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It was a cold winter evening with light showers that I stepped into after getting off work, a Saturday evening in the month of December.  I ...

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The Collector: Victoria's Secret

It was a cold winter
evening with light showers that I stepped into after getting off work, a Saturday evening in the month of December. 

I wanted to take a walk somewhere, a place that wasn't so cold because I despise cold weather, so I decided to take a walk in the mall. 

I didn't have any intention of buying anything, but I was still a bit too nervous to enter a Victoria's Secret store.

I am of Asian descent, Chinese to be specific, 5'8 in height and 145 pounds in weight. 

I had a fetish for panties since I was eighteen, and I would be turned on by it because it would be the closest I got to being sexually intimate with a woman. 

I always longed for a vagina to stick my erection into and to release my cum in, but as a teenager I was the type of guy who always walked around school alone. 

Yes I had friends and female friends but did not go very far, meaning I never had a girlfriend before. 

I would see panties in a store but be afraid of any awkward thoughts and expressions from store clerks when purchasing them. I never take property without permission or paying for them, either, so I don't steal used underwear. 

What I ultimately ended up doing was purchasing them online; yes I would spend money to buy panties but wouldn't expend too much of my earnings on them. Now I am twenty-two, still a virgin, who has approximately three hundred pairs and yet no one knows about this. 

I would never tell anyone about it, but I would have to think about how to explain to my girlfriend when I sleep with her one day.

The mall I ended up in was a good twenty miles from where I live. I took a train there and I picked this mall because it was far enough, 

but not super far from where I live so I wouldn't bump into anyone I know in case I do end up buying panties for myself. There was a bit of a breeze outside, so I forcibly yanked the brass handle of the door to the Macy's store to enter the mall.

The stores downstairs in the two-story mall didn't have much besides large department stores like Macy's, SEARS, and Nordstrom, so I decided to go upstairs. I walked toward the elevator and just as the doors opened, a whole family poured out. 

I stepped aside to let them exit, and I held down the "open" button to let a mother and her two kids enter. I pressed the #2 button to get to the second floor, allowing the family of three to exit before I did. 

My legs were tired so I sat down at the bench for a few minutes before breaking my anticipation of going into the Victoria's Secret store next to the elevator and right in front of me. 

Now I didn't care, I just would say that I'm looking for a holiday gift to get for my girlfriend.

Sweet aromas of perfume filled my nose as I passed through the entrance of the store. I looked around at the perfumes and shampoos for a few seconds, bypassed the Body by Victoria bras, heading to the back of the store where the Cotton Lingerie section was. 

I knew exactly what kind of Victoria's Secret panty best suited me and was my favorite: Cotton Lingerie high-leg briefs, size M. 

Those were at the very back of the store. A pretty young sales associate asked me if I needed help. I politely told her no, smiling at her. She was an attractive Caucasian brunette, and she had such a nice ass. 

She was a larger woman, almost as tall as I was - size 7 ass I would say. When she bent down to pick something up, I saw a pair of sky blue panties with cherries on it showing off the top of her pants. 

My cock was hard as stone when I saw her underwear showing from her waistband. 

I reached the panty drawer, pulling it open to the exact type of panties I was looking for.

Initially and again, I did not have any intention to purchase anything, but I did anyway. I picked ten pairs of Cotton Lingerie size M high-leg brief panties and placed them in my shopping bag. 

One of them was a light blue panty with cherries on it, the kind the pretty sales associate was wearing. The others was a red pair with white polka dots, an orange panty with daisies on it, a plain pink pair, a pink panty with candy cane-like stripes on it, a white panty with red roses and a red waistband, a panty with red snowflakes, then a few others with holiday designs on them. 

There were no other attractive designs so I proceeded to the checkout line.

The girl at the checkout line was very attractive as well. When it was my turn, I walked up to her register and handed my merchandise to her. She was also a brunette, but rather thin and tall, 115 pounds and 5'9, about my height but a little taller. I didn't remember her name, but she had an amazing body.

"Hello! How are you", she asked me.

"Excellent, how about you", I replied.

She told me about how it sucked that her car stalled on her way to work and how she had to get it towed.

"That must suck, if that was me I would've pushed it along for you", I joked.

She giggled and smiled as she rang up each panty and folded them nicely into a bag with pink wrapping paper. We had a good conversation for the time being, but I wished I knew how to talk her into going home with me. 

After I handed over three twenty-dollar bills, I thanked her, retrieved my goodies and left the mall to head home. I wanted her in my bed with me so badly, my dick was steel-hard as I exited the mall to the train station parking lot.

Once I got home, I sat down on my bed in my bedroom, emptying the contents of the Victoria's Secret bag onto it. I laid out each panty and tried on all ten pairs. 

My cock was erect and aroused looking at all of them, imagining the two hot sales girls bent down on my bed with their hands on my mattress, ready for me to inseminate them. 

After I tried on all of them, I picked up the sky blue panty with cherries, slipped it onto my crotch, and began to leak pre-cum into it while I pulled at the front part of the waistband to rub my throbbing penis with it as I laid on my back. 

I imagined the girl whose light blue cherry panty showed above her waist as I fucked my panty.

In my fantasy, I am lying down with both women in my bed, one holding onto me on my side and the other lying on my chest riding my dick while all three of us roll around in endless pleasure. 

As I fucked her, the other girl fingered herself and was leaking a flood of female cum, which made me pull out and insert myself into the vagina of the other girl. 

I was about to orgasm and cum, and I moaned in pleasure as an explosion of oxytocin surged through my whole body, and I erupted a volcanic discharge of semen into the depths of her pussy, rapidly pulling out halfway and impaling the other woman's twat with my penis, until I nutted all my sperm into her and and fell into a comfortable fulfilling sleep, making both ladies warm and cozy with my hot jizz in their cunts. 

I took off my panties and dropped them onto the floor next to my bed and I changed into a clean pair afterwards.

Story by DK

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