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This is a true story which happened a couple of months ago.  At Certain times of the year I get really horny and then my mind races with th...

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This is a true story which happened a couple of months ago. 

At Certain times of the year I get really horny and then my mind races with thoughts. 

When this happens I find myself looking through the adverts for either massage or if I feeling a little more adventurous I look on the Adult Work website.

These thoughts had been going on for a couple of days and I had in my head plans what I wanted to do.
I had even visited a couple of sex shops to buy some toys.  

I should really no better at my age, I am 53 now and my body doesn't perform as it once did. I keep myself in reasonably good shape although I do have a bit of a belly these days.


I know how my body works and what I am and am not capable of but still my horny mind takes over and things don't work out as I imagined. 

Will I ever learn who knows.

I did my Google search and found the Adult Work site. I have a username and password so I logged in. 

I have a hot list of go to ladies but occasionally I like to try someone new. 

This was one of those occasions and I found her on Escort of the week. A young Thai girl over in Queensway. 

Her pictures looked amazing and she called herself the anal queen. 

There were loads of pictures of her tight little arse pushed up and just asking for a hard cock to slip inside. She also provided a phone number so no need to go through the online booking service. 

Her status was in green for available. So without too much extra thought I dialled the number. 

It rung for what seemed an age then it clicked and I found myself talking to a very sweet sounding Thai girl. 

"Hello" came the the sweet voice. 

"This is Suzi, how can I help?" 

"Hi, I am wondering if your available today?" I said. 

Judging by your profile you should be able to help just fine 

Her profile stated anal, oral without come in mouth (CIM) at discretion and that she was submissive, plus anal play. Price all inclusive with no extra charges. 

"Well would love to come and visit, just got a couple of questions before I do" I don't want to waste my time or hers so I always like to make sure that all I want to do is available. 

"Text me your questions and I will text you back." 

So I hung up and began my text. Do you like vibrators? Do you like having butt plugs and do you enjoy receiving oral ?

The reply came back swiftly. She didn't like vibrators but was happy for me to play with her anus with butt plugs and as for receiving oral that was welcomed. 

I quickly texted her back and asked when she would be available and would like to see her for three hours. 

OMG....what was I thinking, three hours! Like I said my mind overrules common sense at times. 

She replied that I could come over straight away. I told her I would be there in an hour.

Gathering up my bag of toys I headed out the door popping a couple of Viagra as I left. 

My heart was racing as I headed for the tube station. I lived probably ten stops from Queensway. Suzi had provided the postcode and told me to call when I got to the road then she would text the full address. 

It took me about half an hour on the London underground.

My heart was pounding with excitement and anticipation. I hoped that the butt plugs I had bought with me would be acceptable. They were all newly bought and still in their packaging. 

Plus I had some lube with me and some anti bacterial wipes. I was up to date with all my sexual health tests.

I like to be prepared plus I like to be able to relax when I get a blow job. 

So I bring my credentials to let the girl know I am safe.

The train pulled into Queensway and I alighted from the tube and headed out onto Queensway. Her street was about a five min walk. 

When I reached the corner I rang the number. "Hi I am here". She then texted me the address. 

Within two mins I was walking up the stairs to her flat. Knocking on the door I was greeted by the same girl from the profile. 

She had a pair of knee length boots on other than that she was naked. Her breasts were small and perky and she looked to be about five foot one very slim and petite. 

She smiled and let me in.

All she had was a room with a bed in it off which was a shower and a small kitchen service. In the corner piled four high were roles of toilet paper. 
She looked me up and down and pointed to the shower. "Money first please" I was used to this and being that I had never visited her before was to be expected. 

I opened my bag and took out the toys I had bought with me. "Take a look at them and let me know what you are happy to use" 

I also showed her my health credentials showing my full house of negative results meaning I was healthy. "We ok for CIM then?" She studied the results smiled and said yes. 

By this time I was already down to my boxer shorts and handed her the cash which she counted and smiled again. 

I soon had my boxers off and walked into the shower.

My cock was now semi erect and pulling the foreskin back I clean it around the head give it a gentle tug. I then washed my anus and the rest of me. 

There was some mouth wash in the bathroom so I had a gurgle of that too.

I walked back in towards the bed drying myself. She was sat on the bed. "Three hours then" I reminded her "I wish to play with you first." 

I looked at the butt plugs I had given her. She had them in two groups. "These no good cause ridges they hurt" She said pointing at one pile. 

"These ones fine" Note to self always by the smooth ones. This announcement slightly dampened my mood and I now wondered how I would keep this three hours going.

Each butt plug was slightly bigger than the other and I had planned to slowly stretch her anus before penetrating her with my cock. So much for planning. 

Still I was determined to make the most of it. "Ok no problem".

I packed away the offending plugs and asked her to lie down on her back and spread her legs. I then knelt down in front of her and began to kiss her body, starting at her feet. 

They were about a size four beautifully manicured nails. I sucked her toes 

and ran my lips and tongue up her body to her navel then further to her breasts. Gently licking her nipple's and flicking them with my tongue before sucking them. I then moved further to her neck then lips. 

We kissed and she allowed me to kiss her fully on the lips and run my tongue into her mouth. 

She responded and soon we were french kissing. My cock by now was fully erect. I headed down to her fully shaven pussy and began to lick her with long strokes starting from her anus. 

I had positioned her legs so that she was almost in a backward roll position. She was so petite and easy to move around. I continued to lick her and buried my head into her pussy wrapping her legs around my neck to that I was locked in. 

I told her tighten her legs around my neck and hold my head. She began to rub her pussy into my face while her legs tightened around me. Pretty soon I could feel her shudder as she must have come. Her pussy was now wonderfully wet. I licked and kissed her some more tasting her pussy juices. 

She tasted devine. 

Then I pulled my head up and flipped her over onto her stomach and lifted her bum up. Kneeling on the bed I slowly ran my finger around her anus occasionally leaning over and licking it. 

Then I flipped the lid on the lube and squeezed some out onto her anus and began to work it into her with my finger. With the other hand I opened the first butt plug and squeezed some lube onto it. Then rubbed it all over it. I positioned the plug at the entrance to her anus and gently began to push it inside of her. 

My cock was so hard by now and the head was covered in pre-cum from all the excitement. I continued to work the plug into her anus moving it backwards and forwards. All the time massaging her buttocks and giving them a playful slap.

This went on for awhile and then I decided to try a slightly bigger plug. She groaned a little as it went in. 
"Are you ok?" I asked "I hope that doesn't hurt?"

"No no its fine, I like" she replied. 

I laughed and spanked her bum a little harder. I then moved my body so that my penis was pointing towards her mouth leaning over her I continued to work the butt plug in and out of her anus. 

I pushed my penis further forward so that my cock rested on her lips that I had earlier kissed with such passion. She greedily took me into her mouth and began to suck me occasionally pulling the foreskin backwards and forwards licking the head.

This was very welcomed on my side. 

I could feel the sperm beginning to build up inside of me and pretty soon I released my heavy load into her mouth. 

I shuddered as I came and pulled on it to ensure everything was out. 

I then pulled it from the grip of her mouth and squeezed the head which released a little more sperm and told her to lick it and to swallow what was in her mouth which she dutifully did. 

Then she got up from the bed and headed towards the sink picking up the mouth wash which she gurgled with before returning to the bed. 

"You like massage?" I nodded and and layed down on my front while she proceeded to pore oil on my back and shoulders. 

There then followed what can only be described as a really good massage. She worked my shoulders and I could feel the tensions being removed. She then went to work on my back bum and legs. 

She had obviously had some training in this. She stretched my legs and stood on my back working it with her feet. 

Then she knelt down again and began to run her fingers over my anus and occasionally putting her fingers inside it. Her other hand reached under and gently massaged my balls and cock. I could feel myself becoming hard again then she told me to turn over and continued to run her fingers over my perineum while stroking my cock. 

Then she lent forward and took me into her mouth again and slowly sucked me.

 Suzi was amazing and I was really enjoying her attention. After a little while I suggested that now was the time for me to fuck her arsehole. 

Sure she replied and reached over for the condoms. She then put it on my cock and rolled it down the shaft using her mouth before putting some lube on it. I got her to lye on her back again and placed her knees on either side of her head. She was so supple and flexible a dream of a women. 

I chose to enter her pussy to begin with and gave her bum a good hard slap. I then began to fuck her tight little Thai pussy for a couple of mins before deciding to put my cock in her arse. I lifted her legs up and wrapped my hands around her ankles holding them right. With the other hand I pulled her arse up to meet my cock and placed a two pillows underneath her. 

Then holding my cock I positioned it In front of her anus and placed the head at the entrance and began to push forward. Now she was tight and it became difficult for me to enter. I put some more lube on it and gently fingered her anus before picking up one of the but plugs and gently putting that inside her.

Then I tried with my cock again.

 This was not how it was supposed to be but eventually I was in and I gently fucked her arse all the time holding her ankles tightly in both my hands after awhile I pulled out. 

I wanted to take the condom off and come in her mouth again. As I pulled out her hand moved down and held my cock. Then she let out a shriek the condom had broken.

Her mood changed and she suddenly became angry. 

"Why this happens this never happened before. Been doing this one year never happened" she jumped up from the bed and headed for the shower. I watched as she cleaned her anus and pussy. 

I just sat there on the bed wondering what happened next.

My mind began to race. Although I knew I was clean was she. How long had my cock been in her arse without protection? When did she last have a test? 

She then got up and began to dry herself and put her clothes on. The session was obviously over. Checking the watch I noted I had been with her an hour.

She sat down on the bed and picking up the money began to count it, removing the hour I had paid and returning me the rest.

This I had not expected. When did you last have a test I asked. To which she did not reply. "Why did you break the condom?" She asked. 

"I didn't. It just broke. I wouldn't do that" she gave me a very angry look. 

I got up and started to dress. "I am safe you know that I showed you the paperwork remember." She didn't reply. 

I asked her again when did she last have a test. Still no reply. I was now dressed had my bag with the toys in all packed up. Doing up my shoe laces. 

I headed to the door, opened and left.

I assured myself that everything would be fine but decided that as a precaution I would call the sexual health clinic and try and make an appointment. 

I took out my phone dialled the number and waited. 

The usual message came up press option one for that option two for that and so on. Eventually I had the correct option which I pressed and waited. 

"You are number five in the queue. You are now number four in the queue. We are extremely busy try calling back later". I held on and eventually it rung and a women's voice answered. 

"Hello.... Chelsea and Westminster sexual health clinic appointments line, how can I help?"

"Hi" I replied and I told her my story. 

I had found a park to sit in away from people who might overhear my conversation. 

The women suggested that I should come in and get a prescription for some post HIV exposure tablets. These tablets could be taken after sex and if I took them quickly it would stop the HIV virus in its track. 

She said the quicker I came into the clinic the better. I said I could be in there within the hour. 

Amazingly she said there was a slot at 3:15pm. It was now 1pm so that was perfect. I really wasn't expecting to be seen so quickly.

Grabbing a coffee from a coffee shop I headed back to the tube station and headed over to Hammersmith Broadway station. I arrived in plenty of time having time for a sandwich from Pret a Manger before walking to the clinic.

Pushing open the door I was met by a receptionist. I told her I had an appointment. Firstly due to Covid she had to take my temperature. It was normal and she told me to go to the first floor. 

Upon arrival I was told to take a seat and wait for my name to be called

The place is all confidential and my GP would not know I had been. 

I waited for about ten mins until my name was called. 

I then went into a small room with two chairs a table and a computer. "Hi my name's Steve. I am a nurse here. I will ask you a few questions and then you will go and see one of the doctors. Now tell me what's happened? "

I told my story again occasionally he would stop me to clarify things or ask me a question. When he had confirmed that I wasn't a drug user that I hadn't shared needles and it was a women I had slept with and not a man. 

He gave me some percentages and statistics based on my answers. 

He came to the conclusion that I was low risk but as a precaution he recommended that I should still take the pills. He then told me to wait in the waiting area again for my name to be called which I did.

It had been six months since my last HIV test but I hadn't put myself in any danger so was pretty confident that any tests would show up negative. 

So my name was called again and I went to another room with a similar set up except this time there was a trolley with needles and test tubes for taking blood samples. 

The doctor was a women called Susan. 

She told me that before she could issue me with the prescription she had to check if I was positive or negative for HIV. 

The test involved a prick of the finger and would show any exposure to HIV in the past three months. The result she told me would be instant. She also told me that in a few months the NHS would be able to issue drugs for people to take before sex which would prevent the HIV virus from taking hold. 

I was amazed at what medical research had managed to create in the past 30 years.

She performed the test and the results were negative. 

"Ok that's good news so now I can issue with the prescription. Firstly I need to take some blood from you to check for any other sexual transmitted diseases (STD's) and could you also give me a urine sample"

I asked if I could take a picture of the HIV result. This was a circle with two dots in it. I took a picture and immediately WhatsApp'd it to Suzi. 

While the doctor went of to collect the tablets I headed to the toilets to perform my urine sample. I hate doing this as I always end up peeing on my hands. How women successfully perform this task is a mystery to me. 

I arrived back at the room and Susan had returned. "Ok great let's take those blood samples first". Taking my arm she put a tourniquet on it and tapped for a vain then inserted the needle and filled up two test tubes of blood. 

I always look the other way when giving blood so as not to see and therefore avoid fainting. 

I was glad I had eaten that sandwich to get my blood sugar levels up. Once this was done she took out the prescription. She then explained that I had to take tablets twice a day for the next twenty eight days. Two in the morning and one in the evening. That they had to be taken 12 hours apart. If I missed one day it was not a problem but it mustn't be two days otherwise I would have to start all over again. 

She then gave me enough tablets for 28 days. I had to take one large blue pill once a day with a pink pill and twelve hours later I had to take another pink pill. I was to take the first two straight away. Then again the following morning. 

It was now 4:30pm but she said it would be ok to take them again at 7am. I also then had to come back in 28 days and have another HIV test. She also suggested having a hepatitis B vaccines. Saying she would text me with an appointment for that. 

By this time I was wondering why I had even bothered going to see Suzi. Next time I feel very horny watch some porn and jerk off. 

Suzi had replied to my WhatsApp saying I could have got that image of the internet. That she wanted to see paperwork. The clinic doesn't do that but on showing some ID they said they would email me the results. 

They did this which took a couple of days. I then emailed that to Suzi and she was satisfied.

I just don't need this stress I thought. 

I felt like a total idiot and would be tugging myself of in the future or getting a massage and hand relief. 

I had spent a fortune on sex toys which would now would not be needed. Maybe I could give them away to someone in need of them. 

The whole experience had in the end been ruined. 

Only myself to blame though. 

I guess I will never learn.

Story by David

Share your story: stories@kinkyp.com 

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