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I was away  overseas for a few months so when I came home I had planned a special night for the wife and I.  I ended up booking us into a ni...

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Taking My Wife To A STRIP CLUB

I was away overseas for a few months so when I came home I had planned a special night for the wife and I. 

I ended up booking us into a nice hotel downtown and got the in-laws to look after the kids. 

As part of the package, I had also planned a wonderful meal at a rooftop restaurant that overlooked the city.


During dinner I gave my wife an expensive golden necklace that I had purchased for her for being so wonderful while I was away. 

I told her that the gift came with a condition though. She had to go to the washroom, remove her panties (she was wearing a thong that night with a fairly short skirt with black nylons) and hand them to me when she returned.

She got a grin on her face and sashayed off to the washroom. 

After a couple of minutes she returned and smiled seductively to me as she handed me her tiny black thong when she sat back down. We continued with our wonderful meal but I could not get my mind off her bare pussy being on display under the table.

Although I was incredibly aroused thinking of my bare wife all meal long, I had planned to take my wife to a strip club after dinner which was just down the street from our hotel. 

After desert I shared my plans with her and I guess the three glasses of wine she had helped in her agreeing to my plans.

It was exciting walking into the club with her, (a first for us!), when we entered, we ended up sitting close to the stage and we ordered some more drinks and watched some of the girls on stage.

Although we were surrounded by beautiful ladies, I was more interested in watching my wife stare at all the different ladies in the club.

Once we had settled in, I asked her to pick a girl to dance for us in the champagne room. She ended up picking out a stunning blond with a sizable rack and a tight, tight body. 

Once we got into the back room I asked the stripper to dance for my wife. She was told the rules of the club (can't touch her pussy) and it was so hot to see this woman dancing between my wife’s legs. 

The dancer was getting very close to my wife and her movements were pushing up my wife's skirt which was now barely covering her bare pussy.

It was very erotic to watch my wife slowly reach up and grope the dancer's breasts and run her hands down to her ass for a gentle squeeze. 

After two slow songs, my cock was at the point of bursting. 

After this hot, sexy dance, I didn't want to stick around the club much longer so we cut out and crossed the street back to our hotel.

I had booked a room on an upper floor with a wonderful view of the downtown and the river running through the city center. 

Once in the room, I hugged my wife and thanked her for cutting loose and doing these things which I knew were outside of her comfort zone. 

After the hug, she whispered in my ear that the evening wasn't over yet!

She unzipped her dress and as it hit the floor I was left with the vision of her in just her nylons and high heels as she hadn't been wearing a bra all night. 

She then proceeded to push me down in the chair by the window overlooking downtown and she began to unzip my pants. After being away for so long, I was overwhelmed with having her kneeling before me in such an exposed spot.

She then proceeded to suck my now very hard cock in the chair right by the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city. It was so hot to see her lipsticked lips sliding up and down my cock. 

Her ministrations were getting me very excited and I had to change things up before I ended the night too early!

With great reluctance I got her to stop what she was doing and I positioned her on her knees in front of the window and I slowly slid my hardness into her very wet pussy. 

I grinned as I realized that the dance at the strip club had obviously got to her. As I slid into her from behind, she placed her hands up against the window in front of us. 

I was in heaven watching her perfect ass with my cock sliding in and out of her pussy in front of this window with all the vacant office buildings around us. 

It was a little distracting but very erotic wondering if there were any late office workers in those buildings, watching me take my wife against the hotel window. 

It was an incredible sensation and it did not take me long before I emptied my load deep inside her.

After getting my selfish needs out of the way we retired to our oversized bed and I fingered her while she used her toys to bring herself to a mind blowing orgasm. 

It was a perfect evening and to top it off, when I woke up the next morning with the sun shining into our room, my wife was stroking my morning wood. 

Once she sensed I was awake, she slowly slid down and gave me a wonderful good-morning blow-job. It was just after 7am so I knew that the offices across from our hotel where just starting to be populated. 

I continue to wonder if anyone got to watch my wife take care of my morning wood that day! God I love my hot wife!

Story by Gary 

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