and our relationship is more like “friends with benefits” at the moment, and he is still my biggest fan.

Story by Caroline

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