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"Real People, Real Stories"

Welcome All Contributors!

Everyone has a story to tell. 

Whenever you state your story, you re-live the moments of pleasure that you had with your partner(s).

Kinkyp.com is the perfect place to share your sexual encounters, the charms, the temptations, unforgettable incidents, the best times, your feelings, the excitement, secret confessions and everything that you experienced.

The goal of this publication is to collect the most awesome adult short stories on kinky p and we always look for extraordinary stories to share with you & our readers.

So let us publish your story and it will be addressed to a broader global audience.

Uniqueness attracts all. We admire the unique stories that we regularly publish with the most suitable and engaging images we provide.

No judgement. We have seen it all. So don't be shy.

We have a larger audience; over 10'000+ visitors daily here to read your hot encounters and the numbers are increasing.

90% of our readers are mobile phone users, so we have made our website responsive to facilitate readers on all types of interfaces to provide the best experience.

If you find it exciting to share your story with the global audience and let them enjoy those temptations, just email us at stories@kinkyp.com with your story.


We’ll accept stories up to 1500 words. Stories between 1000-1500 words have the greatest chance of acceptance.


Sharing your story can help you & others

All accepted stories will be featured in the Kinky P short story collection for a worldwide audience.

The primary purpose behind this publication (The Why) as a solution to 
Global Loneliness.

All the content on this website is 18+.


Adult Personals 

Everyone prefers to have some qualities in their sexual partner.

If you are one of those who seek your better half or prefer to have casual hook-ups that end in exotic one-night stands we are here for you.

Let us know your story, the moments of pleasure that you had with your previous partner(s) along with your hopes and preferences regarding the partner/couple you seek and we shall publish it to connect you with your perfect match. Also don’t forget to add your contact info  (Phone number, Email, WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat, Viber etc). 

You also can use the comment section to place your ads without having to login. 

Promote Your Erotica Books and Blogs 

What would be better to share your true feelings of pleasure, the sexual drive that you can never forget to an audience and receive amounts for it? Uploading one of your true personal sexual encounters along with your adult blog or erotica e-books can turn the tables of your professional life.

Whenever you submit your story to kinky P website don’t forget to send us links to your blog content or your adult erotica books on Amazon.

Helping Businesses To Grow Worldwide

We can also help you to promote your adult business, products & services for FREE.

To work alongside KinkyP you simply have to send us a true story based on what you're trying to promote along with images and links to your social media accounts/websites and we can help you to get more exposure to build social influence, followers and more sales.

Please contact us for further information.

So why wait, email us your story today and share your unforgettable experiences with the world.


Yep – drop us a line via the Contact Us form or email: stories@kinkyp.com

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