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To begin with, growing up I was that short, skinny, scrawny kid that everybody picked on. Even in my late teen years I was only five feet ta...

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Dirty Panties

To begin with,
growing up I was that short, skinny, scrawny kid that everybody picked on. Even in my late teen years I was only five feet tall and weighed approximately a hundred pound and even that was on a good day. 

So needless to say, I didn’t have a lot of dates, and sex was only something I read about in books, or if I was lucky enough to ‘find’ one…an adult magazine. 

Usually I bought those cheesy magazines like True Detective or something similar. 

You know the type, the ones with the provocatively dressed model in some sort of peril. And if all else failed I always had the Sunday lingerie ads to fall back on, which probably lead me to my obsession with women’s panties. 

I must admit I jerked off to many a bra and panty clad model. 

I used to actually dig the ad out of the garbage on Monday morning before I went to school and conveniently hide those ads for future use. I had a never-ending bevy of beautiful babes at my disposal. And they didn’t cost a thing!

I still remember going to the bar with my alcoholic mother and stepfather, making sure I had a picture or two in my pants pocket. I would make some lame excuse about going outside to ‘play’ (if only they knew what I was actually playing with). I would head out to the wooded area next door, where I knew there was a nice open spot, away from any prying eyes. 

I’d quickly take the picture out, unfold it, unbuckle my pants and lower them and my underwear to my knees, whereas they actually doubled as a cushion for my knees too. But before I even started jerking off, my cock would be jutting out before me in anticipation. 

During the colder months, I would usually just stand, cock in one hand, picture in the other. Those times I usually didn’t spend too much time outside, but I would cum just the same.

The warmer months, from spring to fall, were by far and away the best however. During those months I usually took my time, basically teasing myself to no end. 

A particular session would be me on my knees, squeezing and pulling on my hard on, letting long dribbles of pre-cum ooze onto the picture, where I made sure I painted the crotch of her panties with it. 

I would do this for sometimes an hour or even longer (I told you my Mom was an alcoholic) just because I liked the sensation that a teased orgasm brought. I’d push and pull my cock with one hand, gently squeeze my balls with the other. Eventually I knew we’d be leaving soon, so I would move my hand faster up and down my throbbing shaft, and as my orgasm approached I would aim my cock at whichever model attracted the most of my attention.

Then as my orgasm hit I would squeeze my balls a bit tighter. Then through squinted eyes I’d watch as spurt after spurt of white, thick, heavy cum spurted across the picture. I would continue milking my cock with the last few drops dribbled on to the models face for good measure. 

Some of my most powerful orgasms came just this way. 

There was something about doing it outside that always seemed to make it that much more intense. 

I suppose it could have been the thought of getting caught, I don’t know. 

The one thing I did (and do) know is that I thoroughly enjoyed getting off on my beautiful lingerie models. Eventually I had to zip up my pants and go back inside as if nothing happened, just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.
Sometimes I was fortunate enough to be able to go out and do it all over again. I know one picture in particular got three loads from me in a three hour span.

That was another thing if I found a picture that I thought was really, REALLY hot, I usually just put it off to the side under some sticks and leaves, so that I could come out and pay homage to it again (or even a third time). 

Other times I would just wrinkled them up and threw them somewhere else in the woods on the way back. I left no paper trails, LOL. At one point I got brave and began jerking off in the shed behind our house and I’ll be a son of a bitch if my Mom didn’t almost catch me red-handed, or would that be cock-handed? 

It sucked because I was just about on the verge of cumming too. But that’s okay, although I never jerked off in the shed after that close encounter, it didn’t deter my jerk off sessions. 

I loved cumming!!!

I joined the Navy at eighteen, still a virgin (if you can believe that…it’s true). Like I’m sure every Armed Forces recruit before me, I took my jerk off sessions to the bathroom (at this juncture it doesn’t matter what service you were in). 

I’ll never forget coming home from leave after boot camp and going over to visit my cousin, she was a year younger than me, and it was the first time that I discovered she had grown tits (rather nice ones at that I might add). 

It started innocently enough by her grabbing my shirt and making some off the cuff remark about how I’ve grown, and since she was always somewhat of a tomboy I returned the favor. I quickly released her blouse and very red faced said something to the effect of “So have you”. 

We both had a good laugh about it and continued catching up on what we’ve missed (other than the fact that she had blossomed into quite a foxy young woman).

Eventually I had to excuse myself to use the bathroom. After entering the bathroom and sitting on the toilet, looking around I noticed a clothes hamper not three feet away from where I was sitting. 

After doing my business, curiosity had the best of me. I began digging through the mass of dirty clothes. It took all of five seconds to find the treasures I was so desperately seeking…a pair of pink, nylon bikini panties (a pair that I knew would neither fit nor be my aunt’s style) and a white bra with a little pink bow on the front. 

By now I had a full-blown hard on, my cock knew exactly what I had in mind. Once again the curious side of me came up, looking at the tags I discovered the bra was a 34B and the panties a size five.

The next thing I did was lay them out on the floor and imagined what my cousin must look like in them. I could already feel a wet spot in my underwear so I unzipped my jeans, released my six-inch cock and sat back on the toilet. 

I slowly began stroking myself. 

The dribbles of precum continued to ooze. My hands were shaking I was so aroused. With my free hand I picked up the panties, to this day, I can still remember how silky smooth they felt in my hand. 

I rubbed the outside of the crotch over the head of my cock leaving small, wet trails of precum. Meanwhile my other hand was beginning to move a little faster. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time. I opened the panties where there was a light brownish colored stain and raised them to my nose. 

I inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of my cousin’s pussy. They smelt sooooo good. I lowered them every so often to rub them on my cock and fantasize about her pantied pussy rubbing against my cock, adding to the strings of precum already there.

It didn’t take much time, probably all of three minutes before I could feel my orgasm approaching (I am hard right now just writing about it). So again I lifted her panties to my face, glancing down at the slightly padded bra on the floor, I began jerking off with the sole intent of cumming as quickly as possible. 

Trust me when I tell you that my hand was flying up and down my cock. I could feel my balls begin to contract. Which is a sure sign that I was about to cum.

There was something completely different than all of those jerk off sessions I had in the past. 

I mean, it was like oh god, I was in heaven, I continued inhaling deeply, hoping by some strange, mystical power a part of her would become a part of me. 

The scent of her was completely intoxicating. Closer and closer I got until I was just about at that point of no return. I squinted my eyes and aimed my cock at the rim of the toilet bowl, not quite being able to bend it to aim much lower. But still I kept going, urging the cum from my balls.

Still holding the panties to my nose, I picked up the bra and laid it across my spread legs. Staring down at the tiny cups and breathing deeply, I squeezed the head of my cock a bit harder, and pushed and pulled faster. 

Ten seconds later I felt my balls twitch and torrent of cum erupted from my cock. I watched as spurt after spurt steamed it’s way down inside the toilet bowl, all the while taking in the delicious scent of my cousin. 

To this day here I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much. 

My cock throbbed with pleasure, and I had to actually sit there and catch my breath. Eventually, I cleaned myself up and had to put my ‘treasures’ back in the hamper, where I buried them a bit deeper than what they originally were. 

Lucky for me my cousin was too preoccupied with a new Beach Boy album she got, than to my whereabouts. We hung out the rest of the day, and it’s kind of funny, but every time I looked at her, I imagined/fantasized what those bra and panties looked like on her.

That night even after I got home I had to jerk off to one of my lingerie models with all of those same naughty thoughts running through my head. 

At that time in my life, I discovered a new thing in my life to jerk off with…panties! 

Of course, I had to satisfy this need it would mean that I would have to secure some from somewhere. Hmmmm, but where else? Another trip to my cousin’s house was in order, BEFORE my leave time had expired. 

So, yes, we made arrangements to get together again under the guise of me wanting to see her before I left. It was pretty much the same scenario as before but only this time the panties were white, with a pretty lace trim. The same bikini style, same nylon, silky material. Again, as before I started with them laid out before me (it helped visualize her wearing them better).

This time there would be a slight change of plan however. And it wouldn’t take nearly as much time since I knew exactly what I was going to do. 

I quickly undid my jeans, releasing my already hard cock, and as soon as I sat on the toilet I immediately began franticly jerking off. There was no time to play with precum. 

It was all about cumming now and nothing more. 

I picked up the panties and once again began sniffing the cotton crotch of them. I was so horny with the thoughts of what I was about to do (it may seem cruel to some, or even exciting to others). I stopped momentarily to massage my bloated balls, but then quickly picked up the panties and placed the crotch squarely over my nose. I pulled faster and harder.

Within seconds I was ready to cum. I took one last deep breath and proceeded to turn the crotch of the panties inside out. I rubbed the head of my cock against the cottony crotch as I continued pumping my shaft with the other. 

Before long I felt that same twitch in my balls. This time I watched as the first spurt of cum shot over its intended target, but with each subsequent spurt landing directly into the crotch of the panties. 

I milked my cock to pull every last drop of the white gooey liquid, letting it pool in the crotch of the panties. I was actually proud of myself, and the mess I was going to leave behind. 

I rubbed the tip of my cock across the nylon part of them, cleaning up any remaining residue. After one last smiling look, I balled them up and placed them as far down into the hamper as I possibly could.

After pulling my pants back up, I decided to help my self to a souvenir so to speak.

Rummaging through the hamper again I came across a pale blue pair of nylon bikini panties. I sniffed them once to be sure they didn’t smell ‘too’ clean. 

Those I stuffed into my pocket. Trust me when I tell you, they got plenty of work later, from a lonely sailor three thousand miles away from home. I wonder what my aunt thought when she came across those cum encrusted panties. 

Did she know it was me that did it? Or did she suspect her daughter of fooling around? It didn’t matter then, and it doesn’t matter now. I just remember how exciting those times were. From then on I was, and still am a big panty fan.

Even as briefly as a few years ago I would sneak around dryers at the apartment complex I was living at, and every now and then I’d ‘borrow ‘a pair of panties, providing they weren’t too large in size. 

A few times I got lucky and actually would find a pair in the washer or dryer (I even found a couple of bras that way too).

 I have one pair of black Victoria’s Secret ones that my five-year-old daughter found last year in the condo where we were vacationing. 

Very sexy to say the least. Needless to say, I snuck them home with us. And as of this writing I’ll bet I have no less than twelve pairs of found panties. Every now and then I take them out and admire my collection. And of course, I wind up masturbating until I cum. Usually on some picture of some lingerie model. 

You know, some things never change.

Story by Adam

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